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The Big Call Highlights - The BIG Lies From Bruce! 10/22/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call Highlights - The BIG Lies From Bruce! 10/22/20

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The Big Call Highlights - The BIG Lies From Bruce! 10/22/20 Empty The Big Call Highlights - The BIG Lies From Bruce! 10/22/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Oct 23, 2020 10:02 pm

Hello Everybody - Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Thursday October 22nd  and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in – looking forward to having a good call tonight – We are going to try to do the call in an hour or less tonight so you can watch the remaining debate

Now let’s go to where we are right now in terms of intel – I’ve got a few things to bring to you tonight – I said on Tuesday night to keep an eye on the next couple of days – We did get a start to everything happening at 4 am on Wednesday Eastern day light time -  and it was basically involved in the bonds and boxes of bonds and other assets that were being exchanged or traded I guess you could say in Reno – Miami – even in Dallas and also in London – Zurich and Hong Kong -  So all of those cities have been actively going with bonds and boxes of bonds – large assets even boxes of zim bonds for several days – and midnight last night all of that was complete – all of that trading was complete – and that was good –

And we heard that certain paymasters had left Miami  to go to Zurich and certain paymasters this morning had left Miami to go to another area – so basically where it puts us was that form of completion allows the rest of the groups to get started today and we heard that the primary paymasters some cases in some of the groups – and I am going to say this probably would apply to the core group as well as others – primary paymasters started to down stream funds to the secondary paymasters which when they got the right signal it would come out from the leader out west but it might also originate in the Treasury is where we’re thinking for that green light to go on – to allow the continuance of the down streaming of funds from primary to secondary and secondary paymasters to the actual participants or group members –

That is supposed to have taken place approximately 6  o clock  - Central time  which is weird since we usually put things in eastern time -  but I got that one in terms of central – and then there was a feeling that there would be some liquidity felt and received by the privates – some are whales – approximately 8 o clock  and we did not get a time zone – whether it was eastern or central on that –

What it tells  us is we are in the midst of it happening now – for some of these groups that are prior to us going – what it’s telling us we’re moving through albeit it seems ridiculously slow for us for waiting the internet group  - but we know a certain of these things have to happen first and that is what’s going on now –

We’ve been told from several sources  - I’ve been personally told it will not go past this weekend for us – meaning for the internet group – as far as I know the week still ends on Saturday and then Sunday begins the new week – Now we do know that what’s so strange is there are people that we talk to that were put on a GAG order this morning at about 10-10:30 in the morning Eastern -  and they’ve been told that they cannot talk to some of our contacts until Saturday 3 PM Eastern –

Why is that? What is going to be significant about 3 o clock in the afternoon on Saturday where the GAG orders would come off paymasters or attorneys – or whomever it is they are talking to?  It makes you wonder whether or not something is going to be complete by then – We don’t know the answer – we can only project that it might be that since we are supposed to be notified so that we can begin to set appointments by or on Saturday - by the end of the week – there is something very curious about that particular time on Saturday –

WE also know that banks have new customer service hours – enhanced customer service hours at banks that normally would not have hours that would go this late - we know the week days customer service times and this could be for phone calling – this could be for getting questions answered – or any number of reasons for a bank to offer this to their customer – but we know that the new hours are going to be from 8 am 11 pm during the week - Saturday it starts at 9 am and goes to 10:30 pm – Sunday – customer appreciation – customer availability  is available from 10:30 am until 8 pm

This should correspond to us in terms of our setting appointments and going in to the redemption centers and for our exchanges  and redemption of zim - but I find it odd that particular posting of new customer service hours is going to be put on bank windows on Saturday - to be instigated on Sunday – in other words with new hours on Sunday -  so it’s very strange but I believe that is being done for us – in some way or fashion that is new hours that are going to be there for us – so it’s hard to say exactly what all that means but it is interesting that banks are going to be available at least by phone and it may not just be one bank it could this is true for all tier 1 and tier 2 banks – that is what I am hearing –

So we will see what that looks like and I’m sure what it means is their availability for answering questions and so on  is enhanced with those new customer hours -

Really – I think we are coming down to where – if this is going to go by the end of this week – which I’m calling Saturday then we’re in really good shape –

Also I just heard about a half hour before the call started tonight that President Trump is going to issue an executive order  probably tomorrow that will allow for what could not be passed in the house due to resistance from the Speaker of the House – relief package for the CC Virus and everything that came with that - stimulus package – remember there was talk about 1.2 or 1.4 trillion dollars and they could never get consensus and never get it passed -  your Congress not at work -  to get something done –

My understanding – President Trump – he will issue an executive order which will allow for 1.8 trillion dollars to be funded for the stimulus and the virus relief etc etc – with very specific guidelines to it I’m sure – that will not include bailing out poorly run cities across the country - From what I understand tonight it’s supposed to come out starting Monday and Tuesday of this coming week –

What is that going to do also? Let’s say we have our numbers and we set our appointments and we’re starting our exchanges and redemption – I believe by the President doing that – he’s actually allowing some additional liquidity to come out for the normal citizen that does not know about what we know about – so they can also be hydrated financially to an extent as we will also be – Maybe that is some way to begin to level the playing field – I thought you would be interested in knowing about that executive order – might be issued tomorrow but it should start with funds going out electronically and maybe by mail as well – Monday and Tuesday of this coming week –

So that’s everything I wanted to bring to you tonight – I wanted you to catch the debate in as much as you want to tonight – and thank you for listening - Let’s see what happens in the meantime .

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