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A corps of elites and competencies will rescue Iraq from traitors and thieves DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

A corps of elites and competencies will rescue Iraq from traitors and thieves

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A corps of elites and competencies will rescue Iraq from traitors and thieves Empty A corps of elites and competencies will rescue Iraq from traitors and thieves

Post by GirlBye Mon Nov 02, 2020 10:57 am

Since the occupation of Iraq seventeen years ago, the country has been shrouded in chaos and the wheel of life has stopped in it. It has become a torn country that lacks everything related to modern civil life.

One of the reasons for his failure before corruption spread in its ugliest form and before terrorism strikes it was the liquidation of minds, the migration of scientific elites and competencies, and the destruction of its civil and military institutions, which led to a decline and even halted much of the infrastructure services, the collapse of all service, scientific, health, sports, technical, banking and even family sectors, and an increase in Crime and violence rates and the retreat of the judiciary, in which the leaders of the army and internal security forces have replaced their loyal militias For their linked masters with external agendas, and the replacement of integration officers instead of professional leaders to occupy sensitive positions, and they originally did not serve a day in the military, and some of them even my mother, and at best one of them was a fugitive from the army or chased by the state for corruption or his employment, and the rest of the ministries and institutions of the state.

With all this deterioration, the parties, groups and blocs used to multiply in a terrible, fractious multiplication in order to acquire its wealth without concern for the suffering of the people and without the initiative to reform any sector. Which led the country to a state of devastation difficult to imagine.

And with all this creative chaos and silence, but sometimes support by major and regional countries and international bodies for what is happening in Iraq, all of this indicates that there is a terrible, hidden international system that rules the world and is present in the wealthiest countries to empty them of their goods and with these dirty means and tools while continuing to remain And silencing any uprising and a voice calling for change while continuing to renew strife and sow discord, so that the people remain in a spiral from which they cannot break !!

Therefore, it has become imperative for the Iraqi, national and honorable elites and competencies to break their silence and prepare their equipment away from the political and partisan formations that cannot find a place for them in the midst of a politically polluted environment. And he was involved in it, either if he was liquidated or drawn, and many of them became involved and turned against his principles and became a docile tool in the hand of the traitors.

The Iraqi people are tired of all faces, and it is no longer among its priorities to follow the political strife, formations of blocs and the distribution of positions, and does not wait for good even from the next elections. School seats worthy of his dependents, health services, repair of the electrical system, overflowing sewers, may God bless you, flooding cities with every winter, eliminating unemployment, reforming the education and judiciary system, and stopping the bleeding of domestic violence, suicide and the spread of drugs.

The fact that the Iraqi people are happy today is not the birth of a party or a new coalition, for they are from the same stinking hatching machine that produces only deformed births. Generous, and to put Iraq in its rightful position, the Iraqi elites outside Iraq and what is left of them inside it must not wait until this corrupt clique is removed, but they must from now move to inventory the damages and prepare studies because Iraq will never remain a hostage of traitors nor a hostage to Iran at all, as it is a stage soon You will fall and the traitors will go to the dustbin of history

From this standpoint yesterday, October 31, 2020, goodness, I was overwhelmed with happiness as I followed the course of the hypothetical conference that was held across space for the birth of (the Union of Iraqi Elites and Academics) in a democratic and transparent process in order to vote on its internal system in which its members worked on drafting it in a solid form that included the formation of eight committees covering all The needs of the Iraqi people in their daily life, and then the prominent and well-known sports figure known in the Iraqi, Arab and international sports milieu, Professor (Dr. Abdul Qadir Zainal), to be honored and president of the Federation, as well as the election of his two deputies, the secretary and heads of technical and professional committees, who transcend nationalism, sectarianism and ethnicity, and transcend all forms of partisan and political movements Then, at the end of the conference, let me listen to the sober final founding statement read by the president, in which he and all the elites pledged to do what they could to offer the best they could offer to the patient Iraqi people, and did not neglect the sacrifices of our afflicted people. He commended and supported the revolutionaries of the blessed October Uprising, and called for his martyrs with mercy and for nullification of steadfastness and the near and supportive victory.

Finally, some may say that there are unions and forums that exist on the arena, and there is no need for any new formation !! So I say, what is the harm in the large number of them as long as they are voluntary and in the interest of Iraq ??

So everyone strives, presents and serves his country from his point of view that does not intersect with the supreme goal, and no matter how many good wings have one goal, it is therefore in the interest of the Iraqi people and is better than the multiplicity of parties that have destroyed the country and exhausted the people, and there is no comparison between right and wrong, and we pray to all for success and payment. .

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