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A deputy accuses the Ministry of Oil of selling it at the cheapest prices and buying it at 5 times its value DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

A deputy accuses the Ministry of Oil of selling it at the cheapest prices and buying it at 5 times its value

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A deputy accuses the Ministry of Oil of selling it at the cheapest prices and buying it at 5 times its value Empty A deputy accuses the Ministry of Oil of selling it at the cheapest prices and buying it at 5 times its value

Post by GirlBye Sat Nov 28, 2020 10:59 am

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, MP Muhammad Sahib Al-Darraji, confirmed, Saturday (11-28-2020), that there are oil sales at the cheapest prices, blaming the Ministry of Oil.

"The government must take a set of measures to solve the financial crisis in the country, and I presented 20 solutions and the Finance Committee agreed on 33 points as solutions and measures in order to maximize revenues and control the economic situation as much as possible," Al-Darraji said in a televised interview. The executive authority, whether or not, this is its responsibility.

Regarding the sale of oil and its prices, Al-Darraji revealed that "the Ministry of Oil sells Iraqi natural oil at the cheapest prices as medium oil, as it happens with black oil that is sold at lower prices and then returns to Iraq as fuel at five times the price."

The Finance member touched on the existence of “suspicions of corruption” on the Central Bank, saying: “$ 57 billion are exited from Iraq annually in exchange for appropriations submitted to the Central Bank without submitting papers on it to the supervisory authorities, including Parliament,” indicating that “he sent an official letter to the Central Bank for the sake of Sending all invoices for credits and goods that entered Iraq during the last five months in order for us to compare them with customs to find out where you are. These invoices are either fraudulent, money laundering, or there is corruption in customs.

And a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Sherwan Mirza, confirmed, Monday (2-11-2020), that all the amounts of oil sales for the past month, which amounted to $ 3.5 billion, according to a statement by the Ministry of Oil, along with other resources, are not sufficient to pay the salaries of state employees.

Sherwan Mirza said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "all the sums of oil sales for one month, along with other resources that the state obtains, are not sufficient to pay the salaries of employees," indicating that "the Ministry of Finance did not accurately inform the size of the sums of money." That is paid monthly to the employees, and it has to explain that.

Mirza added, "The government's pursuit of internal or external loans is due to insufficient amounts of oil sales with other resources to pay employees' salaries.

And the Ministry of Oil announced the preliminary statistics of the exported quantities and the revenues realized for the last month.

The ministry said in a statement received (Baghdad Today) that “the total exports and revenues achieved for the month of last October, according to the preliminary statistics issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), the amount of exports of crude oil reached (89) million (153) thousand and (899) ) Barrels, with revenues of nearly (3) billion and (430) million and (630) thousand dollars.

She added, "The total exported quantities of crude oil for last October from the oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to approximately 86 million barrels. As for the Kirkuk fields through the port of Ceyhan, the exported quantities reached (2) million and (867) thousand and ( 637 barrels, and the quantities exported to Jordan amounted to (263) thousand and (058) barrels.

He stressed that "the total daily rate of exports amounted to (2) million and (876) thousand barrels, and that the average price per barrel reached (38,480) dollars."

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