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FLEMING -- The RV shotgun start was still before the election and not afterward. DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

FLEMING -- The RV shotgun start was still before the election and not afterward.

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FLEMING -- The RV shotgun start was still before the election and not afterward. Empty FLEMING -- The RV shotgun start was still before the election and not afterward.

Post by Ponee Wed Oct 21, 2020 8:58 pm

 Wed. 21 Oct. 6:10 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

1. The RV shotgun start was still before the election and not afterward.

2. The RV was starting this week on Wed. 21 Oct. with bond payouts.

3. The Tier 4b (us the Internet Group) start was estimated to be Wed. or Thurs. 21-22 Oct.

4. Iraq has a hard deadline of next Sun. 25 Oct to start RV exchanges in Iraq, or Iraqi citizens said they would riot and burn the country down.

5. Mon. 19 Oct and Tues. 20 Oct were to be days when more disclosure bombs were dropped and then afterward the RV release would start on Wed 21 Oct.

6. Over the last 48 hours crazy, crazy disclosures have come out confirming [J]oe iden and [H]unter iden were raking in millions and billions from foreign sources for illegal, treasonous pay-for-play deals through [J]oe [b]iden's office as VP.

7. Hunter's laptop shows he was a murderous pedophile as his father has been.

8. The [G]hislaine [M]axwell deposition was being unsealed soon to be naming big names in the Epstein pedophilia empire.

9. The Department of Justice was suing G00gle for anti-trust violations. A G00gle insider was videotaped by Project Veritas boasting and thereby confirming that G00gle was knowingly deploying their employees to stop the GOP and influence the election (which was a felony and treasonous, of course!)

10. A Facebook Whistleblower told the NY Post that FB has a "Hate Speech Engineering Team" (reminding one of Orwell's 1984 dystopian "Ministry of Truth") including six Chinese nationals that were on that team developing algorithms to censor all pro-Trump, and all anti-[Deep]-State narrative FB posts (these Chinese nationals deploying censoring algorithms, he said, represent the same Chinese Communist Party faction that were [Deep]State bad actors that worked with and gave bribes to American [Deep]State politicians like [D]iane [F]einstein and the [b]idens, that wanted [H]illary [C]linton elected in 2016, that wanted [b]iden elected now, that have been fighting Chairman Xi for his pro-GCR, pro-GESARA position, and they have been fighting the GESARA-required new non-communist Republic of China to replace the Chinese communist control of the Chinese people—he said it's obvious they are NOT succeeding in China, or in the USA!).

11. This avalanche of [Deep]State criminal disclosures would continue this week and next week providing cover for our exchanges starting imminently.

12. On [b]Mon. 19 Oct.
 Banks and Redemption Center staff were told that they would be busy exchanging us before the election, which was in two weeks.

13. The Mnuchin US Treasury delegation to Israel, UAE, and Bahrain needed to return from the Middle East on Tues. 20 Oct. before the RV global Shotgun Release could start.

14. The global start on Wed. 21 Oct. would be kicked off with bond liquidity payouts (as Isaac had reported his Wealth Manager was called by HSBC to Zurich for Wed. 21 Oct).

15. It always has been known that the Bond Payouts would start first before currency exchanges started (Tier 4B start possibly Wed. or Thurs. 21-22 Oct) so the Bond Payouts would provide liquidity for the downline liquidity Shotgun Release to lower tiers and levels of the 27 RV / GCR payout categories.

16. Bruce’s sources told him that Tues. 20 Oct. would be his last call, paralleling Frank26's independent statement on Mon. 19 Oct that he felt that that may be his last YouTube call. Frank26 said that “The Eagle Has Landed,” and that we would have a very good weekend this weekend.

17. Kurdistan, which has historically gone ahead of Baghdad in moving RV funds, began to pay out their citizens in northern Iraq at the new RV rate on Mon. 19 Oct, so the RV release has been jump-started this week by Kurdistan, to be followed by Baghdad by this weekend (Sun. 25 Oct. deadline) or Iraqi citizens would riot big time.

18. The Military Intel Contact said to keep watching and praying over all details, as he agreed with Bruce and Frank26 that POTUS, the Department of Defense and RV teams seemed finally ready to start our exchanges this week and to finish the bulk of Tier 4B exchanges before the election in two weeks.


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