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NICK FLEMING UPDATE FOR TODAY, 23 OCT --the military of each nation were put on high alert for the “heart” of the reset over the next 48-72 hours   DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

NICK FLEMING UPDATE FOR TODAY, 23 OCT --the military of each nation were put on high alert for the “heart” of the reset over the next 48-72 hours

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NICK FLEMING UPDATE FOR TODAY, 23 OCT --the military of each nation were put on high alert for the “heart” of the reset over the next 48-72 hours   Empty NICK FLEMING UPDATE FOR TODAY, 23 OCT --the military of each nation were put on high alert for the “heart” of the reset over the next 48-72 hours

Post by Ponee Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:04 pm

 Our military intel contact said that the need for currency holders to be quiet like Carden’s group is NOT aimed at Carden and her admin’s communicating discretely with group members or to stop Shelton’s phase 2 instructions to group members about how to get through redemption appointments successfully.
 The directive effective from today Thu 10/22 onward to watch what we are saying in currency holder chat rooms and communications is strictly to keep the GCR / RV info WITHIN our circles and NOT TO SPREAD THE INFO to the general unaware public in PUBLICLY VIEWABLE FORUMS (internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc). He said that NSA and DIA will be monitoring our communications from today Thu 22 Oct onward, but that it will not get serious for us to be COMPLETELY QUIET ABOUT THE RV/ GCR EXCHANGE PARTICULARS until WE 
(1) USE THE 800# to set appointments and

Then and only then will they identify anyone violating NDA terms from the NDA:
 #1 attached to the notification email and Safe-Link web site and then NDA terms from the NDA

 #2 that will be signed in hard copy in the redemption center by each of us; FROM THEN ON (post-800# use and post-exchange/redemption appointment) we must not communicate IN A WAY THAT IS VIEWABLE BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC about the specific language of the RV /GCR EXCHANGES or any details of the TRANSACTION involving rates, etc; but Shelton and his groups PRIVATELY communicating with each other is OK according to his current info, and Shelton will be able to verify this he said. He said Shelton has already been given the boundaries by UST on how to have his groups communicate with him and with each other in a discrete way that will not violate the NDA #1 and NDA #2 terms;(edited)
[5:00 AM]

For general purposes he said again that after signing NDA #1 attached to the notification email and the Safe Link web site, we should AVOID all WRITTEN (ONLINE POSTING OR TEXTING OR EMAILING) and VERBAL PHONE MENTIONS that EXPOSE THE FOLLOWING WORDS TO PUBLIC FORUMS, words like Redemption, Exchange , Global Currency Reset (GCR), Revaluation (RV) ,Currency exchange rates , Dinar, Dong, ZIM, Quantum Financial System (QFS). Do not use these terms after you sign NDA #1 and after you exchange / redeem.

. . He said he is confirming that the pre-shotgun-release roll out of payouts into accounts (which will be accessed when T4B notifications finally start going out) continues to push through, and the global reset is still being moved through the global QFS system; bond redemption liquidity was finished processing last night Wed 21 Oct and that liquidity is being downlined for all tiers and currency exchanges now behind the scenes. 

He confirmed that tonight Thu 10/22 paymasters and attorneys got their final paperwork finalized and updated by the UST & DoD deadline tonight, and the military of each nation were put on high alert for the “heart” of the reset over the next 48-72 hours (vague intentionally).

 He is confirming that this morning Thu 22 Oct many attorneys and paymasters were put under gag orders till Sat afternoon 10/24 because the sensitive reset parts and pieces are moving through in this window to the shotgun release when T4B notifications come out.

[5:02 AM]
He said that because Pelosi and Deep State Democrats over the last 48 hours have blocked stimulus bill consensus in the House that is required by GESARA to release the GCR / RV this week, POTUS will be executing another executive order (EO) as early as tomorrow Fri 10/23 to release the just under $2 trillion in stimulus funds that POTUS determined is needed by the public, because the public has to be given pandemic relief funds at the same time that we in T4B are starting our redemptions at the same time that the shotgun liquidity release is beginning to unlock access to account funds to all tiers above us; so he confirmed that THE CURRENT 24-72 HOUR DELAY AND ROLL OUT SNAIL PACE HAS BEEN LARGELY DUE TO PELOSI BLOCKING ONCE AGAIN the stimulus bill funds (SHE CLAIMED SHE WOULD HAVE AN AGREEMENT BY TUE 20 OCT AND DID NOT DELIVER as you can read in the news and he said this was another Deep State maneuver to delay the release unnecessarily).

 He is shaking his head as are many others behind the scenes. . .while many behind the scenes are seriously wishing certain members of Congress whose face masks are removed in private places like hair salons would take a one-way cruise to GITMO for the next, oh say, 5 decades or so, . . . . But then Trump and the white hats are committed to doing everything by the book, legally, and patiently, which the Deep State shills have exploited out of their commitment to lawlessness, perversion, and lying to recapture their power and control over this nation and world, which they are losing increasingly every day;(edited)

[5:02 AM]
He confirmed again we need to watch what we say on phones/Skype/etc and what we post/text/email/etc online starting today-tomorrow Thu-Fri 10/22-23 as the reset is finalized and exchanges get going and ESPECIALLY AFTER WE SIGN NDAs; because of security he can only say be ready for notifications any time by Sat 10/24 or Sun 10/25 or Mon 10/26 or Tue 10/27, as we are to be started and in exchanges from any time now into next week and the bulk of us are to be DONE EXCHANGING before the election on Tue 11/3.


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