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MarkZ Talks "teaser rates" (LMAO! Are You Buying Into This?) 12/9/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Talks "teaser rates" (LMAO! Are You Buying Into This?) 12/9/20

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MarkZ Talks "teaser rates" (LMAO! Are You Buying Into This?) 12/9/20 Empty MarkZ Talks "teaser rates" (LMAO! Are You Buying Into This?) 12/9/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Dec 09, 2020 11:41 pm

Member: Good morning Mark hope all is well. I’m seeing a lot of good news all over the place what say you ?

MZ: The chatter I am still getting out of Iraq is we may see a “teaser rate” of about 1 to 1 mid month..possibly the 11th through the 14th….then a move over the next few months of a full-blown rate…that is what we are hearing out of Iraq right now. 

MZ: They plan to come out with a lower rate to try to suck up a bunch of bills on the street and the overprinting of the dinar…then move forward to a higher rate. … It’s just rumors until it happens…do not over-react.

MZ: This goes against what I hear from my paymasters….but I am sharing what I am hearing. You guys can make your own decisions.

MZ: I am still hearing positive things from paymaster, bankers, from Europe and here in the Us…Banking contacts think we are still looking at a mid-month event. They think there will be a “go” for big groups and paymasters.

MZ: No updates on CMKX or PP’s….

Member: I am still seeing the 15th-21st

MZ: A number of people are telling me Frank is seeing something happening between the 11th and the 14th…that is where most of my chatter is seeing.

Member:  Frank 26 excited

Member:  Iraq’s Ministry of Oil has confirmed reports of explosions at two oil wells in the early hours of Wednesday morning, adding the blasts were the work of a terrorist organization

Member:  could they come out 1:1 with us thinking a better rate is coming and them then discontinue the notes and make them invalid? is there a way for them to avoid their notes?

Member:  they have to rv but they want to reduce number of dinars at rv payout so they will do teaser rate first. just stay aware of timeline to exchange

Member: I believe all rates are “up in the air” until we are at our exchange apt.

Member:  The rumor mill last in country rate I heard from Iraq was $3.37

Member: I heard Zimbabwe citizens being given $100,000 per person...

Member:  A 100 TRillion Zim Note even at 1Cent is in the Millions of U.S. Dollars

Member:  GREAT ARTICLE..Zimbabwe Unzips A Huge Wallet! - Humanitarian program puts money directly into citizens’ hands | Human Rights Report (humanrightspolicy.us)   https://report.humanrightspolicy.us/2020/11/29/zimbabwe-unzips-a-huge-wallet/

Member:  All i hear is TALK TALK TALK, its time to DO DO DO.

MZ: As to martial law…..I have not heard any updates but looking at what is going on politically right now…we probably will see it soon.

Member: makes sense for arrests to happen first so our RV money is not stolen……

MZ: it is absolutely a big part of our event and the timing…..

Member:  No arrests in the MSM yet:

Member:  "Big things happening," Trump says;

MZ:  Nothing in the MSM but we are definently seeing a lot of chatter…..and many states are pushing for impeachments of their governors for over reaching….People are standing up for themselves now…its getting crazy. ….

Member:  Dewine has 12 articles of impeachment against him

Member:  Californians are tired of Nusom’s politics. CA Illinois WA NY want to secede from their own communist state, not the US. DJT knows about the California 51st state initiative. Tired of tyranny!

Member:  Arkansas joins Texas in over election irregularities! “The integrity of our elections is a critical part of our nation and it must be upheld.”

Member:  11 States that are joining Texas at the Supreme Court concerning the swing States

Member:  You got to watch the Cue post video - "We're not gonna take it " !!! Pissed offness is spreading amongst the Patriots !!!

Member:  They are expecting over two million at Saturday March this Sat in DC in front of Supreme court

Member: I hear the Supreme Court gave the 4 battleground states being sued by 11 other states until 3:00PM Thursday to respond….went right to Scotus…..no lower courts….that is good news.

MZ: Not only is this lawsuit moving forward it is also now on the SC calendar for this week. So the Supreme Court is going to hear it….and many many states have now joined this lawsuit….joining Texas in the lawsuit against suing Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin & Georgia now are Al, AK, Fl, KY, LA, MS, SC and SD…….so now this lawsuit is on the docket.

Member:  Last night I heard that we have 3 Aircraft Carrier Groups off the West Coast, 2 off the East Coast!! Saturday night, 25 C-17's flew into NELLIS AFB in Vegas, fully Loaded!

MZ: There is a lot going on- militarily on the west coast…

Member:  Big Military Installation being biult in Dalhart, Tx. at the Airport... Started 3 months ago. Military will not tell why. - FBO Operator.

MZ: Fixed Base Operations…..it runs the airport……

Member:  my son in law was one of the 2 men overlooking Gitmo & it's prep for high level inmates.

Member: Monkey Werks on YT showed planes going to an island in the Atlantic with prison facility. .

Member:  Watch Monkey Werx - former military...watching military air activity... lots going to Iceland too.

Member: MONKEY WERX YOUTUBE CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUmv...

Member:  It’s our country and time to kick out the CCP. I also heard Iceland! Let them freeze

Member:  Mark did you see the Chinse professor talking about how CRP or CCP own and control the top 5% of the political inter circle?

Member:  You have to remember, Trump would not be doing what he is doing not KNOWING that he will prevail !!! His Ego/Personality will not allow it. He would walk away before he would lose !!! Remember that

Member: I heard Charles Ward say on his video yesterday that he was invited to President Trumps inauguration on Jan. 20th….and he is going to go.

Member:  planet alignment on Dec.21st hasn't happened in 6000 years. Big things happening in the stars. Will the red sea part again?

Jupiter and Saturn Will Align to Create the First "Christmas Star" in Nearly 800 Years STAR OF BETHLEHEM  https://www.popsugar.com/smart-living/jupiter-saturn-christmas-star-48024008

MZ: https://video.foxnews.com/v/621503336... Tucker Carlson

MZ:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNKxg... NTD on GA gov ties to CCP

MZ: https://www.westernjournal.com/charter-jet-ceo-arrested-charged-child-sex-trafficking/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=minutemennews&utm_campaign=dailyam&utm_content=libertyalliance&ats_es=5a7dbbd657e875%E2%80%A6

Member:  https://healthandmoneynews.wordpress.com/2020/12/08/nurse-practitioner-covid-test-is-dangerous-fraud/

Member:  Schumer rejects latest McConnell coronavirus relief proposal --STIMULUS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LcFo...

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