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Post by RamblerNash Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:16 pm


MZ: On the banking side- no movement that I can find. I have reached out to all my contacts in Asia, the middle east , the west coast, the east coast ….and nothing has moved yet.

MZ: My military contacts are of the understanding that during unrest and lockdowns we are going to get this(reset) ……..and they are positioning for this weekend.   Many think that the rioting and craziness is going to start before election day. Everybody be prepared.

MZ:  I am hearing some interesting things from government contacts…..troops are being moved all over…specifically more in the northeast and the west coast. They are positioning for this weekend.

Member:  Husband saw a huge convoy of troops on Bradley’s headed west to Seattle.

Member:  Mark check your emails I sent you! Trump telling Houston to activate satallite & videos of military equip being trained into CA & NH!

MZ: Many of you guys have been sending me tweets and pictures of troop movements. There is a lot of troop movement. I have friends in the National guard and active military who all agree that they are moving troops in anticipation of unrest.

MZ: If you can stay home this weekend…do so..…stay safe….stay positive…they are hiding this thing right before our faces. We have always been told that the misinformation would be thick right before the end. They are trying to hide it just like they did with Kuwaitand China…..and all other times in the past. .

Member:   Be warned…..the antifa people will dress up like trump supporters when they start trying to riot in the suburbs and city... they even tell the people how to dress

MZ: The military is preparing for massive unrest.

Member:  remember just before Kuwait, and China revalued they said it wasn't going to happen. So take heart!

Member:  Iraq article stated they are international

Member:  Frank26 said yesterday that only 9 Middle East $ would be in this ...Asian , Dong not until maybe next year...Thoughts MarkZ?!

MZ: I don’t believe he is right but I hope he is……Vietnam holds many dinar in their foreign currency reserves. Iraq holds a lot of Vietnamese Dong in their foreign currency reserves.If they allow them to go(revalue) at separate times by basic accounting it would create more problems then it would fix.   .

MZ: I do not look for them to go seperetely….but if it does…our community who is very wealthy could double down and triple down buying currency……we could do a lot for humanity.

Q: Is Zim still good to have?

MZ: I firmly believe YES…..

Member: Santa Surfing says no currency exchanges ever

MZ: Well, my banking, government and attorney contacts say differently.

US Marshals Recover 45 Missing Children During Human Trafficking Sting https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/us-marshals-recover-45-missing-children-during-human-trafficking-sting_3553226.html?v=ul

Member:  It’s time to use Turbo Flush on the deep state!

Member:  POTUS vowed to "Drain the Swamp" and that Big Swirl is rotating them "Right Down that Drain" give it a month right after the Election. Watch them resign or be replaced shortly after...

Member:  Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Last Evening Had The Highest Rated Cable Show In History.

MZ: This Tucker Carlson show may have had more veiwers than the superbowl…..that show may be talked about for decades to come…..

Member:  “Tucker Carlson Tonight” surpassed “CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell,” with more than 5.3 million viewers, according to Fox News’ press release.

Member:  Trump said that he made America wealthy again during his speech on Saturday

Member:  Now the NY Post is saying 280 Million of debt was foregiven - oh my here we go!

MZ: There is a good silver report uncut from yesterday about how nothing is backing the stock market….without this reset we will become another Argentina…another Zimbabwe..with hyperinflation.

MZ: Currencies are dying around the world and we need a reset…..

MZ:  https://youtu.be/NY5I2QDzpUM   Silver report uncut.

Member: Mark- how do you see this playing out???

MZ: I think we will see a lockdown and fear of an uprising with lots of unrest. .possibly another covid type lockdown…..and then I think we will see the reset. We will get our emails with secure links and a letter with “permission to travel and exchange” as everything is reset.

Member: Italy is protesting against the government in the streets…..

MZ: There is unrest all over the globe right now…..they are also protesting in Germany and the UK, and Isreal…...The news is trying to hide the unrest happening all over the globe….

Q: Are bankers talking about the swift system?

MZ: Yes…this is a regular conversation with many of banking contacts….they are moving into “real time banking” Many of them do not know what to call it- but they see many changes in the banking system. The entire backbone of banking is changing. .

Member:  A new gold standard is coming, brace for ‘monetary reset’ Kitco news

Google and Apple Agreed to Partner For Internet Control https://greenjihad.com/2020/10/26/google-and-apple-agreed-to-partner-for-internet-control/

GIPPERS President Trump makes a bold move to weaken the swamp's power - https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/10/president_trump_makes_a_bold_move_to_weaken_the_swamps_power.html

Member:  https://twitter.com/thesharpedge1/status/1321120476576452608?s=28  BOOM WE HAVE A VERBAL CONFESSION BY HUNTER BIDEN

Member:  EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership with China Spy Chief…Joe Biden named as Criminal Case Witness https://thenationalpulse.com/exclusive/biden-recording-spy-chief-and-sdny/

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