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Poll: The Iraqi people demand normalization with Israel and an end to Iran's influence DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Poll: The Iraqi people demand normalization with Israel and an end to Iran's influence

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Poll: The Iraqi people demand normalization with Israel and an end to Iran's influence Empty Poll: The Iraqi people demand normalization with Israel and an end to Iran's influence

Post by GirlBye Fri Nov 13, 2020 9:08 pm

Iraqi activists interacted on the social networking site "Facebook" with the poll of the " Baghdad Post " news website published on its page, which revolved around normalization with Israel and ending Iran's influence.

The publication reads as follows:

After the statements of the Iraqi ambassador in Washington that Iraq is in dire need of normalization with the State of Israel .. Are you with normalization ... yes or no?

The activists interacted with the statement of Baghdad's ambassador to Washington, Farid Yassin, who said: "There are objective reasons that may call for relations between Iraq and Israel, including that there is an important Iraqi community in Israel," explaining that the members of that community are still proud of their Iraqi traditions.

The ambassador added that there is another reason that may push for the establishment of relations, which is the irrigation technologies that it has excelled in with Israel through the reclamation of desert lands that suffer from water scarcity.

Iraqi activists and the Iraqi people in general called for normalization with Israel, an end to Iran's influence in the country, and the elimination of pro-Iranian militias in Iraq.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry launched a page "Israel in the Iraqi dialect", which thanked the tens of thousands of Iraqis who follow it. And their positive interaction with the page until the number of its followers on the social networking site Facebook exceeded 100 thousand followers. "

This confirms the failure of the anti-terrorist and militia propaganda in Iraq to shield the Iraqi people from what is going on in the world or to feed them with their dark rhetoric.

" Israel in Arabic" wrote on her Twitter account, "We thank the Iraqis for their positive interaction with the" Israel in Iraqi Dialect "page, and for the contents. There is no doubt that there are many things that bind us together. A nice greeting to our friends in Iraq and to every Iraqi who wants to know more about Israel.

The page "Israel in the Iraqi dialect" has attracted tens of thousands of followers on Facebook due to the variety of its topics. And confronting many of the Jewish symbols in Iraq. And the history of the Jews inside Iraq and their artistic and economic roles recorded by history.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry had conducted an opinion poll on citizens in the Middle East who are ready to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, and Iraq came on top of these countries to establish relations and normalization with Israel completely.

Activists indicated that the process of normalization with Israel may end in a new situation that goes beyond the stage of normalization, to the stage of clear, normal and declared relations, exchanging embassies, coordinating positions, concluding political and commercial deals, economic openness, investment, exchange of experiences and security cooperation.

Activists emphasized that the time has come to get rid of the Iranian occupation of Iraq, which has destroyed the country and seized its capabilities and militias that claim the country as they please.

They made it clear that they are with the removal of the mullahs' regime from power and also getting rid of its tails in Iraq of corrupt politicians, terrorist militias and hateful figures.

The " Baghdad Post " monitors the reactions of Facebook activists to normalization with Israel and ending Iran's influence:

The account, "Ahmed Al Shalal," said, "I am with Israel."

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