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MarkZ And His Circus - Stream Highlights 11/4/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ And His Circus - Stream Highlights 11/4/20

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MarkZ And His Circus - Stream Highlights 11/4/20 Empty MarkZ And His Circus - Stream Highlights 11/4/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Nov 05, 2020 8:57 pm

Member: How many of you are tired of KICK the Can?

MZ: We are looking at unrest in the US for the next few days. This could be an awesome opportunity for a reset. I am not afraid of how this will turn out.

Member: Like Tony Curtis said in Operation Petticoat.. " In confusion there is opportunity" !!!!

MZ: As expected last night there was no money movement. But there is still great chatter out of Iraq. I am still told by my government and military contacts that under all this smoke over the next 10 days we will get a reset. I am hoping and praying they are right

MZ: The RV will happen…it is an inevitability.

Member: This is NOW great cover for the RV!

Member: In iraq….2nd reading of borrowing law this weekend expect rv after 11 21 20.

Member: DOw +500, S&P +82, NASDAQ +395!!

MZ: this election will end up in the court system….do not despair yet……..

Member: Remember Trump will still be President until Jan. 20th…no matter what.

MZ: If he loses all the gloves would be off…..And there would be nothing scarier than a “lame duck’ president in this situation who is not running for re-election. I would look for a massive clean up that would force what we need…….

Member: Do you think we are heading to martial law?

MZ: I think we are

Member: When would martial law start?

MZ: I am guessing within 48 hours. If we were to see martial law….i would think it may run for 2 weeks or so in conjunction with a lockdown…We could then see a reset under the smoke of that…and arrests…do it all at one time. . all this while people think they are in lockdown because of Covid and political unrest. ..and protests…..it would be a perfect time to do a reset. ….

Member: This is a crisis. A political crisis, potentially a constitutional crisis, undoubtedly a moral crisis. This is not a time to panic. We need calm calculation and firm resolution to see our way through

MZ: If we are indeed going to have Nesara….why did they put the nation through this election?

Member: Potus has to release the Nesara, then everyone has to step down and a new election

MZ: Trump needs to let the GCR go today and then file nesara and start ARRESTING

Member: Time for the Quantum Voting System... actually past time!!

Member: I heard that All official ballots have the Quantom voting code on them. Deep state found out yesterday and panicked so they shut down to change their plan.

Member: This is all part of the plan so Trump can show how deceitful the Dems are..he won..

Member: The constitution says voting ends MIDNIGHT on election day. Media opinions be damned.

Member: We need to have a Iceland type Revolution and really clean the swamp.

Member: Barr, Durham and Trump made a huge mistake by not arresting and trying all those criminals before the election…….

Member: I heard President Trump say he was going to the supreme court this morning.

Member: You’re about to learn why Dems boycotted Amy Coney Barrett like a bunch of toddlers.


Member: election fraud leads to politician fraud..money laundering/funding and bank fraud...medical fraud once the money trace is shown...etc etc...NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING.

Member: Trump team is framing legal challenges-- “We want to make sure all legally cast ballots are counted. We also want to make sure illegally cast ballots are not counted" says Trump's Sr. adv Jason Miller

Member: President Trump said last night they were going to the Supreme Court over Votes found after the Election is closed!!

Member: If Biden wins, then Trump brings out all the crap on Joe and Hunter, then repositions himself in the next election 120 days from Nesara announcement.

Member: POTUS HAS WON.Election… 2020 is a massive election fraud sting/trap…. US Military infiltrators r documenting everything…. Dims jump right in Trump's traps every time…. Everything soon Exposed!


Member: Since this is a planned event by white hats... I am sure the voter fraud will lead to the politician fraud...leads to the Rona--19 fraud...which will lead to banking fraud...the order matters not.

Member: Election 2020 Fraud is being exposed...

Member: This election as a sting operation would be eye opening......

Member: Protests today if they steal the Presidency next they will start killing the religious Re-read the Spanish Civil War and the Cristero War in Mexico last century and what they did to the Catholics.

Member: I think you will see the military come and arrest many public officials and politicians.

Member: : Will reiterate again, per Utsava.....It would show a landslide but they stopped it...voter fraud will be exposed. We won. #Fakenews won't report it. Wait and see.....enjoy the show...hell is about to break loose. Be prepared. Don't react or be surprised, we knew this. It will be over soon. #DeathOfTheCabal

Member: Maybe Trump team had good guys infiltrated in the voting areas and keeping track of the fraud happening.

Member: : I’m stunned indictment against Biden wasn’t revealed a week before the election or that trump didn’t get this RV off 3 months ago and paid off the deficit woulda been a shoe it.

Member: Supreme Court yes will be needed hope Trump legal team on the ball. RV however would set up NEW election!!

Member: exposing thw voter fraud exposes THE USA TO NESARA AND THE NEW QFS ELECTION I. 120 DAYS PER SCOTUS

Member: The “grind” has begun. Today, cheating is announced. Tomorrow, the SC engages and thank you Lord for Justice ACB. Then, the “storm has arrived” POTUS tweet... keep praying!

Member: The final outcome will make all of this worth it.Promise. Trust in God.

Member: Biden Campaign is declaring Presidency at 5:00 pm today

Member: In a truthful vote, Trump would win with ease. In a fraud count...Trump will still win, just will take a while.

BIDEN USING SCORECARD:https://theamericanreport.org/2020/10/31/biden-using-scorecard-and-the-hammer-to-steal-another-u-s-presidential-election-just-like-obama-and-biden-did-in-2012/

Member” War Room: Pandemic Ep 473 Steve Bannon's War Room - COAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8qK2FrMIZ8

Member: : X22 Episode 2319 - What You Are Witnessing Is A Birth Of A New Nation, Indictments Coming https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cDovL2ZlZWRzLm1lZ2FwaG9uZS5mbS94MjI/episode/MDUzZjU4ODgtMWUxNi0xMWViLWE2NWEtZGZiZWVhYzJkYjU0?hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwi16LKPlensAhVr1lkKHVp1A1oQieUEegQIBRAF&ep=6

Member: Jay Sekulow team has been saying it's a done deal, a trump has won now it's a matter of battling over the attempted corruption of the votes, which he feels they have it under control

Member: Jay Sekulow and his team have called the election! Here are the REAL numbers! https://www.facebook.com/TheHipHopPatriot/videos/1103331816789833/

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