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1/3 response to suspicions raised against our gathering DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

1/3 response to suspicions raised against our gathering

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1/3 response to suspicions raised against our gathering Empty 1/3 response to suspicions raised against our gathering

Post by GirlBye Mon Nov 02, 2020 10:52 am

State grouping of citizenship

At the outset, we say, while we are working to provide the founding conditions for our assembly, we expect more suspicions to arise about our pioneering change project, and about its founders, and we are proceeding with it, because of our deep belief in Iraq’s utmost need for such a project, and the visions, principles and goals that it has proven for itself.

An article that raised suspicions about our project, the “Citizenship State Assembly” project, as a political entity that we are preparing to establish, with a secular, democratic, liberal orientation that adopts the principle of citizenship, social justice and the separation between religion and politics, since the article adopts an ideology that rejects the principle of Iraqi citizenship, because it adopts the Arab Shiite identity, In addition to a Sunni Arab identity, and a Kurdish identity, it considers Iraqi citizenship to be an illusion that does not exist, and calls for an entity for Iraqi Shiites by their origins, Arabs by their origins as well.
And because the article dealt with our colleague Mutlaq the assembly project and set its intellectual principles and political program Diaa Al-Shakraji, trying to bring it down and bring down the gathering, but our colleague did not want the response, regarding him personally, and we find his decision correct, but the preparatory committee decided that a response should be written by the assembly itself, even if we had In this response, we benefited from some information from our colleague, while we found it necessary to respond to him, with regard to him personally, because what is being raised against him is intended to affect him from the gathering project. Incidentally, we mention the name of Mutlaq Al-Mobara, the colleague Al-Shakraji, without any of the titles, which we may deem appropriate, in response to his desire and out of respect for his refusal of titles.
The article, as it seems, and starting from its title is trying to exert a drop in our gathering, in terms of likening it to political Islam parties that bear responsibility for the catastrophic situation in Iraq that led to accumulated popular discontent, resulting in the October Revolution, and even likening it to the Baath Party and the terrorist organization ISIS, which indicates On prejudice we do not find an explanation for it.

And because we decided not to respond directly to the author, we will pass the contents of what was mentioned in the article referred to, in all honesty, without mentioning the name of the author or the title of the article or narration of texts.

1. The first accusation is that the "assembly of the state of citizenship" is a project imported from abroad, and it was not born in the Iraqi environment, as is the case with totalitarian parties that cross the Iraqi identity, such as the nationalist, Islamic and communist parties. This accusation was launched apparently from three reasons. The first is because the gathering ideas (democracy, secularism, liberalism, women's equality with men, citizenship, human rights, etc.) originated in the West. The second is because the initiator of the initiative and the founder of its intellectual foundations lived a long period of his life in the West, and therefore he is influenced by the culture of the West, and the third is the claim that his ancient origins are not Iraqi, despite his being, his father, his grandfather and his grandfather all were born in Iraq, and they are Iraqis, but the article uses Saddam’s criteria in To be considered an Iraqi or non-Iraqi.

The second accusation is that we are gathered from the type of totalitarian parties, which do not take into account the Iraqi privacy, and prevent the establishment of a pure national system, since the founders are linked to their roots abroad. We do not know how the article concluded that. We, as a grouping, have made for themselves (Iraqi citizenship) as a first principle, followed by the principle of democracy, then secularism, then social justice, then liberalism, which is what our grouping does not ask about a religion, sect, nationality, clan, region, or the origin of the member, but what is important to us is the member’s belief in a deep belief in the idea of ​​the assembly And he worked sincerely to achieve the largest possible portion of his goals, for a better future for Iraq.

The third accusation is the existence of founding members with non-Iraqi roots: Our grouping passes through all sub-identities, and depends on the principle of citizenship and Iraqi identity, and therefore we are not interested in the origin of any of the members of the assembly, and about raising suspicion that our colleague Al Shakurji is of Iranian origins, as the article claims, we have known him since We knew him as an original Iraqi, patriot, and with this, in order to verify the claim of his Iranian origins, we asked him, and we are sure of his sincerity. The father is only Afghani or Kazakh, but he and his father, and even his fourth grandfather, are almost certainly born in Iraq. After all this, is the person considered a foreigner and doubts his citizenship and patriotism, as Saddam used to do? Wasn't Faisal the First a Hijaz, yet even those opposed to the royal covenant do not deny his services to Iraq?

The fourth charge is that our grouping does not belong to the identity of the Arab Shiite majority of Iraqi origins, and it does not set a goal for it to extricate this Iraqi Arab Shiite component from the miserable situation in which it is. Rather, the assembly is the same as totalitarian parties, as the article claims, as the article claims, as the Islamic, and the article indicates that the gathering depends (Democracy), which he considers a validation of universalism and internationalism that transcends the Iraqi identity. And we say that a thought is of its nature a general human, and not a national one specific to a people without others, then we say that if the absolute political project was national, or the owner of a religious or sectarian project, we would not have joined this project, because the members believe in the necessity of moving from the state of components (the state of the sects) And ethnicities) to the state of citizenship that transcends all these identities, without canceling them, but rather making priority in state and political issues exclusively for Iraqi citizenship.

Then we did not hear that there is a totalitarian democracy, for the totalitarian ideologies were not democratic. The article inferred to this accusation directed at the gathering, attributing to it the dependence of having branches in the region, as is the case with Islamic, nationalist and communist parties, with a text by the founder saying: Will we witness the birth of similar parties in the whole region that interest us, and we are interested in their successes on the road to the process of democratic transformation? For the sake of building a modern secular democratic state? Everything in the matter because we understand patriotism is far from racism, because we adopt human and moral ideals, according to which, as it is said, the morality of the minimum is that a person loves the other for what he loves for himself, and hates for him what he hates for himself, for we love for other peoples what we love for our people, and we hate them What we hate for our people, and then the success of the secular, democratic and modernist project in any country in the region, has a positive impact on the rest of its countries. For example, when we wish the Iranian people to get rid of the dictatorship of the jurist and establish a secular democratic system, how can this not have a positive impact on Iraq? But we are primarily concerned with Iraq, and we are not about to establish branches of our political entity in other countries, neither now nor in the future.

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