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Fleming Fake Intel Update: " Trump has MANDATED that the GLOBAL START STILL be BEFORE THE ELECTION" 10/29/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Fleming Fake Intel Update: " Trump has MANDATED that the GLOBAL START STILL be BEFORE THE ELECTION" 10/29/20

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Fleming Fake Intel Update: " Trump has MANDATED that the GLOBAL START STILL be BEFORE THE ELECTION" 10/29/20 Empty Fleming Fake Intel Update: " Trump has MANDATED that the GLOBAL START STILL be BEFORE THE ELECTION" 10/29/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:49 pm

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources reporting that Trump is pushing very hard NOW Wed 28 Oct to get this RV shotgun start out the door.

He confirmed sources saying that Trump has MANDATED that the GLOBAL START STILL be BEFORE THE ELECTION NEXT TUE 3 NOV.

He is confirming that the plan is that NO MATTER WHAT, Trump and his RV teams want us in T4B started before next Tue 3 Nov.

He is confirming that Trump pressed the RV teams to initiate EVERYTHING in the RV final global payout sequence, consisting of 27 RV / GCR payout categories and 6 levels from top to bottom globally—Trump and team wanted to get the preparations STARTED by today-tomorrow Wed-Thu 28-29 Oct.

So that we in T4B can receive the notification emails by as early as tomorrow Thu 29 Oct, or Fri 30 Oct, or Sat 31 Oct, or Mon 2 Nov, BUT STILL >>BEFORE<< the ELECTION NEXT TUE 3 NOV; his info is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources that today they did start initiating the multiple levels of the new global sequence and are on schedule as of tonight Wed 28 Oct (He said prayers are appreciated that they STAY ON SCHEDULE!!!)

He is confirming Tony’s sources today Wed 28 Oct saying “ Everybody that we have spoken to are all excited and [are being told it’s] full steam ahead. Nothing holding it back. We are just waiting on a go. All saying it is to happen BEFORE the election.”

[11:11 PM]
He is confirming that the goal of Trump and the RV teams is that all levels, T1-4A and T4B, GET STARTED (in exchanges, payouts, accessing funds) BEFORE THE ELECTION next Tue 3 Nov; the beginnings have to be in place, and Trump will keep PUSHING that T4B be STARTED BEFORE THE ELECTION.

He is confirming that they (Trump, DoD, UST) want to start the GLOBAL PUBLIC release of the RV / GCR next Tue 3 Nov (on Election Day in the USA) AFTER they have ALREADY STARTED our exchanges in T4B and the shotgun release; he confirmed that that is the plan as of tonight Wed 28 Oct.

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources and Bruce’s sources saying that there are 9 currencies in the RV basket that went up in value after midnight last night Tue 27 Oct (not yet where the public can see the rates)

He cannot discuss rates but he confirmed that the 9 currencies that will be increasing in value include the Iraqi Dinar, the Vietnamese Dong, the Indonesian Rupiah, the ZIM, the Afghani, the Iranian Rial, the Venezuelan Bolivar, the Israeli Sheqel, the UK British Pound, the South Korean Won, & the Japanese Yen.

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s and MarkZ’s sources saying that the release is STILL A SHOTGUN RELEASE, because, among other reasons, it would be a logistical nightmare to release separate baskets of currencies at different intervals of time: as MarkZ said, “ Vietnam holds many dinar in their foreign currency reserves. Iraq holds a lot of Vietnamese Dong in their foreign currency reserves. If they allow them to go (revalue) at separate times, by basic accounting it would create more problems than it would fix.”

[11:11 PM]
He confirmed the plan is that there would be a final release algorithm run and a final rate update to Forex, and a final lockdown implemented, to release everything some time Thu-Fri-Sat 29-31 Oct so as to start T4B notifications and for the simultaneous global shotgun release for T1-4A by the weekend or Mon 2 Nov.

He is confirming that settlements and closings have been going through globally since last night after midnight Tue 27 Oct in preparation for the global T4B start and the simultaneous shotgun start.

He confirmed again Mr. Fleming’s sources and Bruce’s sources that everything started last Mon 26 Oct after Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed and sworn in to the SCOTUS, because that made the restored Republic constitutional govt complete behind the scenes (after much work by Trump and his team in past weeks to get in place the constitutional restored Republic form of the legislative [congressional] branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch of govt).

[11:12 PM]
He said given the above progress, he is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, MarkZ’s sources, Bruce’s sources, and Tony’s sources that bankers, attorneys, paymasters and group leaders all remain on standby awaiting the go: one source said today Wed 28 Oct, for example, that “Everyone is back on standby. Can go any minute. That is the paymasters and church group. All were ordered back to [the assigned banking center] here”.

He is confirming that bankers are talking about the old SWIFT system giving way to the new QFS systeM. He confirmed Mr. Fleming’s sources that many bankers do not know what to call the QFS: he is confirming MarkZ’s info that bankers know that the banking system is moving into “real time banking” [or called the “real time payment system” or the “digital ledgering system” of the QFS] and that many bankers do not know what to call it, but they see many changes in the banking system and they know that the entire backbone of global banking is changing.

He is confirming that the rioting seen in Philadelphia last night Tue 27 Oct may be erupting in other urban areas across the country as the election and the RV approach; he confirmed MarkZ’s sources that National Guard and active military troops are being positioned for this weekend especially in the northeast and the west coast in anticipation of possible massive unrest and/or Deep State Antifa anarchist violence leading up to, and in the wake of, the election; he agrees with MarkZ, “ If you can stay home this weekend…do so..…stay safe….stay positive….”

[11:12 PM]
He said that the fake stream media in the USA are largely blocking news of anti-Covid-19 scamdemic lockdowns in Italy, in Germany, in the UK, and in Israel—the people are not believing the Deep State lies any more; he added that after the arrests of 100s of bankers at Goldman Sachs in NYC the first week of October, the DOJ publicly announced last Thu 22 Oct that Goldman Sachs is being charged by DOJ in a foreign bribery case and will pay over $2.9 Billion in fines [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_7N94LgJ_s&feature=youtu.be ]—this involved millions of dollars in bribes to Deep State related political elites that involved the Obama / Biden crime families and administration and other Deep State US political elites who were involved in this scheme.

Meanwhile the Biden crime family disclosures through the Tony Bobulinsky interview on Tucker Carlson are increasing pressure on the Deep State politicians and media, and as other revelations about the corruption of Big Tech [Facebook, Twitter, Google-Youtube] censorship comes out more and more, these will all serve as the perfect cover for the RV exchanges-redemptions; so again he said watch and pray as the next 72 hours could start us at any moment in T4B and behind the scenes right now they are saying “NO MATTER WHAT” T4B is to start before the Tue 3 Nov election;

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