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Make Up A LIE MarkZ - Stream Notes 10/27/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Make Up A LIE MarkZ - Stream Notes 10/27/20

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Make Up A LIE MarkZ - Stream Notes 10/27/20 Empty Make Up A LIE MarkZ - Stream Notes 10/27/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Oct 27, 2020 10:00 pm

Member: Will our dreams come true today?

MZ: Well after checking in with everybody I can say there is no movement anywhere.

MZ: Trying to talk with my DC contacts because they were expecting movement once we got confirmation of Any- our new Supreme Court Justice….Congradulations to her, and may she defend our constitution, our bill of rights, and our personal freedoms.

MZ: So hoping to get some news from the beltway as to where we are at. Banks are ready and on standby.  They are prepared .

MZ: No money moving in CMKX or prosperity packages. I have some great contacts in major church groups and no movement there either.


Member:  We really need to change our diets from nothing burgers.

MZ: This lack of RV news is driving me nuts.

Member:  Now that Amy Comey Barrett has been confirmed maybe everything will start moving forward.

Member:  Amy Coney Confirmation puts us o e step closer to RV I do believe!

Member:  Amy Coney Barrett is a win for America, our freedom and sovereignty

GIPPERS Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In as Supreme Court Justice https://www.wsj.com/articles/amy-coney-barrett-set-to-be-confirmed-as-supreme-court-justice-11603721947b

Member:  October Surprise brought to you by Santa Surfing ...Group Tier 4b RV CANCELED ...

Member:  Santa Surfing said there will be no currency exchanges nor 800 numbers! I hope she’s wrong

Member:  Santa surfing says only those with SKR’s already in place get to give all their $ to humanitarian and we’re all left with nothing.

MZ: That is fear-mongering…..they cannot just say ”These groups are the only ones who get to exchange currencies”  !!! the uprising would be deafening……can you imagine all the millions around the world getting screwed like that….picking who is allowed to have it or not have it based on who they like???? I would not pay this any attention…..i would not!!!!

Member:  There is no point in draining the swamp without parity of global currencies.....would be like draining the tub with the water still running......while we may not get a dedicated RV, currencies will revalue over time

Member:  santa surfing turned cabal or what? she said no currency revaluation or exchange. Think the cabal got to her with some fake info?

MZ: there is plenty of news coming out of the DOD/Treasury dis-information machine. They are feeding gurus left and right. There is nothing to back it up though from banks and others. This is just more disinformation to keep us all guessing and keep us going up/down……..keep everyone on that roller coaster……


Member:  DOD/Military does not release sensitive info to civilian. Specially about GCR/RV. Nobody knows!

Member:  Misinformation is necessary.

Member:  Holly posted this a.m. that Tier 2 is fully funded but no known date when they’ll release

Member:  USN notes are at banks New iraqi currency at Iraqi banks--RV TIME

Member:  Charlie Ward said our bank accounts will transition over to Quantum system automatically.

Member:  Time Magazine cover "Global Reset... picture of scaffolding around the globe as they're doing construction??

Member: Rumors:  A few select American banks closed for two weeks; Bond redemption finished processing; Paymasters finalized paperwork; Militaries worldwide were placed on High Alert for arrests of high end individual

Member:  Rumors- Right now Paymasters were down-streaming liquidity through six sub-levels of Paymasters, with the goal of accounts in all six levels going from "pending" to "live"

Q: What has happened to the NEW REPUBLIC being established. Never hear about it anymore. I guess all the crooks found a way to stay in office.

Member:  As most know that keep up with the news out of Iraq, the citizens are knee-deep in being educated about the white papers and what it means to them. Thus far, no talk about rate directly but they are telling them about their take on oil revenues is about to happen. The rate will be given we think when they teach them about the small category notes.

Member:  The Iraqi's training on small category notes is to go to the bank and open an account.

Member:  Dinar- It will be both digital and physical notes, the same as it will be here when the new USTN is made the official currency of the US.

Member:  Trump said covid soon to go away

Member:  why haven't anyone mentioned Trump at the townhall meeting last week? He stated big announcement Nov 1st

Member:  I am losing faith in this. Seems that things that need to happen for it to happen keep changing from day to day

MZ: They will get this done….the question is – will everything need to implode first?

Member: Looks like Mr. C may be right and no RV until after the election.

MZ: I think this would be an ideal time to do the RV while everybody is wrapped up watching so many other things. Especially with this election if riots break out…we would have martial law and we would safely be able to do our exchanges. ..

Q: Will cash in our hands and wallets be able to be exchanged for USN’s or just whats in our bank accounts?

MZ: Both. I am told there will be a tight time limit of 90 days to turn in all physical cash. This is great it limits things like the illicit plane full of #2 billion in cash given to Iran, the hundreds of millions that drug dealers like El Chappo has…….all of those funds….bad guys wont be able to exchange them …imo

Member: 6 days 14 hours until election day.

Member: I think when the election is over the big arrests can start

Member:  When Trump wins - he needs to clean house and go deep and wide within the SWAMP!

Member:  Do you hear about the military arresting Goldman Sachs bankers?

Member:  There is a law that states there can be no arrests or Indictments 90days Prior to an presidential election that might Influence the outcome.

Member:  From my Wash. lawyer:“Rule of Forbearance” stipulates NO arrests cannot be done 90 days before an election to avoid election interference. Trump starts big Booms and insurrection act if needed on 11/4

Mexican Journalist Exposes Joe Biden's Human Trafficking Compact https://www.soonerpolitics.org/editorial/mexican-journalist-exposes-joe-bidens-human-trafficking-compact

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