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COFFEE WITH MARKZ   - Transcript and Video  -- Oct 22 2020  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Oct 22 2020

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ   - Transcript and Video  -- Oct 22 2020  Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Oct 22 2020

Post by Ponee Thu Oct 22, 2020 8:57 pm

MZ: I am still hearing very positive things as the reset moves forward…..there is a lot of chatter to watch overnight tonight. 

MZ: From a number of sources including Lynette Zang and Max Keiser…there is a huge list of talk about the LIBOR markets and the derivatives markets. At least $80 Trillion has been moving and changing this week. In my opinion we are well underway with a Global Reset. 

MZ: There is also a lot of talk about China leading the new Bretton Woods agreement. Which is not a surprise.

MZ: On the RV front I am still hearing very postitive things that lead me to believe we will see this before the end of the month. 

MZ: Lots of chatter…hearing that they will track what you say….you should start watching what you say starting today. I am also hearing we should have a lot of news by tomorrow morning.  

MZ: There has been no money movement in Hong Kong or the middle east or Europe….No reset money moving on bonds or settlements or packages……none of those things…..yet

MZ: I have been told that all the paperwork and been primed and prepped and Fines and penalties updated so we are just waiting on the reset. 
ISAAC 10/21 Looks like delays I will talk tomorrow to know until when. Good news still positive in Zurich and London. Tomorrow I will be back Confirmation tomorrow…. Let’s hope this is it

Member:  markz now would be a good time to REMIND everyone of the 6 prohibited words because once we go, there can’t be any questions asked or chats

Member:  terms you cannot use at your exchange or violate your NDA after the exchange. …..Redemption,  Exchange , Global Currency Reset (GCR), Revaluation (RV) ,Currency  exchange rates , Quantum Financial System (QFS) . Do not use these terms  after you exchange and sign an NDA

Member:  Remember your NDA’s are going to be good for 90 days that means you should be considering getting a new cell phone and a new email address

Member:  Charlie Ward said China is monetizing Zim, Dinar and Dong.

Member:  pimpy and Chalrie W have a new video out its over at recaps

Q:  I sure hope the QFS is ready 4 the RV ?

Member:  we’ve got 9 currencies that we know of that are going UP in value and many of them as you know are going UP significantly

Member:  gold standard equals purchasing power

Member: I heard we will have a safelink site to go to and have to sign an NDA online…have you heard anything about that?

MZ: Just rumors…..that when we set our apt. on safelink…..we will have to use our digital signature on an NDA..This makes sense.  I will try to have Snake or someone knowledgeable about NDA’s on Monday or Tuesday. 

Member:  Federal court unsealed this just now. Ghislaine Maxwell's 418-page deposition.

Member: Good Morning all. I just downloaded the 465 page deposition from G. Maxwell, which was just released this morning, from NY Post website. It should provide some interesting reading in the days ahead. FYI, there are some redactions of certain people, which is to be expected at this time.

MZ: I was told to look for this to be released as part of the massive disclosure this week.  Its nice to know it is already out

Member:  Senate Judiciary Commitee votes 12-0 for Amy Coney Barrett! Dems did not even vote

Member:  Amy Barrett final Senate Confirmation vote is this Monday.

Member:  I want the return of our original Constitution

Member:  POTUS signed a new declaration to restore our republic last July 4th quietly...it will come out soon enough. If you read a Nesara closely, he’s already started

Member:  NESARA- All 16 Parts summarized -TRANSITION TO GREATNESS! MAY2020 EXPLAINS HOW ITSTARTED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7f1_UQr9dM

Q: Is there a difference with the Great Reset and the GCR???

MZ: We will be talking about that tomorrow…..I am told that because of derivatives that they are letting them (cabal?) jump through hoops as they prepare for the real reset …It was explained to me that is is all part of a plan.  

Member: We will all be a part of the reset and part of history

MZ: Yes we are

WARNING SCAMS ALL OVER. WE HAVE A SECURITY ROOM https://t.me/joinchat/JrH1jlKosw7cL1S0biYKdw

SAM Oliver Report It is just 12 days from our next election for the President of the US of America. And, the stakes have never been higher. MORE HERE https://t.me/joinchat/JrH1jk23r6dq3Mt...

GIPPERS The MSM is trying to hide the Hunter Biden Scandal.   https://freedomupdates.com/the-latest/cbs-anchor-dodges-fast-after-suburban-moms-side-against-biden/ 

GIPPERS IMF Director Calls for New Bretton Woods - The New American   https://thenewamerican.com/imf-director-calls-for-new-bretton-woods/ 

MZ:  https://youtu.be/XRmuFY0B1KE   Kieser Report

GIPPERS The Problem NOT Biden Family Corruption, It’s the MSM Cover-Up https://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/glenn-greenwald-the-problem-isnt-biden-family-corruption-its-the-medias-cover-up-of-it/ 

Member:  What would happen with the election if Joe Biden actually got arrested and held?

Member:   I believe that the same thing as happened with James Madison in 1816! Madison ran Unopposed!

Member:  New documents from CEO insider of Hunter Biden’s company says Joe Biden and Jim Biden were in pay to play with China for years

Member:  Gitmo is tripled to accommodate sinners soon. Lots of military installed there now for training and they’re also printing new currency for Cuba quietly...

Member:  Something’s going on in Gitmo cause for 3 days thunderous jet sounds are flying over us from Homestead Air Force, Base, Florida. Gitmo is 90 miles from there.

Judge Reinstates Tax Evasion Case Against Clinton Foundation https://www.uspoliticsandnews.com/judge-reinstates-tax-evasion-case-against-clinton-foundation/

MZ:  https://youtu.be/Nyqtlz5FRIU   Walgreens

Threatening emails escalate voter intimidation concerns https://thehill.com/policy/cybersecurity/522147-threatening-emails-escalate-voter-intimidation-concerns

U.S. government concludes Iran was behind threatening emails sent to Democrats https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/u-s-government-concludes-iran-was-behind-threatening-emails-sent-to-democrats/ar-BB1aeHS6?ocid=msedgntp

Laptop connected to Hunter Biden linked to FBI money laundering probe https://www.foxnews.com/politics/laptop-hunter-biden-linked-fbi-money-laundering-probe

MZ: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/ghislaine-maxwell-jeffrey-epstein-virginia-giuffre-court-documents-trial-sex-abuse-b1224441.html

MZ:  https://prepareforchange.net/2020/09/19/nesara-gesara-releasing-the-technology-medbeds/ 

IF THE INTERNET GOES DOWN Emergency number (712) 770-5028 Code:648989 ….Playback number (712) 770-5066

We may have a short “Whiskey and Wisdom” tonight before the presidential debate

The next scheduled stream is Friday 10AM est……..


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