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MarkZ admits rumors are BS but then spreads his own! 11/17/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ admits rumors are BS but then spreads his own! 11/17/20

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MarkZ admits rumors are BS but then spreads his own! 11/17/20 Empty MarkZ admits rumors are BS but then spreads his own! 11/17/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Nov 17, 2020 8:56 pm

Member:  is this the week?

MZ:  Good Morning all……..The world is reeling this morning…..lockdowns everywhere….millionaires are having their property confiscated in China……It is nuts all over the globe.

MZ: Who I consider to be one of my best contacts has returned to a “ghosttown” out west in Reno , or as I like to call it “Treasury West”. It’s obvious that during all of this election upheaval that nothing has been done, contrary to all the “intel” out there on the boards and rumors saying how much is happening.

MZ: All the rumors you see saying they have “loaded” this or “released” that…..I believe is BS.

MZ: Do I still think we are in a great spot? Absolutely. But I am not seeing all these things other people are posting and telling you all about. I believe there is a massive amount of misinformation going on right now as we work through the geo-political upheaval right now as they attempt more lockdowns.

Member:  Lock downs are for prisoners...let's not forget.

MZ: I feel good about where we are at….I just don’t feel good about many or the news sources. They are broken. We were told to expect misinformation at the end….so I am taking comfort in that.

MZ: There are a number of key meetings going on today for a number of my exchange people in different places around the globe. So hopefully tomorrow I will have solid, actual news and updates about those.

ISAAC 11/16 hope all good , still waiting for news , nothing yet hope to have something tomorrow , no payments, no liquidity as of today . Keep the faith

Member:  I heard If people in other tiers are getting notified for appointments - new accounts are going to be set up. But no money moves until tier 4B goes.

MZ: Right now they are not setting up any new stuff because everything is prepared for group exchanges like 4a. They are ready when they pull the trigger. When you exchange yes…they will set up new accounts for you. Even if you already have one….that is what I have been told .

Member: Delta is suggestion RV after Dec. 1st

MZ: Delta has great contacts in Iraq. My news coming out of Iraq has been awesome.

Member:  Before Christmas..... every year... just maybe this is our year!!

Member: IMO news out of iraq does nothing because they don`t control this. We do and it keeps being stopped

MZ: Iraq is linked to the reset. Yes the value of the dinar was artificially squashed in the war…..but they will go at the same time as the global reset. Just like CMKX is a separate thing…but tied to the reset and will go at the same time.

MZ: Positioning for the reset……the deep state would like to hijack it.

Member:  will it be a Nesara or The great reset the globalist want?

Member:  Heard maybe Gesara was announced Nov 2

Member: Charlie Ward and Hull   said nesara began November 2.

Member:  If the EO signed on Nov 2 announcing NESARA began. Then 120 days is March 2021.

Member: it's WITHIN 120 days not exactly 120 days….so can be anytime before March…..imo

Member:  “But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”– Albus Dumbledore

Member:  Much bigger picture than we all can see. Sometimes Requires faith.

Member:  bigger than King Kong, Ro-Dan, Godzilla, it's "Kracken, The Killer Squid"

MZ: I am hearing the “Kraken” may be released on Wed. or Thurs. A number of credible whistleblowers have come forward.

Member:  Kraken in Greek Mythology, was a monster of the sea that swallowed up all ships. Ms Powell referred to it as a metaphor to indicate they a a monster of PROOF that will destroy the perpetrators of the deep state.

Member:  Going after social media right now on capital hill

Member:  Hope MSM shut down permanent. Gov confiscate youtube, facebook etal and turn them into public companys.

Member:  Mark, Has the train stopped at the station or have the wheels come off and derailed?

MZ: I have not seen any movement for the last 2 weeks….so IMO the train has stopped at the station for awhile….

Member: Is the RV and the QFS real?

MZ: Yes I believe the RV is real……and the  QFS is real …its all true and on its way. . This reset is a “when” not an “if”. I just do not know the “when”. We will have a reset. Fiat Currency always returns to its intrinsic value of zero (Voltaire)

Member:  Frank 26 says the GCR is here !

Member: What do you hear about NDA’s? Do you think they are real?

MZ: I do….I know Mr. C does not think there will be one….I think the NDA will only be on the rate….i do not think it will be “all powerful” and they can take your money if you say anything…..I had talked to a number of bankers that agree with me. The NDA on rate is for many different reasons…Different countries may have different rates. They have different levels of participation- especially on the dinar. Also to protect ourselves…..for our security….That is what I am being told.

Member:  If God is in control--which he is--then when we are on the brink, we will be released from slavery. LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!

Member:  Maybe they need iran on board before RV?


MZ: Max Keiser had a video about “Crossing the Rubicon” this is what happens when the buerocracy is bigger then “we the people”

MZ:  https://youtu.be/TNkaaHX_3dc Max Keiser

MZ: This article is about the CCP confiscating , land, farms, businesses in China…..

MZ:  https://youtu.be/1n3KcR3Jq3I CCP millionaire

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