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The white paper ... and its smooth words DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The white paper ... and its smooth words

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The white paper ... and its smooth words Empty The white paper ... and its smooth words

Post by GirlBye Mon Nov 23, 2020 10:29 am

Two sides undertake the task of destroying the Iraqi economy. They are the corruption clique on the one hand, and the brutal liberal school students on the other hand. It is as if they have an undeclared alliance and solid direct and indirect relations.
The corruption junta, which has been entrenched since the change in 2003, on important positions in political power, focuses its activity in plundering public money in various ways and methods, mortgaging the Iraqi economy to the external factor, and terminating its capabilities after opening its markets to be dumping of foreign goods, and liquidating any potential for industrial and agricultural advancement. And after it fulfilled the role entrusted to it, by making Iraq a dependent and an importer, unproductive, and even unable to pay the dues of state employees, in a dangerous precedent similar to that in the history of contemporary Iraq .. Today, the followers of "brutal liberalism" came to pounce on what was not reached by the "corruption clique." .

Just as it does not require much thought, given the breadth of data and their abundance to prove the latter’s connection with external interests, so there is no need for much effort in order to discover the interests that the students of wild liberalism seek to reassure, which are the interests of foreign financial capital. A careful and quick look at the white paper shows the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s prescriptions and clear requirements, which are not hidden by the construction that covered its pages.

While it is not possible to go into the details of the "white paper" here, it is necessary to point out the basic danger of the paper on the national economy, its catastrophic effects on the living conditions of the low-income and marginalized, and the life burdens that the authors of the paper tried to pass through the malicious formulations, ambiguous sentences, loose phrases, and words It is smooth, and by using all subtle cunning to circumvent the interests of the people, to pave the way for smashing the broken, by establishing the Iraqi economy’s dependency on the transnational companies, at the expense of the poor and marginalized classes.

The paper did not discuss, for example, building a modern national industry, nor developing agricultural methods and using technology to increase productivity and increase the fertility of the land, or the optimal use of water, or building centers for industrial and agricultural research and development. There is never anything like this. Rather, all that the paper sought was to circumvent Chapter Two of the Constitution, which emphasized social guarantees. The paper evaded it to call it social care, and used the word insurance instead of guarantee, and the difference in Social payoff is clear between the two terms.

And in her reference to "the difficulty of providing salaries for more than six million employees and retirees," we can read behind that the idea of ​​layoffs, and this is what the regulations that implemented the conditions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have followed.

The paper was clear on the issue of reducing wages and salaries from 25 to 12.5 percent, reducing financial support for state-owned companies by 30 percent for three years, and reducing total government support from 13 to 5 percent for three years.
However, what raises attention and suspicion at the same time is that the paper did not come close to the corrupts properties and their files, nor did it address the salary scale from the side of achieving justice, due to the huge differences between the highest and lowest salary.

The least that is said in a paper that speaks once about the role of the state, and once about the importance of overcoming this role, is that it is a confused card. And that any paper on a broken country, "sustainable development" is not one of its most important headlines, many doubts must arise about its seriousness!

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