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A legal expert who provides the "best" mechanism to recover money smuggled out of Iraq DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

A legal expert who provides the "best" mechanism to recover money smuggled out of Iraq

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A legal expert who provides the "best" mechanism to recover money smuggled out of Iraq Empty A legal expert who provides the "best" mechanism to recover money smuggled out of Iraq

Post by GirlBye Fri Nov 20, 2020 8:55 pm

A legal expert who provides the "best" mechanism to recover money smuggled out of Iraq Safe_image.php?d=AQD7MN_NkA1Ha4aH&w=500&h=261&url=https%3A%2F%2Firaqakhbar.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2020%2F11%2F20112020205445cms-image-000024223

He presented the legal expert , Ali al - Tamimi , Friday, " the best" mechanism is not redemption only funds smuggled out of Iraq , after recognition of a businessman Australian Baatta cent kickbacks to Msa and Lynn in the Iraqi oil contracts .  

Al- Tamimi said in a statement that " Digital Media NRT " received a copy of it today (November 20, 2020): -

  1. The international move is best to recover the money smuggled out of which an estimated 500 billion dollars , or the Rki can be recovered through the Money Laundering Convention of 2005 and signed by Iraq in 2007 with the help of these countries , as well as in cooperation with the mother side of the Rki in accordance with Article 28 of the Iraqi Convention , mother my hips for the year 2008, and also in accordance with Article 50 of the Charter of the United Nations , affirming the right of nations fighting organizations placed under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations request Nations assistance United of Iraq was fighting Daesh subject under Chapter VII under resolution 2170 of the year 2014, and Britain is ready to help 

  2. These countries contain in their countries a lot of smuggled money and are also wanted by the judiciary , and they can also help us retrieve these funds.

  3. There is an amount of 65 billion dollars in the US Federal Reserve frozen due to the previous regime that Iraq can claim , according to the above agreement for the year 2008.

  4. Can the Iraqi foreign minister in Australia 's request for a copy of the investigation or attend the investigation in Australia to see his A loyalty which leads people to take legal action against offenders in Iraq , according to articles 6 and 9 of the Iraqi Penal Code .

Earlier, Australian media reported that police had arrested a person working for an oil company, who was involved in paying $ 78 million in bribes that were used to secure lucrative Iraqi oil contracts linked to an alleged international corruption network .

The "Street Times" newspaper said, "The police claimed that the managing director of Leighton of the Shore oil company, Russell Wu, of Australia, paid bribes to his company through contractors including Una Oil - a Monaco-based company, which two of the top executives acknowledged." The ex-men pleaded guilty last year to being part of a scheme to bribe foreign government officials in several countries, including Azerbaijan, Syria and Iraq .

The newspaper pointed out that "bribes worth $ 78 million were used in Iraq to secure contracts to build oil pipelines worth about $ 1.5 billion , or my Rki ."

The Australian police said in a statement that "the 54-year-old was arrested in the Brisbane area, and that the main targets of the bribery scheme were officials of the Iraqi Oil Ministry and government officials of the Southern Oil Company ."

The statement continued , "The investigation, which lasted for nine years and was attended by the authorities of the United States and Britain, was a painstaking process."

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