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The Council of Ministers issues 6 decisions in its regular session headed by Al-Kazemi DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Council of Ministers issues 6 decisions in its regular session headed by Al-Kazemi

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The Council of Ministers issues 6 decisions in its regular session headed by Al-Kazemi Empty The Council of Ministers issues 6 decisions in its regular session headed by Al-Kazemi

Post by GirlBye Tue Dec 01, 2020 5:04 pm

The Council of Ministers issues 6 decisions in its regular session headed by Al-Kazemi Safe_image.php?d=AQBO2m9Xn57cYG7d&w=500&h=261&url=https%3A%2F%2Firaqakhbar.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2020%2F12%2F1122020181731128659295_3556783254429646_2726287293501143664_o

Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers held its regular session chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, during which they discussed a number of issues and topics included in the agenda .

During the session, Mr. Al-Kazemi stressed his directives to the ministers to mobilize all available resources and work to serve the people of Dhi Qar in the health, service, agricultural and industrial aspects, as well as reconstruction and municipalities .

His Excellency touched on the ongoing preparations for the success of the parliamentary elections scheduled for next June 6, and affirmed the government's determination and keenness to move forward to hold the elections on time and ensure their success .

He also directed all ministries to overcome all obstacles facing the needs of the Electoral Commission, spare it bureaucracy and red tape, and support its efforts to make its work successful .

The council listened to a briefing by the Minister of Health on the efforts of the concerned state agencies to confront the Corona pandemic, in which he referred to the escalation of the recovery rate to 87%, which was achieved by expanding the clinical capacity, providing treatments and serious work to improve health sector services. A significant decline in the death rate, confirming that the Ministry of Health will secure the necessary funding to purchase the vaccine, as soon as the World Health Organization approves its effectiveness .

The Minister of Health also confirmed that the risks of the spread of the Corona virus are still severe, calling on citizens and all institutions to adhere to preventive measures, and not to tolerate their implementation .

After the council considered the issues and files on its agenda, it took the following decisions :

 First / Approval of the recommendations of the work team formed under the Diwaniya Order 32 of 2020 regarding the completion of the data of state employees, as follows :

• Continuing to develop the process of issuing the employee number in the Central Bureau of Statistics at the Ministry of Planning, as well as the process of data collection and urging ministries and government agencies to provide the aforementioned agency with the required data, and work to establish a unified system for salaries that includes all spending units, and by means of which salaries are raised electronically to the salary platform In the Ministry of Planning, the financing book is issued electronically from the platform to the spending unit, and sent to the Ministry of Finance to launch the disbursement with a barcode in each book, or any other method .

• Create a platform or application works on smart phones, through which data collection staff after entered by them and scrutiny of their constituencies, and the national card credentials when provided to the employee as the first choice, and to be provided to all staff Kosbakah in issuing the cards, and to instruct the Ministry of the Interior To provide that, and the committee is left with the alternative option in the event of a delay in issuing the card to an employee .

• To form a committee from the Prime Minister’s Office, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the ministries of (planning, industry, minerals, and communications), in addition to the Federal Office of Financial Supervision, to implement what has been proven above, and this committee will be headed by the Central Bureau of Statistics .

• Determine an entity to follow up the work of the aforementioned team in the Ministry of Planning, and inform the Council of Ministers of the progress of its work .

• Ministries are required to send the names of their employees who have not been issued a job number to the Ministry of Interior .

Second: Authorizing the Industrial Bank to contract with whomever it deems appropriate in the banking field, provided that the numbers of contractors and their wages are determined based on a proposal from the bank’s board of directors and the approval of the Ministry of Finance, provided that the appointment to permanent staff is not required .

Third / The ministries of finance, oil and electricity provide a final solution to all urgent and medium-term vital projects, especially maintenance projects for GE and Siemens companies, in addition to providing financial support for the purchase of additives to ensure the use of liquid fuels instead of the shortage of gas fuels .

Fourth / Approval of the amendment of Paragraph (1) of Cabinet Resolution (92 of 2020), to become as follows :

The Ministry of Agriculture sells an amount (700) thousand tons of fodder barley in the stores of the companies affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture in Nineveh Governorate, in the state it is in, to the Islamic Republic of Iran, at a price of $ 125 / ton, and the payment is in favor of the Ministry of Finance from an account The Iranian Gas Company at the Iraqi Trade Bank (TBI) , to pay farmers marketed barley dues .

Fifth: Approval of Minutes No. (17) and the recommendations of the Diwani Order (45 of 2018) attached to the linking of the Ministry of Planning’s letter No. 1/2/931, dated 12/1/2020, relating to hospital projects .

Sixth / Approval of the following :

1- Authorization of the Minister of Finance, Ali Haider Abdul Amir Allawi, the power to sign an agreement to impose the financing of multiple annual maintenance projects (fourth phase), which is implemented by the American company, GE, for the benefit of the Ministry of Electricity, and with the guarantee of the British Export Guarantee Agency UKEF , based on the provisions of Article ( 2) From the Law of Domestic and External Borrowing to Financing the Fiscal Deficit for the year 2020 No. (5 for the year 2020), and Article (2 / second deficit / 3 / k) of the Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2019 .

2- The financing conditions for the loan confirmed in the letter of the Ministry of Finance No. DP / 5/7482 dated 11/23/2020 

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