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Cabinet decisions, including the third floor and the port of Faw DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Cabinet decisions, including the third floor and the port of Faw

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Cabinet decisions, including the third floor and the port of Faw Empty Cabinet decisions, including the third floor and the port of Faw

Post by claud39 Tue Nov 24, 2020 1:01 pm

Cabinet decisions, including the third floor and the port of Faw

  • 11/24/2020

Cabinet decisions, including the third floor and the port of Faw Photo--3212

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers held a regular session headed by the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, during which a number of issues and developments in the country were discussed, in addition to discussing the topics on the agenda.

Al-Kazemi stressed, at the beginning of the session, "the priority for investment, especially in large projects, should be due to its importance in reconstruction and development, providing job opportunities and revitalizing all vital sectors, and the government will facilitate all procedures for investors."

And he indicated that the government, since its inception, has proceeded with maximizing the state's financial revenues, which must be matched by providing the best services to citizens.

Al-Kazemi also indicated that "there are problems in the borrowing law approved by the House of Representatives, as it was punctuated by some errors, and that meetings are continuing with the Council to address them."

The Minister of Health gave a detailed presentation on the developments of the Corona pandemic in Iraq, especially with regard to the Corona virus vaccine, and indicated that Iraq had signed the Kovacs facility, which 184 countries had joined, and would receive the first vaccine produced to cover 8 million people, equivalent to 20% of the population , Who represent high risk groups, and it has been recommended to enter Iraq into financial commitments with other companies producing the vaccine, to ensure coverage of other groups with it.
The Minister of Immigration and Displacement presented a report on the position of the remaining displaced camps, which are voluntarily closed, during October and November 2020.

According to the report of the Ministry of Immigration, the number of camps that closed fifteen camps reached 5180 families (25 thousand displaced people), within one month and voluntarily, after securing their return, which took place in coordination between the Ministry of Immigration, the National Security Adviser, the National Security Agency and the leadership Joint operations, the Popular Mobilization Forces and local governments, under the guidance and follow-up of the Prime Minister.

The number of the remaining camps reached only six camps housing up to 7,696 families, in the governorates of Nineveh, Kirkuk, Diyala and Anbar, and the report confirmed that the voluntary return continues, as there are daily 75-100 families returning from the remaining camps, with the exception of the camps in the Kurdistan region.

The coming weeks will witness the closure of three camps, namely Al-Karama, Laylan and Al-Wand, and three governorates, Kirkuk, Diyala and Salah al-Din, will be declared free of the camps for the displaced, after a decent life has been secured for them by the local governments.

According to the report also, next December will witness the closure of the rest of the camps, and the announcement of the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh to be free of displacement camps, while at the beginning of next year there will be a voluntary return and the closure of camps for the displaced in the Kurdistan region in coordination with the regional government.

After the Council of Ministers discussed what is included in its agenda, it issued the following decisions:

First /

- The Ministry of Transport immediately implements the road linking the Grand Port of Faw and the port of Umm Qasr, in coordination with them and the authorities that own the lands required for the project without the need to transfer the completion of waiting for the ownership of the lands, and with coordination With the General Department of Roads and Bridges, in accordance with Article (20) of the Public Roads Law (35 / Second of 2002).

- The Ministries of Finance, Construction and Housing take the necessary measures to transfer the ownership of the lands on which the project will be built to the Ministry of Transport without allowance, provided that prohibitions of the road are determined by the Roads and Bridges Department.

Second: Assigning the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to expedite the finalization of the Scientific Research Authority bill with the State Council.

Third / Approval of conducting the third round of the completed classes.

Fourth / Not appointing any candidate for a higher position (director general upward), if it is proven that he committed one of the crimes stipulated in the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council resolution (18 of 1993) or in the Civil Service Law (24 of 1960) by a final court ruling, until If it includes a general or special amnesty.

Fifth / The inclusion of the Baghdad Municipality and the Popular Mobilization Authority by Cabinet Decisions (17 and 22) for the year 2020, and shelters and in the quantities that can be provided by the Ministry of Oil, due to the increased weight of this mechanism on the budget of the Ministry of Oil companies.

Sixth / Approval of the third annual report of the Council for Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing for the year 2019, which is linked to the book of the Central Bank of Iraq / Council for Combating Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing, issue number: 15 dated 7/22/2020, based on the provisions of Article (7/14) From the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Law No. (39) of 2015, taking into account the continuation of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Office to take the necessary measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, in coordination with the regulatory authorities.

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