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Prosecutor you have to not be a corrupt back! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Prosecutor you have to not be a corrupt back!

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Prosecutor you have to not be a corrupt back! Empty Prosecutor you have to not be a corrupt back!

Post by GirlBye Mon Nov 09, 2020 5:57 pm

The telecommunications companies for pickpocket phone, and what do you know what these companies are a stench of corruption, fraud and fraud and professionalism in cleaning the pockets of citizens. Trade has many good qualities, but these companies work at the expense of the values, morals and lofty principles by which sober and clean companies operate. The funny irony is that these companies were not satisfied with fraud, fraud and thefts against citizens, but went further than this and stole the government and embezzled billions and evaded the payment of the financial dues they owed. The mouthpiece of the honorable people in my country says the deputy engineer (Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani) is fighting a battle of honor against the telecommunications companies and the need not to leave him alone while he fights for these national issues and the problem seems to be the public prosecution standing with these companies, and the storyteller and the proximate interrupt and acknowledge corruption and theft of mobile phone companies. 

Colleague Iyad Al-Samawi revealed several facts in several previous articles, and we quote some lines: The Media and Communications Commission revealed the size of the amounts owed by mobile phone companies operating in Iraq for the years (2014-2020). Many media outlets have reported documents issued by the Media and Communications Commission that include the amounts owed by the mobile phone companies operating in Iraq for years. The documents show that “Al-Atheer Company (Zain Company currently) owes approximately (3) trillion Iraqi dinars, and Asia Cell is in its debt. More than (2) trillion Iraqi dinars and the Korek Company (735) billion Iraqi dinars. The commission clarified that “there are debts owed by mobile phone companies that are still pending court orders, including the fees for unlicensed systems, which have been recalculated by a court order for Al-Atheer, amounting to (162) million dollars, and the Korek company, the remaining amount of the license contract is (375) One billion Iraqi dinars. ”

Fourth / That the fourth generation is in itself a license and must be within a new auction and new revenues, so why was it linked to the contract renewal process and how was it given for free? Fifth / What is the guarantor of companies ’commitment to providing fourth generation services with previous experience of non-commitment to develop second generation services to Sixth generation? Sixth / If the goal of the Media and Communications Commission behind this corrupt deal is to collect the debts owed by these companies, then why did the Commission not think of achieving much greater revenue by offering a new round of licenses and has a legal argument in its hand, which is the end of the license period and the companies ’failure to provide services Good? ...

 The disclosure of the numbers and documents comes in response to a request made by a representative of Parliament, Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, and some representatives, to obtain the numbers. According to the independent representative, Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, the judiciary had sent a request to the media and communications to disclose the size of the debts owed by the three companies concerned. Now it has become necessary for the public prosecution to look into this national issue, and the role of the Iraqi judiciary is known to stand with national issues and strike corruption whales and bring justice to the people. The problem is fateful and relates to the country's interest, financial conditions, and difficult economic situation. This pause represents the decisive response to the corruption and corruption mafia in the pickpocket phone companies by Professor Faik Zaidan, head of the Iraqi Judicial Council.

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