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 Gagging and prosecution of journalists in Iraq ... Militias "destroy freedom of opinion" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Gagging and prosecution of journalists in Iraq ... Militias "destroy freedom of opinion"

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 Gagging and prosecution of journalists in Iraq ... Militias "destroy freedom of opinion" Empty Gagging and prosecution of journalists in Iraq ... Militias "destroy freedom of opinion"

Post by GirlBye Tue Oct 20, 2020 12:50 pm

 Gagging and prosecution of journalists in Iraq ... Militias "destroy freedom of opinion" 000_1NM5MX

Assassination lists, kidnappings, and assassinations of Iraqi journalists and activists carried out by armed militias in Iraq, amid continuing impunity, all of this and more has placed the country in the 162nd place in the World Press Freedom Ranking for 2020.

In recent years, Iraq has witnessed a setback for freedoms, especially after the "October Revolution" in 2019, when it recorded 373 attacks against journalists, including assassinations and death threats, as well as kidnappings and armed attacks on some media institutions, especially in the south of the country, Militias are in full control, according to the Press Freedom Defense Association report.

Dual source funnel
The campaigns to liquidate journalists intensified in 2020, especially after the killing of the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, in an American missile strike in Baghdad, followed by a crackdown and the kidnapping of a large number of activists, the Iraqi government was unable to know their fate and put an end to the violations that affect those who violate Tehran's Agenda.

As the violent repression continued, a number of journalists resorted to changing their residential locations, especially after the assassination of the security and strategic researcher, Hisham Al-Hashemi, while he was traveling in his car in front of his home, last July.

Funnel in its various forms
For his part, media activist and blogger, Saifuddin Ali, confirmed in an interview with Al-Hurra that the methods of killing freedom have varied and differed, as traditional tools such as kidnapping, killing, arrest and beating continue, pointing to the parties’ adoption of a method of treason and labor, relying on an electronic army. Of their own. "

And he considered that "the militias and parties impose their control over the media, to promote them and attack the opponents," stressing "the determination of the Iraqi people to restore their rights and not to return to hibernation."

Ali monitored the latest violations of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, citing "the attack on the sit-in protesters near the Green Gate on October 18, and the arrest of the engineers camped in Maysan governorate on the same day, in addition to the beating in Karbala of the" Procession of the October Revolutionaries Martyrs, "before that the kidnapping of the activist Sajjad Al-Iraqi .

Iraqi media migration
As a result, some journalists and activists in Diaspora have taken a platform for them to monitor violations and uncover corruption files and other thorny issues in Iraq, most notably the issue of the displaced and the loose weapons, away from the power of militias and oppression operations.

In this context, Ziad Al-Sanjari, a spokesman for the "Avad" Observatory, a media platform that broadcasts from abroad, confirmed that "the power of the armed parties and militias is based on silencing the voices, intimidating the other voice and restricting freedom of expression, and this has been happening for years."

He added, "We must be reminded of what happened in the offices of satellite stations, foreign agencies, and newspapers, some of which were burned and destroyed by the militias, and others received threats that prompted a migration process from Baghdad to Erbil and others moved to Jordan and Lebanon to cover and manage the Iraqi news from there."

Militias threaten journalists 
Al-Sanjari considered that journalists are subjected to repression, threats and abuse, and more than 23 journalists and bloggers have been killed and kidnapped in 2020, pointing out that journalists and activists against Iran-linked militias and those fighting the file of corruption and human rights violations are the main target of those armed actors that threaten the state and receive monthly salaries from it. ".

Governmental impotence due to the authority of the weapon
He stressed that "the Al-Kazemi government is unable to provide any real guarantees that guarantee freedom of opinion and expression, as it is constrained by the authority of the armed factions," explaining that "everyone knows in Iraq who is bombing airports and military bases and targeting diplomatic missions, and they are the militias associated with Iran."

He believed that "the state knows those involved in the killing and kidnapping of activists, and there is no need for investigation committees. However, the Al-Kazemi government is unable to mention their names or even investigate them, as they are a weapons authority that permeates the country and can be considered the disease of the current Iraqi state, which is no less than the state's previous illness (ISIS ) ".

He also described the file of targeting journalists as "dangerous, as the constitution guarantees media work and the inability to arrest journalists in publishing cases. However, the security authorities and armed factions do not deal in accordance with these articles and legal recommendations."

AFAD observatory
Regarding the "AFAD" Observatory, Al-Sinjari said that it "gathers 40 journalists and researchers, and deals with all humanitarian issues on the Iraqi arena, diagnosing violations and breaches, by collecting information and documents dealing with human rights files, corruption and uncontrolled weapons, as well as displacement and displacement operations according to accurate field numbers and data." ".

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 Gagging and prosecution of journalists in Iraq ... Militias "destroy freedom of opinion" Empty “Rubu’ullah” and “Jabhat Abu Jaddaha” are militias that cause concern in Iraq

Post by GirlBye Tue Oct 20, 2020 1:01 pm

 Gagging and prosecution of journalists in Iraq ... Militias "destroy freedom of opinion" EkhbdAgWAAAzfuH

Two weeks ago, the former Iraqi foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari, called for "cleaning" the government green zone in Baghdad from the "mass militia presence," as part of a set of measures that Zebari said are necessary to ensure the security of governmental and international institutions in the area.

Zebari, who was speaking to the "Capital of Decision" program broadcast by the "Al-Hurra" channel, demanded these measures after his escalation against the militias associated with the Popular Mobilization Forces, which he accused before that of being responsible for firing rockets at Erbil airport one day before this meeting.

Two weeks after his statements, a group calling itself "Rubu Allah" (the group of God) escalated its incitement and targeting of Zebari and his ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, before the matter ended with the party's headquarters in Baghdad and the fire was burning with it, and the phrase "Rubu Allah" Written on his portal.

A source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry's intelligence agency said, "This group is newly formed, but it is organized in a way that suggests that it is linked to older and more organized groups."

"We believe that they are affiliated with the Kataib Hezbollah militia, and they may be a branch of their media directorate," added the source, who requested anonymity.

According to the Iraqi armed groups expert, Salman Daham, "The attacks of this group carry a single pattern. They begin with incitement through dozens of fake accounts on Twitter, to suggest that the issue that is attacked by a popular demand ends with the burning of headquarters or satellite channels considered hostile to them."

It is noteworthy that the phrase "Rubu Allah" is a sentence that "does not have strong meanings in the Iraqi dialect," according to Daham, who says that this group always uses this type of sentence, such as "Sabreen News" for its Telegram website, and "Jabhat Abu Jadhah (Abu Walaa) For her own set of cremation.

The "Rubu Allah" groups during their participation in the popular crowd rally
The "Rubu Allah" groups during their participation in the popular crowd rally
"These funny names are designed for social media circulation, but it is very clear that the people who launched them are a group of more serious people, who are trying to portray these groups as independent youth groups," Daham continues.

Cars carrying the flags of the Popular Mobilization Forces appeared as they transported the attackers who burned the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the crowd flag was raised on the building after it was burned.

Dozens of members of the Iraqi security forces were seen standing near the groups that were burning without stopping them or using weapons to protect the headquarters, just as what happened during those groups burning the Tigris channel headquarters about a month ago. 

The Iraqi political analyst, Muhammad Jubran, compares "Rubu Allah" with "Hosni Mubarak's thugs and the Shabiha of Syria."

Gibran says that the "quarter" is much more organized and efficient, as they are always keen on the media attack before the physical attack, and they do not usually fall victims on the opposite side, which gives their attacks the desired effect, and does not fuel anger against them significantly.

According to Gibran, the "quarter" members are currently keen to try to gain legitimacy for their actions by attacking controversial parties such as the Tigris channel sponsored by Sunni politicians, and broadcasting a singing program on Ashura, or the Kurdish party that the militias have always incited against it, despite its alliance with its leaders for years. .

"Everyone benefits from these brilliantly politically studied attacks," Gibran said, stressing that "the militias are taking advantage of the imposition of power and terrorism and occupying Ruba'allah for media coverage, and the Democratic Party is taking advantage of this threat to enhance its electoral fortunes before the next elections."

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