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FLEMING UPDATE - 25 OCT - It's Confirmed DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

FLEMING UPDATE - 25 OCT - It's Confirmed

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FLEMING UPDATE - 25 OCT - It's Confirmed Empty FLEMING UPDATE - 25 OCT - It's Confirmed

Post by RamblerNash Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:01 pm

YESTERDAY  LATE NIGHT:  Our military intel contact said he is allowed to confirm the following information as preparations for the start are being done this weekend: he is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the DoD has initiated a Sat 24 Oct to Tue 27 Oct kickoff to the shotgun release next week from Tue-Wed 27-28 Oct forward next week, when T4B notifications are scheduled to be out, if all goes to plan.

He said pray that all goes to plan, because last Wed 21 Oct T4B notifications were to go out initiating the shotgun release when Pelosi pulled another passive-aggressive delaying stunt and reneged on agreeing with Mnuchin and the Trump administration on the stimulus bill funds that were to be released this past Tue-Wed 20-21 Oct, when we in T4B were to be starting exchanges/redemptions;

He is confirming that from today Sat 24 Oct to Tue 27 Oct they are paying out all the primary tier 1-4A accounts globally, making sure each account has the exact contractually required amount at the current USN rate.

By Tue 27 Oct all accounts are planned to have moved from a “pending” status to a “live” status to be ready for the shotgun release when T4B notifications should be going out at some time being determined now for the start.

He is confirming that they HAVE to start exchanges and the shotgun liquidity release next week because tomorrow Sun 25 Oct is the official kickoff to the restored Republic which is taking place legally behind the scenes. Confirming that Trump did sign off on the ZIM redemption procedures for T4B just before the debate Thu night 22 Oct; tomorrow Sun 25 Oct is also the kickoff for the Iraqi Dinar RV international rate, so the basic procedures have started today Sat 10/24 and because the Deep State delayed through Pelosi again last week, Trump did sign an EO to get the $1.8 trillion in stimulus bill funds out to the public at the same time that T4B exchanges start and the shotgun liquidity release starts for all tiers 1-4A;(edited)

[11:02 PM]
POTUS put together the peace deal (normalized trade deal) between Israel and the Sudan yesterday Fri 23 Oct as part of the GESARA required peace deals.

Confirming that paymasters are downstreaming liquidity through 6 sub-levels of paymasters right now with the goal of all accounts in all 6 levels going from “pending” to “live” by Tue 27 Oct; all 6 levels are to be ready at the same time for the shotgun start of liquidity payouts when T4B notifications are going out, and paymasters and 27 categories of GCR/RV payouts are all to become active at the same time, when they let the T4B notifications start going out.

He said further indications that the RV release is THIS COMING WEEK BEFORE THE 3 NOV ELECTION and NOT AFTER THE ELECTION (despite ongoing baseless speculation that the start will only be after the election) can be seen from the fact that the NDAs that are in place among RV teams, paymasters, attorneys, etc, are good ONLY TILL THU 5 NOV, so that those under NDA cannot talk during the window till Thu 5 Nov during which the exchanges and the shotgun liquidity release are to be started and largely completed; these teams, paymasters, and attorneys are on 2-hour standby to be ready for their part in the start, and they are about to get a “live” active status on the accounts among multiple levels of accounts; once it goes to an active, live status at a particular point over the next 48-72+ hours, the T4B notifications are to come out to start exchanges / redemptions.

[11:04 PM]
He confirmed that military and security teams will remain on high alert during the duration of the exchange-redemption, shotgun liquidity release activities to guard you and the exchanges against any more interference or 9-11-like schemes the Deep State may try to pull off.

He said again that the NDAs are very serious and the MAIN CONCERN is that YOU DO NOT VIOLATE THE TERMS OF YOUR NDAs once YOU HAVE SIGNED THEM–so he said read your NDA terms carefully and abide by them, NOT TO TALK ABOUT OR POST ANY DETAILS ABOUT THE GCR / RV OR ABOUT DETAILS OF THE EXCHANGE / REDEMPTION or you risk your account(s) being frozen; he said that the NDA is primarily to PROTECT YOU THE CURRENCY HOLDER post-exchange and post-RV by compelling you to keep quiet about your new wealth so you do not make yourself a target and you do not wittingly or unwittingly become the new shills of the Deep State by using (or being fooled by others into using) your funds for criminal, nefarious activities.

He is confirming that our time is coming now between now and next Tue-Wed 27-28 Oct so he said that we need to WATCH & PRAY over these details, and we need to PREPARE TO BE STARTED next week;(edited)

[11:04 PM]
He is confirming that EVIDENCE THAT OUR TIME IS COMING NOW is the fact that after Thursday 22 Oct evening’s debate Trump told his team backstage right before leaving for Air Force One, “LET’S FINISH THIS NOW,” referring to the RV/GCR shotgun release and GESARA measures (including the $1.8 trillion EO stimulus funds release) that are being implemented as exchanges and the shotgun release are getting underway.

Trump told his delegation and team members, “I am done with the debate, and I HAVE TO GET READY FOR THE ELECTION, meaning THIS MONEY HAS TO BE OUT NOW inside the 10 days between Fri 23 Oct and the Tue 3 Nov election; confirming the public T5 is still scheduled to start on Wed or Thu 4 or 5 Nov right after the election; so he repeated watch & pray and stay ready into next week.
TODAY UPDATE: Our military intel contact said Holly’s info is false misinfo that T2 will be released just before or just after the election with T3-4A exchanged through December, then T4B at end Dec.

He said this is complete misinfo; said the release is STILL NOW and it is STILL a shotgun release, as Bruce’s sources & Mr. Fleming’s multiple sources are still reporting, since separating the release of tiers by weeks (!!) is way too big a security risk and all tiers will access their acct funds when T4B starts setting appointments STILL THIS WEEK.

He said she is passing on intentionally false misinfo probably put out to throw off the bad guys.

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