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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     - Transcript and Video  -- Nov 18  2020 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Nov 18 2020

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     - Transcript and Video  -- Nov 18  2020 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Nov 18 2020

Post by Ponee Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:59 pm

MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim
MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Hi everyone. Great day for the RV!!

Member: The Never Ending Story…..another name for the RV…..

MZ: There is so much happening all around the world…scary stuff, good stuff….. 

MZ: From banking contacts……I am being told that suddenly there was a push last night to get everybody in place to “update” information for next week.  Update contacts, contact information, 4a lists…

MZ: I am hearing chatter that I am trying to prove that they are going to update Fines and penalties for CMKX now in anticipation that they are finally going to “move off of stuck”

MZ: Hearing that the chatter –finally- in the paymaster world is getting positive. I am still waiting on news from Zurich and London. 

MZ: Asia seems to believe that we are finally moving forward again. The middle East definently believes  we are moving forward again. 

ISAAC 11/16 hope all good , still waiting for news , nothing yet hope to have something tomorrow , no payments, no liquidity as of today . Keep the faith

MZ: if you did not see Walkingsticks post (From KTFA) on what’s going on in the banking sector…the Government and the CBI is now instructing banks , and the banks will be instructing people….and they are finally positioning for a revaluation of their currency over there. Cross your fingers…the news chatter is exceptionally good today. After almost 3 weeks of “nothing burgers” it is nice to get something….even if it’s a “soy burger”. 

MZ: I have also heard the news Walkingstick reported from 3 of my contacts on the ground in Iraq. 

From Dinar Guru:  Walkingstick & Frank26   The executive branch level [of Iraqi banks] were told by the CBI everything they needed to know to pass to the citizens about the new exchange rate and the new small category notes...IMO within a week...the monetary reform information will now go from the executive level of banks to the senior management of the Iraqi banks...then those senior level management people will pass it on to their floor managers and their tellers.  Then they will pass it on to the citizens of Iraq...this ain't gonna last long.  IOO you're going to see this within a week.

Member: What does it mean Mark about the Rockets launched in Baghdad at the American Embassy?

MZ: It means someone is trying to derail this thing….Read Walkingsticks post from yesterday…..things are hearing up on the release or revaluation of the Iraqi dinar….The PTB out there are desperately trying to stop a Gold Standard. 

Member:  MarK, Walking Stick is about the only information coming out of Iraq that is trustworhty, he ownes a accounting firm and several private banks over there.

Member:  Frank26 said  When Walking Stick talks, there will be nothing else to say after.

Member:  FRANK26 excited SAUDI investing heavy in Iraq 

Member: Judy Shelton was not confirmed by Senate yesterday

Member:  McConnell didn't have enough votes for Sheldon. Sen Grassley has Covid and 1 more.

Member:  Heard that Grassley was COVID positive & couldn’t vote. They will do it when he’s back. Pence can break the tie to confurm. Collins & another wasn’t going to vote.

MZ: We have looked for Judy Shelton to be confirmed for a long time….she will be a key addition to the Fed and the new asset backed currency. 

Member:  hey hey Mark they were talking on Fox news last night that about going back to the gold standard

Member:  Truckers supposedly going to park their trucks from Nov 26-29.... time to stock up??

Member: I really hope they pass a stimulus soon

Member:  When we received our first stimulus, I was working at Lowe’s as a cashier, and we all asked where are people getting all this money. They were buying like crazy. That was the first lockdown

Member:  Mark, Don't you think the RV and STIMULUS go hand in hand to explain the " Pocket Money" on the street ????

 Member:  Movement of money for RV is digital Bruce says Tier 1-2-3 have processed funding after Tier 4B completes

MZ: Citibank and a number of European banks have issued warnings that the US Dollar is about to lose 20% of its value over the next year..….. devaluation….there is your inflation for you as we overprint….it is hitting the wall….we are not going to have a choice…..this is bad news for most…good news for us….this is forcing us to sound, asset backed dollars. Watch this report from Silver Report Uncut….this is huge news. . .  

MZ: Just watch …there will be a whole lot happening in the next few weeks….hopefully it will include a reset. With the Reserve currency losing 20% in one year …it is time….they cannot kick this can any further. 

MZ: I firmly believe that “Better days are ahead”


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