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Fleming Fake Intel Update - Comfirmations 10/28/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Fleming Fake Intel Update - Comfirmations 10/28/20

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Fleming Fake Intel Update - Comfirmations 10/28/20 Empty Fleming Fake Intel Update - Comfirmations 10/28/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:12 pm

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, Bruce’s sources, Bluwolf’s sources, and other sources saying that

(1) the paymasters that were downstreaming funds to prepare for the shotgun release from Fri 23 Oct to today Tue 27 Oct through 6 sub-levels of paymaster accounts were finished as of today Tue 27 Oct.

(2) that the banks are being told that the RV shotgun start is “ready to go now,” because for at least the past several days the banks have been bringing in their VIP bank clients to exchange currencies, which the banks told these clients they would do only “when the RV was ready to go” (and of which the clients only get a 1-2% percentage till T4B notifications come out).

(3) the redemption centers have a 6am-to-11pm daily schedule getting ready to start us at any time that runs from tomorrow Wed 10/28 to Sat 10/31.

(4) the QFS will run exclusively from overnight tonight Tue 10/27 onward and the SWIFT will not be used any more, because our guy said that pre-release arrests operations are largely over against cabal bankers (like the 100s arrested at Goldman Sachs NYC 3 weeks ago, the first week of October, for trying illegally to move Deep State Illicit funds out of the country through SWIFT [see the 103:25 min mark transcription on FRI 23 OCT —google “dinarrecaps charlie ward: VIRTUALLY THERE ON THE RV AND QFS …charlie ward: bombs on the journey with cirstenw, mel k and george webb —fri 10-23-20”]).

(5) Trump and his teams finished today Tue 27 Oct getting the legal and organizational framework of the 3 branches of constitutional restored Republic govt in place behind the scenes, and the confirmation and swearing in of Amy Coney Barrett marked the completion of that;(edited)

[1:00 AM]

IT’S STILL A GO THIS WEEK BEFORE THE ELECTION: He is confirming that all these facts show that the RV release is still “ready to go” and all paymasters, group leaders, bankers are still sitting on go and we need to watch carefully day by day over the next 24-48-72 hours for the start–the decision-makers don’t want us or the cabal to know exactly when the start is but these are indicators that the start MAY BE UPON US RIGHT NOW still this week.

He is also confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources agreeing with Bluwolf’s reporting from his sources tonight Tue 27 Oct that “the whales’ paymasters have been released, money is flowing” [paymaster accounts are transitioning from “pending” to “live”]; our guy said that even the whales getting full access to the initial portion of their account liquidity and full access for all tiers will still only happen when our T4B notifications start going out, the shotgun release, and that could be any moment overnight or day by day (he has to be vague).

So he said watch and pray and be alert as Bluwolf said.

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources reporting that the T3-4A SKRs that were supposed to be made liquid last Thu 22 Oct and were not (partly because of the Deep State Pelosi stimulus funds delay last week) are supposed to be made liquid when T4B notifications go out any time over the next 48 hours, with NDAs for those involved expiring Thu 29 Oct.

So watch between now and then and day by day this week, as our guy said this fits his info, and the source is credible—this contact reported to Mr. Fleming, “This update came directly from the redemption team. I know who the signatory is but my contact is actually one of the attorneys on his team who I have worked with off and on for approximately the last 10 years on other projects.“(edited)

[1:01 AM]

Again, our guy agrees with Bruce and Bluwolf to watch and pray in this RV start, as it is very close tonight Tue 27 Oct through the rest of the week and nothing he knows of requires that it be delayed till after the election.

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