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 Asaad Abdullah Abd Ali: An unemployed Iraqi interviewee DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Asaad Abdullah Abd Ali: An unemployed Iraqi interviewee

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 Asaad Abdullah Abd Ali: An unemployed Iraqi interviewee Empty Asaad Abdullah Abd Ali: An unemployed Iraqi interviewee

Post by GirlBye Sat Oct 24, 2020 3:54 pm

 Asaad Abdullah Abd Ali: An unemployed Iraqi interviewee 2020-10-24_10-53-38_754166-317x320

When you compare the wealth of the countries of the world with the wealth of Iraq, it is considered one of the richest countries in the world, but because of the behavior of the stinking political class in squandering wealth, the people of Iraq have lost their present and their future.

I was on my way to the door of al-Muqam, where my workplace was. A young man in the garage stopped me. He was frustrated while he was carrying a green elephant. He was certainly an unemployed graduate and looking for a job, so I approached him and tried to console him.

 How do I describe to you the ugliness of what is happening inside me every day, but imagine the sight of the glass when it is broken, so I am shattered from the inside because of the long-running unemployment, which means that I live dependent on others, and it also means that I do not marry and not think of starting a family, where The project of love and marriage has become postponed until the notice of the date is long, so that when I get sick I have to be patient and endure my illness, and I do not think of going to the doctor, because the unemployed person is not able to seek treatment.

The truth was his words painful and frustrating, and it is a miserable reality that lives for thousands of Iraqis, and does not change as long as the political regime continues its disgraceful behavior.  So I told him, trying to raise his spirits: “Stop eating yourself, things will go to where they are supposed to go, God willing, and the dawn of that day will dawn when your conditions change for the better, only he was confident of God's mercy that expanded everything, and it will reach you And pull you from what you are in.

He turned to me with sadness over the features of his tired face, and said: “And yes, God Almighty is Almighty. A trick, on days I considered it patience, I used to console myself and throw my disappointments on patience. ”
He was silent a little, then he whispered in my ear and his breath was interrupted as if a fire was burning inside him, so he said: “I am tired of staying in the wrong place, and I am frustrated because I have to live with the available things that I have never wanted. It is painful to live through this huge number of disappointments, in a stage called the flower of life.

I had many words, eloquent words, prepared and coordinated sentences, but I lost my voice, I watched the passage of time while I was silent, I lost what I said to this frustrated, conscious, logical young man in casting his sentences, then I gathered my thoughts and said to him: “Do not let the fools of politics and parties Immoralities grieve you, and they steal your faith from you, for this is their last bet on the people of Iraq, and it is making them in the swamp of despondency from the mercy of God, and it is a very dangerous swamp, it is a malicious political approach that has been applied for decades in Iraq, yes you have not gone through difficult and very tired days. ”

The bus that was waiting for him approached, he turned to him as if he wanted to say something to conclude our conversation .. He said: A great thing will happen, because injustice does not produce stability or calm, but he waited for the earthquake while it was coming inevitably, and it is the product of the behavior of politicians, we just pray that God protect the good From all harm.
Hurry up to the bus to sit alone in the last seat, the face of the pale stuck to the window, his eyes looking towards the sky as if he was in prayer.

An Iraqi writer
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