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Member of Economical Parliament, indicating 4 challenges facing foreign investment in Iraq DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Member of Economical Parliament, indicating 4 challenges facing foreign investment in Iraq

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Member of Economical Parliament, indicating 4 challenges facing foreign investment in Iraq Empty Member of Economical Parliament, indicating 4 challenges facing foreign investment in Iraq

Post by GirlBye Thu Nov 12, 2020 10:58 am

Today, Thursday, a member of the Economic Committee in Parliament, Nada Shaker Jawdat, indicated 4 challenges facing foreign investment inside Iraq.

Nada Shaker Jawdat said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “investment is very important to support the economy of Iraq, which is currently suffering from severe crises,” noting that “capital is cowardly, and it cannot venture into entering an environment that suffers from 4 important challenges, Represented by political and security instability at the same time, in addition to uncontrolled weapons and weak security control, not to mention the situation of the banking system and the presence of cases of blackmail during the progress of investment projects that make many investors alienate.

Jawdat added, "The 4 challenges that hinder the recovery of investment in Iraq require objective solutions. First comes from the existence of a good banking system that deals with electronic frameworks to prevent any investor from being subjected to blackmail, in addition to organizing the export and import file in terms of creating a balance with the product at home and not causing harm." with it".

A member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives stressed the need to “create transparency in dealing with investors, prevent extortion and give support and secure projects,” noting the importance of “external and internal investment in creating great opportunities for work and economic recovery, not to mention its positive role in creating and developing many Industries ”.

Mashreq Abbas, an advisor to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, published today, Thursday, what he called `` facts '' about Iraq's international agreements.

Abbas tweeted, on his personal account on Twitter, saying: “Fact No. 1: The Chinese agreement has not been canceled, and the government is feeding what it can, amid the economic crisis, the fund allocated for this agreement, and there is no intention to cancel because the agreement is flexible and can be installed according to circumstances.” .

He pointed out that "continuing to talk about canceling the agreement by political figures is surprising."

He continued: “Fact No. 2: There is no Iraqi-Egyptian agreement in the name of (oil for reconstruction). There are preliminary, fraternal understandings based on the principle of economic openness with brothers, neighbors and friends for investment, economic cooperation and benefit from experiences. Iraq's oil quota cannot be exceeded at present, and deducting from it will harm the budget.

And he added, “Fact No. 3: There were no real investments in Iraq. Rather, they were mostly contracting and semantics with state funds, in addition to land ownership by the contractor and the auctioneer! This trend is being changed now. The investor has to pay money, construct and hire workers, and make a profit, and the state has a permanent share in his profits, so some are upset.

He continued: “Fact No. 4: Iraqi-Saudi economic understandings will have a great impact on the economy and in providing job opportunities with projects of a strategic nature, creating obstacles to political goals that are not supported by any economic logic, and the government is insisting on expanding the scope of its foreign cooperation with the logic of interests to protect the economy from fluctuations. Oil prices ”.

He added, “Article No. 5: Natural gas and not investing it is an example and represents a fatal blow to the economy that puts a thousand question marks. The government will continue to invest Iraqi gas and that Iraq will be one of the most prominent international players in the production and trade of gas in the coming years, no matter how loud the voices insisting on wasting the enormous gas wealth.

He warned, “Fact No. 6: Dozens of defendants in cases of corruption and waste have been put in prisons in preparation for a fair trial, and before this time a government had not dared to lead a single real whale to the quarries, and there are tens or perhaps hundreds waiting for their turn, and this is why some are upset.”

He pointed out, "Fact No. 7: There is no such thing as (a government of advisers). Institutions operate according to mechanisms, laws and tasks, and no official, regardless of his good intentions, can bypass the legal paths approved by parliament, and the issue of salaries is the best evidence.

"The government has no interest in delaying salaries, but there is a political interest to invest in national crises, unfortunately," he stressed.

He continued: “Fact No. 8: The American-Iranian crisis, during which Iraq nearly turned into a devastating and declared battlefield, which has disastrous consequences for the future of the country. It is dismantled calmly and responsibly to protect the security and sovereignty of the Iraqi people. Serious crises are managed with wisdom and solid national stances with everyone, not by shouting. “.

He cautioned that “Fact No. 9: The government has proven that killing and sniping is not a national solution to dealing with the people's anger and youth demonstrations, and that respecting the will of the people is the way to early and fair elections. Those who bypass the state’s instructions from the security men are in prison now. There are dozens of police in hospitals because of the patience wounds due to the Molotov cocktails' attacks.

And “Fact No. 10: The path of destroying Iraq was made by honorable people with malicious intentions to restore balance and restore civil peace and prevent dreams of division and civil war. If the state was destroyed.

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