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Strategic Planning hosts the Minister of Industry and advanced staff in the ministry DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Strategic Planning hosts the Minister of Industry and advanced staff in the ministry

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Strategic Planning hosts the Minister of Industry and advanced staff in the ministry Empty Strategic Planning hosts the Minister of Industry and advanced staff in the ministry

Post by claud39 Sat Nov 07, 2020 10:26 am

[size=32]Strategic Planning hosts the Minister of Industry and advanced staff in the ministry[/size]

Strategic Planning hosts the Minister of Industry and advanced staff in the ministry 079A7363

On Saturday 7/11/2020, the Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of the Governmental Program and Strategic Planning, headed by Deputy Hazem Al-Khalidi, Chairman of the Committee, hosted the Minister of Industry, Mr. Manhal Aziz and the advanced cadre in the Ministry.

The head of the committee presented a summary on the actual implementation of the "Made in Iraq clause," what are the tools prepared to activate it, the issue of administrative reform, and combating rampant corruption, stressing the committee's readiness to support the ministry in these files in order to make the ministry succeed and return it to the right path.

The committee discussed the ministerial curriculum for the Ministry of Industry and submitted by the government and the percentage of what has been achieved from the curriculum, as well as the reality of Iraqi factories and factories and what has been achieved of the slogan (Made in Iraq) mentioned in the ministerial curriculum presented by the government.

The committee members' inquiries focused on the Ministry’s procedures regarding offering profitable companies to investment while not losing money, renewing the contract with Al-Abd and the Swedish Eknet company for electric power, and the file for the conclusion of the contract on berth (11) around which suspicions of corruption hovered, in addition to the issue of iron transport ( Scrap) and the possibility of preserving it from looting to benefit from it.

The committee touched on the issue of industrial reform, especially in light of the current financial crisis, and what are the ministry’s plans to prepare and operate lagging factories and establish industrial villages for partnership with the private sector in investment projects, stressing the need to enhance non-oil revenues, as the committee expressed its readiness to support the ministry by voting the laws it needs.

In response to the committee’s questions, the Minister of Industry expressed his happiness for the committee’s interest in this sector, indicating that the ministry had suffered major calamities, the most important of which was the catastrophe of Bremer’s law, adding that there were problems in changing the ministry’s policies after 2003 because there was no effective and prior plan for that, explaining that the ministry’s mission In the current government, it is setting the necessary plans to end the bleeding in it.

Regarding the change of positions, the Minister of Industry revealed that a committee has been assigned to evaluate the general managers, which will submit its report every three months, while a number of directors have been changed on this basis, as he presented a detailed report to the committee in this regard.

He mentioned that the number of companies inside the ministry was 228 with 4 bodies and formations, and the number of factories reached 288 factories, of which 205 factories were working and the stalled amounted to 83 factories. He followed a plan in three short, medium and long stages for the rehabilitation and operation of these factories.

On the issue of activating industrial cities, the minister revealed the formation of a commission in this regard, calling on the committee to support, while announcing the opening of 5 industrial cities in a number of Iraqi governorates, and working to open a commercial city in coordination and cooperation with the Jordanian side on the borders between the two sides.

As for the issue of iron smuggling (scrap), the minister stated that a letter would be directed to prohibit the transport of any cargo except with approval, and a letter issued with the number and number of trucks carrying iron, and on the issue of berth 11, he said that there is a legal sphere in the concluded contract.

The Minister concluded on the subject of fertilizers and petrochemicals that the ministry needs to receive the required sums against some ministries and other sectors, and asked the committee to support the ministry to be able to open the petrochemical project within six months of 2021, in addition to reviewing the problems facing the Al-Nebras Petrochemical Company project.

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