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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 12/8/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 12/8/20

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 12/8/20 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 12/8/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Dec 09, 2020 11:34 pm

Hello Everybody - it is Tuesday December 8th  2020 and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in I’m going to tell you what I am getting from an intel point of view – Of course on our last call 5 days ago - we thought we would be here pretty much by now -  we had toward he weekend information about Monday and Tuesday – today is Tuesday and today of course we are getting different information and it’s so strange because some of the contacts that we have just gone dark – They’re under either GAG orders or what they call “blackout” - communication blackout – we talked about that on Thursday’s call a little bit –

What has been happening over the last week or so – is that bonds are being activated or traded in one location in Miami – and it’s been done to absolutely make sure that the vetting of the  bond holders has been legitimized by the provenance of those bonds and when they’re being checked out/ vetted – everything is legit – they don’t want anyone to take advantage of transacting these bonds that are not the true owners- because a lot of times these bonds – the railroad bonds – Chinese bonds – various bonds have been handed down through wills and trusts – etc - the people that are transacting these need to prove the fact that they are the rightful owners – and then take the provenance of these bonds all the way back to the issuer – and that is probably a tedious process – that is continuing  to happen on an ongoing basis – still –

At the same time – that is happening in Miami – you have on the West portion of the country what I primarily think are tier 3 and Whales SKR’s being made liquid – or being paid out – we sometimes call it –

So what’s happening with the bonds as people get access to funds for the bonds – the bond holders initial payment is 1% of the total value of the bond - 1% -

Now to draw parallel – we transact our zim bonds at the redemption center or redeem those bonds – that is why we call it a redemption center – when we redeem our zim - we will get access to up to 20% of them relatively immediately

Now while we are on that topic – when it comes to currency – we’re drawing a parallel – excuse me – we are drawing a distinction between the currency and zim bonds –

The currency – Dinar – Iraqi Dinar – Vietnamese Dong – all the other currencies -  those currencies we will exchange as opposed to “redeem” - and we will get 100% of that exchange value available to us – we are talking about USN – the new term for our NEW US dollar – these are USTN – United States Treasury Notes – our new money – new paper currency – is backed by gold / precious metals and other assets -  so we use the term “asset backed” to describe the new USN

So those currencies will convert as you exchange into USTN or USN’s digitally and would be showing up as a “balance” available to you on Day 1 of the exchange – unless they have to settle for 24 hrs in your account - there is sometimes a “settlement” period in the account – it could take 24 hours – but my understanding is you will have plenty of funds that you will have access to immediately - that is exciting

Remember the bond holders are only getting access to 1% initially – of their transaction – and then they will get access to up to another 9% - a total of 10% in a matter of time – maybe they have to wait until we go and get started before that additional payout to the bondholders takes place – I am not sure about that –

So – that is what is currently happening – now – that is going to continue and we have some other factors that have come in for us before we get started – so let’s talk about that – then we will get back to our timeline –

I wondered for weeks whether or not the election had a direct tie in to our start for our exchanges and redemption - was there a tie?  A connection?  A quid pro quo? Was there something that had to happen from the election point of view before we got started? I’m going to say even though I’ve been told – not really - there is a connection – and I think there might be a need to wait for some result from the election – and I want to shed some light on that – from what I’ve heard over the last couple of days – and most specifically today – when the Supreme Court was hearing at least one case at 9 am this morning about the election and election results and so on from Pennsylvania - and you know that has been highly controversial – and quite a discussion as far as a number of states with voter fraud -

(More voter fraud info not included in notes) You folks know that I have tried not to be very political on the Big Call – I have had opportunities to say things but I will say this I think President Trump will get this done for us – the plan is extensive – and it will happen – and Lord willing – this will happen before – not only the end of this month but I think well before that – and I have a new timeline that I want to give you –

Now – to go further we did get some pretty specific information out of two major Canadian banks today and paymasters at those 2 banks – that indicated that we in tier 4B could be looking at receiving our notifications as soon as 9:30 in the morning Eastern time – on Thursday – all the way up to Tuesday Dec 15th to include – not meaning leap frogging to that day but somewhere in between Thursday and Tuesday Dec 15th - a week from today –

That is what they are saying and we got some additional information from them but we also have about 3 other points of view from different sources that put our timing for notification (emails & 800 #) coming out anywhere from the next 3-4 days - Now I would say that would start Wednesday – Saturday - those are two separate sources -  the other source is indicating (out of Canada) sometime Thursday morning – all the way up to the 15th –

Now I don’t know which it is going to be – obviously we’d love to have it yesterday – right? – but it didn’t happen yesterday – so we have to hang in there and see when it does come through for us -  I do believe we will get started – we will have 8-10 days at least to exchange and they want to have us to use the zim and redeem that at the redemption centers and have that done by the 22nd  or 23rd of December – so that end time is coming up – the 22nd would be 2 weeks from tonight – am I right?  Yes – I believe so - that is the “end time” to it to occur

Now – the public will probably start after Christmas meaning tier 5 – and who knows exactly when that will start - ?? Would they wait until the New Year?  It would not surprise me – but let’s say they go and start at least after Christmas – with tier 5 the public – most everyone that listens to the Big Call of course is not tier 5

We are looking forward to getting this thing going – I am excited about where we are – and yes it’s hard to nail this down – this is a moving target – as you know by now – just when we think we’re ready to start – we are looking for something else – or we’re waiting for this to happen – or that to happen – maybe we’re waiting for the election results to conclude – or maybe not - ??  We don’t absolutely know – looks like that may be the case – in any event be prepared for this possibility

Thanks everyone for listening – I think we are obviously closer than we’ve ever been – we do know that – but I am excited because we are getting some pretty cool stuff and I.m very excited about the Supreme Court hearing these cases starting this morning –

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