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Post by Ponee Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:23 pm

Bruce’s Big Call replay LINK  Intel Begins   59:35

Hello Everybody - Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Thursday November 19th and you’re listening to the Big Call - thanks for listening everybody – thanks for tuning in – we’re glad to have you here and hoping this will be a great call

This is really a very interesting time – we have had periods where it has been quiet – it has been – you know slight to know intel sometimes on a daily basis – that was the case until later this afternoon – for me - we’ve got people that have been on Non Disclosure Agreements – we had one contact that was put on a NDA today – was not really able to share because of that –very much if anything – and then one of our bank contacts that we had not heard from in several months got in touch and we were able to learn a little bit more – so I will try to share with you the information as I see it based on the fact that things are quiet –

Now if we look at the redemption centers we know that in at least some cases they are going to be receiving a new schedule for us tier 4B – internet group to be used for the redemption center staff – they are going to be receiving that before the close of business tomorrow – and I am going to determine close of business being 5 PM Eastern –

so that is a good thing – to have a schedule – meaning the schedule of the days we will start and do our exchanges – at redemption centers and also tier 1 and tier 2 banks – for some people – especially if you’re guided in that direction when you call in to set your appointment – if you’re not a zim holder you may be guided to a tier 1 bank - that is very possible based on your currency –

Now I have told you we are going to get 2 toll free numbers – we’ll assume they will start with 800 – but they are toll free numbers – and one is going to be as I mentioned on Tuesdays call – for those that have ONLY other currencies other than zim -

Those that have zim bonds and other currencies would use another number - or if you only have zim bonds – if you were gifted zim and you never bought any other currency – you would use the zim number – be very clear as to which one is the one you are to use –

So we know when the schedules are going to be completed that means the design of the schedules - tomorrow close of business Eastern time –

So – what else do we know?? We know that we are in a very slow roll out of this RV – but it has started – it started last week – and what it amounts to now is – the people that are in tier 1 tier 2 and tier 3 are referred to as level 1 by some overseas bankers - and those 3 tiers as we know them – have liquidity and now have access to funds and my understanding is they are able to use those funds ad move around and have access to them –

Now that leaves pretty much the Core group – tier 4A which are the Admirals group – and 4B the internet group and there is also a tier 5 which we refer to as the John Q Public group –

So where do we stand in the timeline?? I would appear that bond holders have not yet had access to their funds – they know how much they are going to receive and they know and can possibly see that in their account already but they did not have access to those bond funds to which they are allocated – they did not get access to them today - does that mean tomorrow? Friday? Could it be the day bond holders get access to their accounts – and the liquidity - could be - I would think it was quite possible -

We also know that the global collateral accounts are about to be paid which in at least one or more circumstances will take what we’ve known all along as the USD or US Fiat Dollar – and convert that - digitally convert – into USN and that should be done at the time that those global collateral accounts are released downstream –

So that puts it a situation where the groups would be next after the bond holders get access to their funds – the groups and you know I talk about these groups in terms of the groups out west – you know what I am referring to – those groups would be paid where the upper paymasters have already or about to pay downstream to the lower paymasters who will get the instruction to pay down or downstream funds to those individual group participants – including the Core and tier 4A

I would look for that to happen between sometime tomorrow (Friday) and the weekend - I would look for it to happen then – and I have been given reason to believe that we would have a wonderful and maybe a most beautiful Thanksgiving – And that I’m told is because we are to get started with tier 4B early next week –

You ask – how could they possibly do that?? Because Thanksgiving is …….. I know --- Thanksgiving is a week away – and where we thought we would be complete by Thanksgiving meaning Wednesday – the night before - I do not believe that is possible now – I believe we will possibly doing some limited exchanges on next Thursday possibly – or they will keep it closed - redemption centers closed – Holiday Time – and we just go around it and continue beyond Thursday to Friday – Saturday – Sunday etc etc –

Now – I have reason to believe that is the final plan for us in receiving the emails – from secured servers of Wells Fargo – and the toll free numbers – that I’m supposed to get to give to people who do not get the emails – I believe possibly very early next week –

So – I’m excited that the rough idea of the timeline – I believe we will go around Thanksgiving at this point we could do something but as of right now I think we will get started before hand and I think we will go continue after Thanksgiving and go beyond – to whatever time is needed – usually 8-10 days of redemption for zim holders and exchange of our currencies –

Now at some point – again because this was changed and moved again – we don’t know when John Q Public Tier 5 would start – it’s hard to say right now when that would be – I don’t believe there would be enough time to start on the first or second of December but it might start on the 5th of December for example – for the public at large to start – It is hard to say –

We just know that the rates that the exchange centers and redemption centers are going to have on the front screen will probably change from what we get – and the back screen rate would go away – that is why – even if you had gifted a currency to somebody you need to make sure they get the toll free number so they can go in even though they are not prepared – most of them are not prepared – if they have been gifted – not necessarily listening to the Big Call – they have not had the info and you are going to have to bring them up to speed – if you have gifted someone try to get them caught up over the weekend – and make that your goal to bring them in -


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