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Post by Ponee Sun Nov 08, 2020 9:22 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay Link   Intel Begins at 57:15

Hello Everybody - Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Thursday November 5th and you’re listening to the Big Call - thanks for listening everybody – thanks for tuning in – we’re glad to have you here and looking forward to a really good call tonight

Ok – let’s get over into the intel a little bit – and Bob asked me to talk a little bit about what we need to bring to the redemption centers or the tier 1 banks if you’re going to use those – anybody that is a zim holder will use the redemption centers - tier 1 banks can do regular currencies like Dinar / Dong / Rupiah and so on – so ----- let’s talk a little bit about that –

When you bring your brief case for your information in an organized way – of course you want to bring your currency – don’t forget that – also bring some basic information about you – which would be your identification – photo ID – driver’s license - student ID – Passport – and you are offering something that shows where you’ve been living – if you have a utility bill – gas bill – cell phone bill –

They want to see that you are a real person that has a real address – you can bring your phone as far as we know – you may have to leave it inside your briefcase and not have it out – I would say probably have it turned off – if you even bring it in the redemption center – If you have a fire arm – do not bring that into the redemption center – leave locked in glove compartment

Also you want to bring your project information – maybe 3 copies of that – one for yourself to read over – and a copy to hand over to the personnel - I don’t think we need to overload them with paperwork –

If you have a more involved business plan – something that is 50 – 100 pages long – a more detailed business plan – I would say bring it – but don’t plan to go into it – or leave it behind with them - maybe just hold it up flip through the pages – and say “this is a more in depth business plan that we/I have put together” – just to let them know that you have done some research

As far as anything else you need for identification – the project information - you leave behind with bullet points on the project - you’re also going to think about bringing anybody that you would like to have exempted from your disclosure agreement because they are working closely with you as a team member – somebody that you might need to share some information with about the – not necessarily about the redemption appointment of course - but just about your own financial situation - because they are involved intimately with you on your projects – these people should be put on a list that would exclude them from your non disclosure agreement – so you could in fact have a discussion with them if you wish - so bring that as a separate list to be added as an addendum to your non disclosure –

Beyond that – as far as what to bring – that probably is everything I can think of that would be vital to make sure you bring and keep with you – identification – proof of address – more than one is fine – project information – obviously your currency – your NDA – and if you have an idea of a house you’re interested in moving to or some land you need to pick up to purchase - you know you’re going to be asking them for a proof of funds letter –

So just having those numbers ahead of time would be nice to know if you have a home you are thinking about buying - you might ask them for a proof of funds letter – that would be slightly greater than the purchase price of the house - If the house is 1.2 million you do not necessarily want to ask for something 10-20 million – just make sure you cover any property – I would personally do it on an individual basis – some people use a proof of funds letter for multiple properties – that would be okay – but I think to set it up where you would have one you could –

Here’s the other thing - when you do your proof of funds letter – especially if you use a large amount – I don’t think I would leave it with the realtor – I think I would present it to the realtor and if he has any questions – just have the call your private banker – as part of your home office team – you know your wealth management team at the bank – if she needs to – or he needs to – because you don’t want your personal information getting around the office at the real estate company or who knows who else might make a copy of that and give to somebody else – about your own personal wealth – you do not want that either –

If you go in there with enough credibility or enough of a good relationship with the realtor – you might not even need a proof of funds letter – you might just be able to say – “I assure you could call my banker if you like but I have the funds to purchase this house” or this property – it depends on your situation or what they ask for and what you need to provide – but that is something I would not leave with them – I don’t know that they wouldn’t necessarily pass that around the office –

So let’s talk about where we are today – obviously people are concerned about the election – the results of the election – whether we have a result or when – it’s hard to say exactly – I have some idea of the when but I think what is really important is to realize the sources that I have are telling me that – our blessing in terms of the GCR and the revaluation of these currencies is happening apart from the election process – and we are going to call it an election process because in some very real way it is on-going –

We don’t have a stated result yet – although – if you heard the president speak around 7-7:30 tonight – it is something I am glad he came out with and stated what he did – I think we are going to be just fine and I think we should get the results – I would think in a few days – we should get something – even with the a lot of the legal wrangling that is and will be going on – I have a feeling we are I that process now –

So – what I am going to say is – I think – from what I’m getting from all sources – this process for us – meaning the blessing we’re looking for – is on-going and moving toward us such that one of the larger banks that we talk to – tier 1 bank – is suggesting that we should be there either – he said it this way- Saturday or Tuesday and of course we would love for it to be Saturday – but it might not be – and we could push to Tuesday - I’m sure we would all say that is fine under the circumstances – that’s ok

I would say – it’s important to realize this has started and I think the first or second domino has already fallen in the far east - we understand there is liquidity over in the far east – places like Hong Kong – China – in other countries in the far east –

We’re finding out that bonds have started paying out as of last Monday and that was a week ago yesterday – Now – the bond holders which have been over 111 thousand – globally – that have pre acted deals through Hong Kong / Zurich some in London – Miami and Reno - Some of the bonds from those bonds have been restricted to 2% or less – of the total – meaning that is how much these bond holders would have been able to access so far –

S0 – that is important in that bonds that are being paid out and there are so many different ones – colors – yellow dragon bonds – red dragon bonds – all of these different bonds – Chinese – Railroad bonds – and so on These bonds are sort of having happened now so that when we go – including the zim – boxes of zim – large quantities for these platforms and so on – are being traded and so we’re at the position where we still go after some of the groups get started and I’m hearing – although I don’t have this confirmed – I’m hearing that we’re still looking for the green light to come from the Dept of Defense – before the Treasury can release a lot of these funds –

There have been some very large tranches have come in from different global accounts – some of these quite large - there were 2 or 3 that were 43 zero account from tranches that had come in - these generally are sent to collateral accounts around the globe or safe havens for this type of action to keep it out of prying eyes – and unwanted hands – these are also funds that are being sent to our Treasury that are not connected to the Federal Reserve – as many of those were at one point

Since we are positioning away from the old Federal Reserve to one that’s being in boarded – if you will – into the US Treasury – so there are a lot of things that are changing and moving up to what we’re looking for from NESARA and GESARA – but the NESARA we’re looking for – a lot of that newness will come in little bites – I don’t think it’s all going to come out before the end of the year necessarily – but we should get some activity from NESARA and it will probably take a while for the whole thing to roll out –

I don’t know what the timeline is but I am hearing we should get another shot of the stimulus and I don’t know whether it’s something that can be done directly from the Treasury to continue what we already had – when was it we got it? My thinking is and I have heard that we might get the $1200 or $1400 a month but it could also include some back months – where we could have several months of stimulus in a sense coming out – now that might be something that would come out to sort of help to level the playing field for people who are not part of what we are a part of –

We’re in a situation where – we’re going to be the ones essentially helping humanity with our projects – a lot of people would be thrilled to get the stimulus money and get that added up – paid out – I heard some things could happen here in the next coming weeks –so let’s see what happens on that –that could be interesting how that goes out

As far as anything else timing wise we have had a few sources that have said just be patient – like we haven’t been right? We’ve been super patient - just be patient and see what happens in the next few days – One major bank said keep an eye on Saturday and also on Tuesday so we’ll see what happens for those – maybe they will be significant for us – hopefully we’ll get a chance to move forward and get out appointments set and go in and get everything started

Other than that – there’s not a whole lot else that I think I’ve had since Tuesday night and that’s really because sources are tending to dry up with NDA’s and Gag orders –

I know the redemption center staff is off today – I don’t know what their schedule is for the upcoming weekend – I would say do not write Saturday off – and keep in mind of course if we go beyond that more than likely we’re going to a Monday or Tuesday – and quite frankly I don’t know if we will start on a Monday – we might not start until a Tuesday – so we might leap right over Sunday and Monday

We have heard of course – that the public keeps getting pushed back as we get our start delayed – we did hear that Iraq is going to pay their – and we heard this from Iraqi citizens that they are going to pay their citizens that are legitimate legal citizens of Iraq on Saturday - on their Q cards - so they will pay them this coming Saturday and they should pay them at a NEW RATE - whatever that rate is we don’t know what it is yet – we know they had a new in country rate – we know they had an international rate – and let’s see if they update and increase that – we may find out and we may not – but that is supposed to happen in a couple days on Saturday

So let’s keep an eye on things – let’s stay calm and stay in faith for an conclusion of the election – which will be favorable for us and I think that is everything I wanted to say tonight .

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