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MarkZ: "I am expecting a lengthy update from the west coast/Reno later this evening" 11/16/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I am expecting a lengthy update from the west coast/Reno later this evening" 11/16/20

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MarkZ: "I am expecting a lengthy update from the west coast/Reno later this evening" 11/16/20 Empty MarkZ: "I am expecting a lengthy update from the west coast/Reno later this evening" 11/16/20

Post by RamblerNash Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:38 pm

Member:  Morning all! Feels like a golden week

MZ: Almost all the people I know …paymasters, ect….are finally back in place….some arrived last week…a few others are arriving this morning. All should be back in place by this evening.

MZ: I expect more news by tomorrow. As of today there is no money movement in Asia, the middle east  and Europe……, no CMKX, no PP’s….yet.

MZ: I am expecting a lengthy update from the west coast/Reno later this evening. So I will have more for you all tomorrow morning.

ISAAC 11/12 Finish one cc still positive but news of when liquidity should start I will have between tomorrow and Tuesday , what they told me is that everything is ready so keep the faith

Member: So, will we have an RV this month?

MZ: I think it is highly possible…and I think we will know more by Thursday or Friday this week.

Member:  I am believing Ground Hog Day will end before Thanksgiving. I don't know what we will do if we go another year without our blessing.

Member: Are we waiting on 800 numbers? Will we get them from you?

MZ: I am told it will be a secure link….and I will be able to post where to go to in order to get your 800 numbers from there.

MZ: I did a lot of digging on that Trump tweet about Iraq I told you about on Friday and found out that it was indeed made up…on purpose to show how easy it was to deceive this community…..we all need to do our due diligence. .

Member:  If this event is to be tax exempt…they are looking at a flat consumption tax. What are your thoughts on how Corporate taxes will change?

MZ: Since I honestly think they are pushing toward a VAT (Value added tax} that corporate taxes may disappear completely. Companies can then be run for whats best for the company instead of whats the lowest tax liability. That is how it was explained to me. All taxes will be consumption based.

Member:  Robert David Steele said economic announcements will come by Thanksgiving

Member:  Mark? Did you hear that Trump Executive Order on November 2nd is the GESERA\NESERA announcement?

Member:  mark u see The EO 1776 ?? looks like nesara

Member:  NESARA 120 Activated NOV.2 E.O.

Member:  Title on BitChute: Jo Hull discovers Nesara Gesara might have been activated Charlie Ward loving it

Member:  NESARA BURIED INSIDE NOV 2 EO  https://www.bitchute.com/video/hMmm8A2xQGcd/

MZ: I had not had a chance to watch this video yet…….I will make a point to try to watch it today

Member:  20 days from 11/2 brings us to March 15th, 2021! The IDES of MARCH, which is the Day Caesar was killed and a GREAT DAY to bring down the Cabal!!

Member:  Everyone found guilty of treason will have all assets taken

Member:  the executive order signed on November 2, 2020 is for implementing a commission on teaching the history of government creation.

Member:  They may not use the word NESARA, but implement what NESARA stands for.

Member: Does Mr. C believe in Nesara?

MZ: He believes it is real….but like me he is not sure how it will roll out or be implemented.

Member:  China signs 15-country trade deal.Vietnam included. Gesara? Great Reset?

Member:  China has just joined forces with more than a dozen countries across the Asia Pacific region to sign a huge free trade deal nearly a decade in the making.

Member:  Judy Shelton will be confirmed this week

Member: Will we need to hire body guards after we exchange for protection?

MZ: The rich and famous do that…..i still believe your best defense is to not tell anybody. Then you won’t need them. Don’t drive around in a Bentley with your pockets stuffed full of cash…..just live modestly but with comfort..

MZ: FYI- we have TP shortages again in N. Carolina. Many people are stockpiling and saving up for potential unrest and fear of another shut down.

Member: Will this election crap be over soon?

MZ: Supposed to take a big turn around Thursday of this week. I am told it will be wrapping up soon. Lets hope so.

Member:  December 14th is electoral vote date

Member:  Trump is using this election to implement QFS elections in the future.

Member:  President Trump signed an Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. Sidney Powell will be using this at the SCOTUS.

Member:  When will we hear about all these arrests that are about to happen?

Member:  Robert David Steele has a great video. 100’s in Congress will be resigning

Member:  We should be having a great holiday if David Steele is right

Member:  Mark Z like I have been telling everyone. IT is time for an Iceland type revolution. To clean the corrupt political swamp.

Member:  Trump has til Jan. 20th to make good on his arrests/charges against criminals or he looks incompetent over the last 4 years collecting evidence.

Member:  Don't expect the RV until high profile arrests in the US start. Trump won't allow those criminals to exchange their currency with us and their accounts need to be frozen first.

Member:  all the gurus tell you this is our week like they did last week and the week before and the week before and the week before

Member:  Rumors- other news said. Sat. afternoon 14 Nov. our Military Intel Contact said, “A tidal wave of exposure of [D]eep [S]tate swamp crimes against We the People would be incoming, even as we in Tier 4B started any time in the next 72 hours.”

Member:  Everyone stay safe and keep the faith, EVERYTHING is in HIS hands and we'll all be good!

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