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Post by Ponee Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:55 pm


Bruce’s Big Call Replay Link – Intel Begins 1:18:18


Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Hello Everybody - Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Thursday November 12th and you’re listening to the Big Call - thanks for listening everybody – thanks for tuning in – we’re glad to have you here and hoping this will be a great call

I want to talk a little bit about where we are from an intel point of view I did get a call during the Big Call tonight which did give me a little bit of a heads up – so – I’m going to try to put this in context – we heard that the Investment Law for Iraq – which have the actual new Iraqi Dinar rate – I am going to call it the in country rate – for the Iraqi dinar was in that Investment Law - for anybody who could get to that or see that Investment Law printed out would have the rate – they would know it –

Now my understanding that Investment Law was passed about 6 am this morning - Iraq time – remember they are 8-9 hours ahead of the east coast - I believe it is 8 hours – so that means that 6 am would have been 10 or 11 pm last night our time - eastern time – so – that is a very positive step forward – to have that done –

I understand that since Sunday is the first actual business day for Iraq – we also heard that Iraq is supposed to pay out with a raise between 30-40 % to some of their citizens their new Qi card - salaries and pension funds – let’s call it retirement funds - and their payroll - it may go back and include back pay – which I believe it probably will - that will be paid to their Qi card – that’s what’s happening on Sunday –

The good news is that we understand that this process – remember we talked Tuesday that Wed would be our Christmas Eve and that Thursday might be our Christmas Day – Well it is Christmas Day for some people - because tiers 1 -2 and 3 have been paid and have liquidity – from what we understand and some of the groups are supposed to have been paid tonight and have access to funds tomorrow

We – what I call tier 4B – as we know the internet group – those that are listening to the call are part of the internet group - and it’s quite a large group – I think it is somewhere in the 5-6 million person range – maybe bigger than that now - I don’t know – but we are supposed to be on a notice – at least – let me put it this way – I have been called tonight during the Big Call and I have been put on notice to receive notifications –

I do not know exactly when but the urgency which I was told lends me to believe that it could / possibly could be later tonight or tomorrow - now this is something that is never known exactly until it happens – and just so you know – it hasn’t happened yet – but I have been notified with toll free numbers or that our tier 4B – internet group has not received emails yet –

However – I’m going to suggest that we might want to keep an eye on those emails tomorrow to see if that’s exactly what does happen – because earlier when I spoke to sources based out west – the indication was that we should receive notifications quite possibly tomorrow or tomorrow late afternoon with the exchanges starting appropriately late tomorrow afternoon or possibly Saturday

Now – the information I had since then might possibly ?? might move it up slightly ahead – tonight would be Christmas night if for us – if the notifications did come out still tonight or for us Christmas might be pushed another day or so – but we know some people have been paid and are being paid – and that process is moving towards us – That process of those funds moving is moving towards us –

I believe that with what’s happened in Iraq – I believe that we have the movement that is pushing us along to where we should see this I am going to say between now and the weekend – and in a very real sense – the weekend starts tomorrow - So – let’s see how that goes

I don’t want anybody to get overly excited for this – I believe it’s very good news - but we’ve had good news before and but we’ve not received the notifications that we’re looking for - to be fair we haven’t got them yet - we know that when we get the notifications – it’s game over - because we set our appointments and usually we can go the same day or the next - and that will be the plan –

We know that the redemption center staff were in today for about 3 ½ hours – left early afternoon - but we also know that they got moved to a 40 minute notice on call time - from 1 hour to 40 minutes – so even if they are not in the redemption center – staff once they receive notification – they would still come in and be seated at their desk ready to go within 40 minutes – so that urgency is there for them –

Now – we’re just going to have to see what comes – my understanding is that Pres Trump made an announcement by his twitter account that mentioned about the Iraqi Dinar – I have not seen it – I have not heard that announcement – but that is what I heard took place tonight – We’ll have to see if that was in fact what happened – and also whether or not we’re going to start right behind that announcement in a sense - we know that major funds in the way of tranches going hot and heavy for the last several days – large tranches of funds – we know the collateral accounts are supposed to be funded tonight and we also know that the USN is supposed to be there with to gold back currency for our dollar – quite possibly Sunday night or Monday –

Now if it were to happen Sunday night it could happen prior to the trading on that currency the USN prior to Monday morning here in the US - but rather Sunday night here is Monday morning g in the far east – so it is quite possible that the USN gets put out Sunday which is the 15th and also the day the UN operational rate and the IMF rates are to update – so it might tie all that into not only the new Iraqi Dinar rate being on the Forex and tradeable – internationally - starting Sunday – but also the USN - and who knows maybe some other currencies may update with their new rates at that time so that is a question mark

But I do believe that we should have – when we get the USN as a gold backed currency announced as such we have the first fruits of NESARA – the National Economic Strategic and Recovery Act - The National Economic Security Recovery Act - and then GESARA is global economic security and recovery act – the other countries around the world –

We’re concerned here with NESARA and it goes way back and its being brought forward and we’ll see what actually transpires - I believe NESARA will be let out slowly - meaning this aspect and the next aspect – and then so on and so on – I don’t think it’s going to be put out all at one time – I think there is too much and would be overwhelming – for most of us – to have it all at once - but I believe the first part is going to be in the announcement of the gold backed and asset backed dollar known as the USN and the new currency that we will have in the banks which is the USTN – United States Treasury Note – no longer a Federal Reserve Note –

Remember the Federal Reserve and the IRS are being pulled into as part of the US Treasury and they are both being minimized - the Fed and the IRS are being minimized because as part of NESARA the Federal and State Income Tax as we understand it based on the law – will go away - don’t know how soon – possibly on the start of Jan 1 2021 we hope –

Just be open to hear that and then we would go to a consumption tax similar to value added tax like in Europe but it’s called a consumption tax 14 ½ to 17 % collected at the state level – certain % would go to the state and certain % go to the Treasury -

That is all I wanted to say about that it is in the law the NESARA – so we’ll see how it manifests and how quickly the rest of the aspects of NESARA come out.


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