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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Highlights 12/3/20 - More Windows! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Highlights 12/3/20 - More Windows!

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Highlights 12/3/20 - More Windows! Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Highlights 12/3/20 - More Windows!

Post by RamblerNash Sun Dec 06, 2020 8:48 pm

Hello Everybody - it is Thursday December 3rd 2020 and you’re listening to the Big Call – I’m excited about what I have to share tonight with everybody –

Let’s see what we want to talk about tonight – Now – here’s the situation – what we have received about windows – we had a 48 hr window – that would have been completed by yesterday (Wed) – and we had a 36 hr window that would have been completed today – then we had a 5 day window that would complete on Sunday –

These windows keep opening and closing on us – opening and closing – and where I like hearing some definition in the timeline – and sometimes we get what seems to be a very accurate timeline – and then for some reason we are not in it - we are not part of it – it is not to us yet – that is sort of where we are now

We’ve got things happening – things moving – that I will tell  you about in a minute – which lends  us to believe – hey this is a way different time – than anything else before – this is different because _________ fill in the blank –

What is hard to pin down is the actual start for us – but I can tell you this – things are happening that are pushing us along – moving us forward – it’s just that the windows – and I am going to give you a window today – I am going to give you what I believe we can expect – for us tier 4b the internet group –

Now – so far we have been pushed along and everything goes further out and further out – for example – we thought for sure we would be done by the 15th of December – now our new date appears to be the 22nd of December – so they have opened us up a little wider opportunity for our exchanges and redemption

So let’s go back and compare what we have heard even today – remember we get stuff every day and some of it is compounded – for example – today – we know that they are very actively working on SKR’s fulfillment in Reno – and flights are coming in – it’s like Grand Central Station of airports - that’s happening

We also know that the bonds are being hypothecated – in or transacted in Miami – both at Wells Fargo – so that is showing and that is really where they want to do it – If you’ve got bonds and by that I mean the yellow dragon bonds - railroad bonds – whatever type of bonds – if you are the true owner they want to handle those right there in Miami –

Now if you have bonds other than the zim – and you are the rightful owner – and can prove it - you can bring those in – to a redemption center – but you need to tell them when you call to set your appointment – that you have them – in addition to your currency – your zim bonds – railroad bonds – been passed down to you from grandfather – you need to learn about them – and get provenance about them – so  you can present them as the rightful owner – and those are fixed rate things - non negotiable - they are something that  you would transact – at the time of your redemption –

So you have something out West – something East happening – as a result of that and all of the funds that are moving in these accounts that are being transacted – especially I would say not only these bonds but also the SKR’s – I’m thinking they are tier 3 SKR’s – I don’t think we are at tier 4 or Core’s yet – but we’ve got to be close for that –

Now what has happened is – earlier today there is a voluntary black out for people that worked in the banks and the redemption centers - not to use their cell phone – not to text – not to email – not to go on social media – do you follow me ??  basically a total blackout – it went from voluntary to mandatory – at 1 PM this afternoon – for at least 24 hours – as these transactions are taking place - so that would take us to 1 PM tomorrow (Friday) – at least – it may go beyond that – and that was primarily because of the money that is moving in these transactions – that they want to keep it quiet

Remember – we are on the QF System – we are finally off the SWIFT as of Nov 30th  - as of Dec 1 Tues night – that’s when the QF System was used so that now a wire that you send (we call a ledger to ledger transfer) can be sent across the country bank to bank – in less than a minute – and you can see your funds - that is totally new and it’s a good thing –

Money moving is really important and it’s really crucial for us as we move funds for our projects – so that is what is going on there –

Beyond that the activity that is taking place with bond transactions and so on – should complete by the weekend – what we’re hearing is that – well before we heard – we’ve got an opportunity to get something to come out tomorrow afternoon after markets close – and then it’s possible we start Friday Sat Sun blah blah blah ----

It’s not what I’m hearing now – they are saying no – we are not going to be notified – but watch it happen -  but we are supposed to be notified this weekend -  which would mean from now till Sunday -  the latest information I got – prior to the call tonight – saying that it looks like we would get notified Monday or Tuesday –

You know what’s interesting about Tuesday? That’s right – it’s December “8” – and 8 is a very special number to the Chinese - and that may be – “may be” the day that we are released to start our appointments – we could theoretically set them if we get our numbers Monday – we could start setting appointments starting on Tuesday for exchanges – and redemption of zim - I don’t know – that’s just something got me to thinking today without the possibility of the 8th

But this is moving through - yes I believe Pres Trump wants this to happen so that we have an unusually strong Christmas -- now the other piece is --- let’s talk a little bit about the package they’re thinking might have enough legs to stand on in the House of Representatives - and that is the 908 billion stimulus package for the china virus –

And I believe I’m hearing that has a very good shot going through and if so our direct deposits of stimulus funds to our individual people and family could start as early at the 14th or 15th of December – the checks might start to go out at the same time but it would take longer because of the mail - and the Christmas mail - I just hope they do a lot more deposits than they do snail mail – Mail is good and okay but still a lot better to get direct deposit –

Now here’s the cool thing that might be coming with that – I am hearing – or my understanding is that those next checks and direct deposits – that we would receive would be for 7 months – going back retroactively to May – so May – June _ July – August – September – October – November – would be 7 months – and then you do the math of $1200 – they use that same number $1200 a month for individuals times 7 = $8400 – if married and both working you would have times 2 = $16,800 – that would give almost anybody “Christmas” –

So what I am thinking is – if we get started like we think – let’s say for example – the 8th and then we get our stimulus package money starting the 14th or 15th - then everybody is getting something – as we receive our amazing blessing –

So I think that is something they actually want to happen – now when it comes to something regarding our redemption appointments – my understanding is “yes” they do want a summary presentation of no more than 3-5 pages – but they will take and scan through the computers when you leave it behind so they can run an algorithm to check for other projects that are virtually the same or duplicated – they do not want too many duplicated projects - 

Your rates will be different – the rates that you can negotiate - especially on the zim will depend on  your presentation which is on your 5-8 minute  segment – it could be a little longer – if you really have something to say – but generally they want 5-8 minutes on  your projects and then you’ll leave behind the outline

Yeah I know – we thought it was happening this week – I did too - I sure did – I thought we would be there by tonight -  but we’re not – and we think we know why -  there’s one other reason – we talked about what was going on with the bonds – and the SKR’s being made liquid – they only want to introduce so much money at any one time into the economy  - they don’t want it to overheat – and that’s one reason we’ve got a slow roll out for  us -

The other reason is there are a number of hot spots in the country and they had 18 hot spots – down to 10 this afternoon and we want to get the hot spots – I am talking about places where you might have possible flare ups – ok – we want to get that down to zero – before we get started – that should take until Sunday to complete –

So there is stuff still going on out there – there are some other things I can’t really say  that I know that are behind the scenes – and that is dealing with the pickup and drop off of individuals and so on – called clean up on aisle 3 - that is ongoing – in a big way – a very big way 

So all of that has to happen – they want as much of that out of the way before we start – they do not want any interference and anybody messing with us while we get started - we’ve got the John Q Public – but I do not know how they are going to be phased in now – I have a feeling the Public will go at least until the end of this year – and that might be it – I know they are planning on the redemption centers not being open past the 22nd  - so anything beyond that  would use tier 1 & tier 2 banks for exchanges –

If you know anyone that has zim you better make sure they get the toll free number to call – there are 2 numbers – one for zim holders and one for anybody else  that are not zim holders –

I am excited -  you all have now what I have – remain in faith – be bold and be loving how you deal with people .

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