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MarkZ says - the exact rate is not in the white papers. They want the $3.22 RI rate. 11/25/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - the exact rate is not in the white papers. They want the $3.22 RI rate. 11/25/20

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MarkZ says - the exact rate is not in the white papers. They want the $3.22 RI rate. 11/25/20 Empty MarkZ says - the exact rate is not in the white papers. They want the $3.22 RI rate. 11/25/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Nov 25, 2020 9:35 pm

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! “Thanksgiving is a time to give, a time to love, and a time to reflect on the things that matter most in life.”

MZ: I am still hearing a lot of chatter about the White Papers and whats in it….I am told the exact rate is not in it. They are wanting at least a $3.22 RI. My Iraqi contacts believe it will all be done over the next 2 weeks.

MZ: Someone mentioned earlier about the Sterling Group. I have one good contact there that says it is now a part of the BIS and some form of compensation has been set aside by the BIS  for folks once we get our reset.

MZ: No CMKX news since yesterday where they were supposed to update Fines and Penalties by this morning with no rates that would be good for the next week or two.…….

MZ: No money moving in Asia, the middle east, Europe or here as of yet…..

Member:  GM Mark and all, how is the RV process going, do you think it will happen in our lifetime?

ISAAC 11/24 Looks like tomorrow should start. All positive from Zurich and London. So tomorrow should have confirmation of that. Let’s hope this is finally it

TEXAS SNAKE 11/24 critical you check this room as well as your emails quite often over the next couple of days. No guarantees but a positive step ahead.

Member:  Judy Note: All Tier levels started to pay out in Hong Kong on Tues. 24 Nov.Our Military Intel Contact said that Tier 4B notifications The RV would manifest behind the scenes in the US on Wed. 25 Nov.

Member:  Watch MONKEY WERX-google-arrests happening

MZ: There is sure a lot of rumors of arrests….I’m not seeing proof yet though

Member hearing he Kraken is released by Thanksgiving

MZ: I am hearing anywhere from the 25th to the 29th for the Kraken to be released. According to Lin Wood the lawsuits should be in today or by Friday. Including evidence……so this could get fun. At least we should find out if its real or if it isn’t.

Member:  New cases typically require 21 days for a response. So even if the courts are not open on Friday, it is not officially a holiday, so it would count as one of the days. Most likely the case filing would have a motion to shorten the response time.

Member:  These Election woes HAVE to be fixed so as to protect the future elections

Member:  Today is JFK jr’s 60th Birthday

Bob Locke joins the stream today….please listen to the replay for the entire chat and Q&A on exchange appointments, NDA’s, Taxes, trusts and more…………..

Bob Locke: I am being told I may not be able to do any more calls of awhile….There are things coming –imminent that I cannot say.  Things that say we are reaching the end of the road. 

Post exchange we will be looking at a different tax structure……you will want to focus on privacy and security post RV.

The Exchange appointment will not be complicated and will be the best 30-40 minutes of your life…..Just remember there are no stupid questions.

You get an 800 number or email and call to make an apt…..it may be possible ahead of time to ask for a copy of the NDA to study it before you go in. We will be signing an NDA so if it is 3 or 4 pages long there will not be a lot of time to review it at our appointment. They may not give it to us for fear of it being leaked out into circulation…..but ask for it anyway. Be sure to get directions to your location. I would print it out in case your phone goes out or your GPS…..

So you go your apt. You will have a folder prepared to take with you with Trust, LLC documents, with your ID’s and a copy of a utility bill or something to prove your residence. You will have all your currencies with you. I would organize currency by denomination and types of currency.

Think ahead of time on things like “How much cash do you want to get?” Remember leaving with a lot of cash could make you a target….a few thousand dollars should be plenty for walking around money.

Prepare a list of cashier checks you want to get…..for debts, or gifts ect…….we will be seeing some debt forgiveness….so keep that in mind.

Your appointment will be 30-45 minutes long so the more organized you are – the better it will be.Remember there will be a schedule and someone coming in to exchange right behind you…..

Understand this ….The analogy I use and think it is accurate is you will be dealing with Mr. Drysdale and Jane Hathaway. These people want your money in their bank. They will do a lot of things to make you comfortable so you will keep your money in their bank. They know there is competition out there.

This whole first appointment is to open bank accounts and exchange currency.. Watch them count your currencies….never let them out of your sight. Then you will be given a wealth manager to meet with and discuss all the details…perks…ect….…you will leave, take a deep breath and give thanks for all your blessings.

Member:  No joke. I have heard from an individual in the know that it is going to be simple and not complicated when you go in to exchange. You will have plenty of time afterwards to get the other stuff done. Don't worry


Member:  stay positive folks. do not watch MSM. we are so close

Member:  remember: no matter where you go, there you are!!!

Member:  Happy Thanksgiving to all of us......blessings and Peace and loads of love

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