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 Without Courtesy And Without Frills: The Shiites Of Power Bear Responsibility For The Tragedies Of Iraq !!  Shiites of power bear the responsibility for the tragedies of Iraq DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Without Courtesy And Without Frills: The Shiites Of Power Bear Responsibility For The Tragedies Of Iraq !! Shiites of power bear the responsibility for the tragedies of Iraq

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 Without Courtesy And Without Frills: The Shiites Of Power Bear Responsibility For The Tragedies Of Iraq !!  Shiites of power bear the responsibility for the tragedies of Iraq Empty Without Courtesy And Without Frills: The Shiites Of Power Bear Responsibility For The Tragedies Of Iraq !! Shiites of power bear the responsibility for the tragedies of Iraq

Post by GirlBye Fri Nov 13, 2020 3:17 pm

 Without Courtesy And Without Frills: The Shiites Of Power Bear Responsibility For The Tragedies Of Iraq !!  Shiites of power bear the responsibility for the tragedies of Iraq Maliki%20dec21%20p

1 - The “Shiites of power” committed disastrous mistakes that caused human, cultural, educational, social, moral, value, health, security and military massacres in Iraq and Iraqi society.

After the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003, the insistence of (the Shiites of power) on sectarian literature, sectarian culture, sectarian mobilization, sectarian preaching, sectarian media, sectarian education, sectarian administration, and legitimizing everything sectarian ... In return we reject and fight every nation and every Arab and every Qatari who loves Iraq . So they established a regime whose approach is to destroy and retreat in Iraq. As well as foundations for the fragmentation of Iraqi society

Thus, they provided free service and a golden platter to the Israeli Talmudic project, and to the strategy ( Bernard Lewis ) according to which he divided the region into states, and made the basis for dividing Iraq sectarian, ethnic and ethnic! So, have we been plagued by Shiites belonging to the Bernard Lewis project, or did their greed and love of power and influence make them serve the Zionist project without their knowledge?

The answer to this question is in the interest of history and the future !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2- The detestable sectarian abuse by the Shiites of power made the other party (the Sunni side) who was refraining from participating in sectarian cooking and administration, and was sticking to and insisting on the national situation. And he led an armed opposition in order to keep patriotism as a slogan instead of sectarianism, and it was actually joined by Iraqi Shiites who rejected sectarianism at the time and through participation in arms, and through sympathy, and through support with pen and tongue (and here we speak history and logic we are witnesses to it! We will not allow facts and history to be falsified) ... the Shiites of the authority and the American occupier went to demonize that national condition, the national opposition, and the sectarian situation and preach it, so they made it (a Baathist, confrontational, takfirist, nationalist, and pan-Arab case) through a dangerous media show and support from the occupier behind Israel (because Israel is in its interest. Rather, at the core of its Talmudic project is the division of Iraqi society sectarian, racial and ethnic !!)
The (Sunni) space was forced to participate in the lame political process and produced a hateful (Sunni) sectarian state that gave life and the oxygen hose to the sectarian (Shiite) state that (the Shiites of power) worked on. The national project and its tools were eliminated. Iraq’s dream of returning as a strong national state that unites all sects, sects and religions was lost under the tent of the homeland / Iraq. After that, all Iraqi patriots were besieged, uprooted, subjugated, starved and displaced, so they became second and perhaps third class!
What are the gains made by (the Shiites of power)?

All that was gained by the Shiites of power was the destruction of Iraq, the destruction of Iraqi society, and the destruction of the Shiites of Iraq. And the destruction of the national, civilized, historical, value, wealth and social situation of the Iraqis in return for the prosperity of their material conditions and their political, partisan, family and factional influence because they have stolen everything that is precious in Iraq and its jealousy for them, whether it is material, historical, cultural or wealthy. The rest of it was dedicated to the countries and foreign bodies that supported their hateful sectarian project that slaughtered the homeland and divided the Iraqi people.

Thus, they allowed their partners from the (Sunni) sectarian project to play the same role of thefts, plundering, plundering, appropriation, selling to Iraq and destroying everything national, values, civilized and historical!

In the end, Iraq was destroyed and made a failed state in the region and the world and made its people search for a livelihood, as they go to be a soldier and die in their sectarian wars, or a policeman to be a servant to them, their parties and their partisan, religious and sectarian states that they established. And here they succeeded in destroying the middle class in Iraqi society, which is the pillar of Every people of the world. Iraq has become a class of the majority of the hungry, service jobs, the deprived and the downtrodden, in exchange for a minority that monopolizes everything in the state, which is a class of Shiites and Sunnis in power.

As for Iraq as a state, its treasuries, wealth, and history were liquidated and given to their parties, currents, and leaders, and the rest was given to countries, foreign regimes and foreign organizations that provided and provided support for them by extending their influence in Iraq at the expense of the ignorance and impoverishment of the Iraqi people and making them mired in the swamp of unemployment, ignorance, superstition, hunger, drugs, perversion, and organized crime!

Here, the homeland / Iraq will sweep and become a marginal, ineffective country! The Shiite community has been destroyed and fragmented, and it has become plagued by deviations, ignorance, superstition, subservience and dilution!

And the decline of the Shiite sect (Alawi Shiism) and the Shiites became ashamed that they are Iraqi Shiites because of what happened and is happening in their name!

And the (Alawite Shiism) which was cradled by Iraq alone (Iraq is the capital of Alawite Shiism), which is a pure extension of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, to the people of his household and then to the Iraqi Shi’ites (who were the guards of the temple), and they enlighten the peoples and countries with the Alawite Shi’ism ... ... But After the year 2003, Alawite Shiism ended, and the Shiites of Iraq, who were the origin, practiced hybrid customs and strange practices, but they became the tails of foreign Shiite schools. Some even went to trade in religion and the case of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, so that most of the Shiite rituals have become question marks over them, so that their pure fitrah has ended and has become hypocrisy, politics and auctions, all of which are from a volcano and yes, the Shiites of power!

And the cohesion died within the Shiite sphere itself due to the actions, etiquette, abuse and culture of the Shiites of power!

And the national, social, religious and sectarian cohesion inside Iraq and within Iraqi society, which was a great example for the people of wheat and the world, died, ended by the action of the Shiites and Sunnis of power!

And the national situation within Iraqi society and within the Iraqi community died with unrivaled determination by the Shiites and Sunnis of the authority who fought the national situation with all weapons in order to plant in its stead the sectarian and partisan state and the state of greed and greed!

National values ​​have died, and they are replaced by brokerage, employment, and bullying abroad!

Finally, we say to the Shiites of power: -

  1.  You are losers, and that you destroyed Iraq and Iraqi society!

  2. You are hated by your children, relatives, clans, and the Iraqi people ... because you caused the destruction of Iraq, the division of the Iraqis in general, and the Shiites themselves in particular!

  3. You made of religion and the cause of Imam Hussein a beggar's handkerchief and sometimes a sword with which you slaughter Iraqis!

  4. You “Sunnis of Authority” participate in the destruction and slaughter of Iraq and the breaking of the bones of Iraqis and your partners in all the tragedies of Iraq and the tragedies of the members of your sect ..

  5. You (the Shiites of the authority, oh the Sunnis of the Authority) are responsible before God and before the Messenger of God and the people of the house of what happened and will happen and will happen to Iraq and Iraqis ...

You are the ones who made (the Kurds) own a state and a half and you are a half a state, and you are the ones who made (the Kurds) treat Iraqi Arabs (Shiites and Sunnis) in a third and fourth degree, and you are the ones who made (the Kurds) take, not give, and do not respect Baghdad, the government, or the Iraqi Arabs with their Shiites and Sunnis.

And you are the ones who made the Iraqis have mercy on Saddam Hussein and wished for his return to return their supply ration and the Iraqi flag that scared countries even at the time of the siege and restore Baghdad’s prestige and power over the Kurds, neighbors and enemies (this is not a praise for Saddam’s criminal regime in many distances and many issues, but it had positive aspects that we mentioned. Some of it !!!!!.) You whiten the face of Saddam and his regime!

Dissolve from Iraq and the Iraqi people ... so that the people search for a way to escape from your injustice, your failure, your nonsense, your plunder and your corruption!

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