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The most powerful Mossad agents are now in Iraq: To know, with appreciation? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The most powerful Mossad agents are now in Iraq: To know, with appreciation?

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The most powerful Mossad agents are now in Iraq: To know, with appreciation? Empty The most powerful Mossad agents are now in Iraq: To know, with appreciation?

Post by GirlBye Fri Nov 20, 2020 5:15 pm

In 1990 .. and after the Iraqi forces entered Kuwait .. the Saudi authorities requested from the American government, specifically the Central Intelligence Agencyc (CIA), any important intelligence information about the Iraqi army and the movement of Iraqi forces ... etc, for the purpose of preparing for any surprises that Iraq might take. This was unlikely because Iraq was aiming for Kuwait and bringing it back to the arms of the homeland, which is not new .. 

The American government responded to the Saudi request with this text (The American government gives you its regards ... and informs you that it does not have a single active agent in Iraq)! The client means the spy .. Please re-read .. There is not a single client in Iraq who can benefit from his information .. I remembered this after a statement by a Russian-Jewish spy who worked in the Mossad and retired from the espionage service and took refuge in a country called Ajeeb ..

(Bashkiria)! It is one of the dissolved states of the Soviet Union and its economy depends on the manufacture of raw beans, mushrooms and snares (a game to catch birds) .. This spy made a very serious confession that I read on one of the Bashkir pages and says: The Mossad has more than a million clients distributed among the countries of the world, including heads of state, ministers, businessmen and artists Officers, scholars and others .. This Jew continues that the most powerful Mossad agents are now in Iraq .. I repeat, Iraq ??

 This is not where the danger lies in what this devoted Jew made, but rather what he confirmed that the Zionist forces have the ability, ability and competence to move inside Iraq within minutes to thwart any attempt that might threaten the security of Israel.. Do not you be perplexed as they struck me about the whereabouts, presence and distribution of these after the withdrawal of the enemy forces American? Or is there something ambiguous in the matter .. Is it reasonable that the Iraqi government, its security, intelligence and relations do not know what this Jew confessed?

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