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Crocodiles and whales terror and extinct politics

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Crocodiles and whales terror and extinct politics Empty Crocodiles and whales terror and extinct politics

Post by GirlBye Tue Oct 20, 2020 11:03 am

Many ask: Why did the Treasury bankrupt? Where are the oil revenues? Is fighting ISIS the reason? To answer these questions, we say:
Oil revenues, some of them were mocked and used by a number of power parties since 2003 until today, and the other part was mocked for the sake of sectarian and sectarian strife, and certain countries are leading these campaigns in order to distract the people, from corruption and manipulation of money and creating an imaginary enemy for them called the Shiite sect or the Sunni sect. And this one is Arab, the one is Kurdish, this one is Muslim and the one is not Muslim.

And the bugaboo that frightens everyone (ISIS) !! In order for the people to continue to fight, fight and bleed pure blood, then return to the elections of these parties and blocs on the basis of sectarian, sectarian or ethnic alignment as a substitute for the national alignment, and no one dared say who are the ISIS? Who is behind them and who arms them? How did they become an "Islamic" state, with knowledge, law, trade and finance, extending from Syria to Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and parties from Lebanon.! It has fighters, heavy and medium weapons, and drones, and it manufactures missiles carrying toxic materials. It has the ministers of oil, finance, justice, defense and woo !! It has been fighting for more than three years on the fronts of these countries and trades their oil "to export" it to the countries of the world at the lowest prices. It occupies cities and destroys infrastructures, cultural and historical monuments, mosques, mosques, churches and monasteries, beheads be cut, rapes children and burns them, lures women and sells them. It kills humanity and fights a coalition of more than sixty countries. This alliance has not lost its soldiers, planes, forces, and advisors throughout these years, and the only losers are the countries whose cities occupy the dwelling of the shade! So from this so-called "Islamic" country? How did you get this power ?? !!

Yes, political extremists are more dangerous than terrorist motives. Rather, political extremists are the womb from which the Wahhabi and Saddam terrorists were born and their incubators. And if it were not for the political motives, there would be no trace of the Wahhabi and confrontational terrorism ISIS, and even if it was found, its impact could not be this dangerous and this cruelty, expansion and expansion
That is why the free Iraqis who are interested in protecting Iraq and the Iraqis who want an Iraq free from Wahhabi and Saddam terrorism must strongly confront the political ISIS, expose them, strip them, eliminate them, watch them closely, and impose the most severe punishments against them, the execution and confiscation of their movable and immovable money, regardless of its role, shape and color, for many of them are concealed in the political process. They were lying and hypocrisy, but they began to plot the political process of Iraq and the Iraqis in secret. It is a game of the rogue class led by Al Sufyan who falsely declared their Islam and diminished their conspiracy and treachery, thus they were able to control and impose their influence and eliminate Islam in the name of Islam and slaughtered Muslims in the name of Islam so will the Wahhabi clash led by Al Saud succeed in eliminating the political process Democracy, intellectual and political pluralism, the slaughter of Iraqis, and a return to dictatorship, family rule and the pledge of slavery
This means that revealing the motives of politics, arresting and eliminating them means uncovering and arresting the ISIS terrorist, Wahhabi and Saddam, and eliminating them. It is effective whether or not he knows

Politics ISIS managed to penetrate all the different civil and military state apparatus and from the top to the base until they had the supreme word in it, which made it easy for the Wahhabi and Saddam terrorist terrorists to carry out their sabotage suicide operations without effort and easily. They are the ones who determine the time, place and goal that they want to detonate. The information and they are the ones who guide, protect and defend them strongly and by every means, even if some of them are arrested, they defend them and seek their release and acquit them by temptation by force to exchange evidence, and if they are unable to do so, they smuggle them out of prisons and this is a clear and concrete fact that cannot be denied or ignored.

These trumpets of the political ISIS (the eastern Tigris change and others) ignore all the crimes and punishments of ISIS, the Wahhabi and Saddamism, and all the slaughter, capture, rape, displacement and sabotage they have done since the liberation of Iraq until now, when they started with car bombs, explosive belts and explosive devices, destroying mosques and places of worship and every civilized human symbol, captivity and rape. Tens of thousands of Iraqi women, there are more than six thousand Yazidis were captured, raped and sold in the slave markets in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Manama, and more than 600 Shiite girls from Tal Afar were burned after they were raped in front of their families. They also ignore the slaughter of more than two thousand young Iraqis in the Speicher base. They have no sin except that they are Iraqis. It is doubtful that those who participated in this crime have more than ten thousand criminals, and it is natural that the political ISIS groups have knowledge, relationship, companionship, kinship and participation with them. Where are these? Why do not you ask the reasons for politics about them?

There is no doubt that many of these people changed their colors and shapes, some of them belonged to the political ISIS, and some of them became among the terrorist ISIS and continued to slaughter the Iraqis and some of them were killed or arrested by the armed forces and our holy mob.
This is what pushed the political ISIS, through their cheap paid trumpets (Eastern Tigris Al-Change) to shed tears on the Wahhabi and Saddam dogs for the killers of Iraqis for those who raped and captured Iraqi women for those who destroyed Iraq under the pretext that they are innocent and have no fault except that they rejected the Shiite Safavid occupation and its militias, and they mean the army. The brave Iraqi and our holy crowd.

Politics do not recognize or acknowledge a free, democratic, pluralistic, and humane Iraq. Rather, they want a state of slavery, tyranny, the rule of one opinion, and the one ruler, the state of Muawiyah, Saddam, and Saud, the state of foundlings, slaves and dishonorable people, the state of vice and shame, as one of those who participated in building the state of shame, the state of Saddam and his cohort (Salah Omar Al-Ali) After he returned to his mind and realized the shame surrounding him, he cried out loudly, the cry of pain (The Iraqi lost his honor in Saddam's time)

A, he is one of those who lost his honor during the time of Saddam al-Abd al-Dhilil, declaring frankly and forcefully that a free, democratic Iraq is not our Iraq and we entered the political process in order to sabotage and thwart it, and our mission is to put obstacles and stumbling blocks in order to thwart it and restore the pledge of slavery because he cannot tolerate living in the shadow of freedom and honor
That is why I appeal to every free and honorable Iraqi not to be fooled by the political ISIS. They are treachery and traitors who do not have honor or dignity. They are slaves who do not tolerate freedom or dignity and do not hate in life but freedom and honor. To the slavery of Al Saud, to any slavery to vice, and they cannot afford to live in a free, democratic, pluralistic Iraq
Is there any doubt if we say that political ISIS is more dangerous than terrorist ISIS, and we can not eliminate the terrorist ISIS, except by eliminating the political ISIS?
The war on terror is one of the major problems in the modern era, not to mention the problems in defining words such as war, resistance, conquest, or liberation, whose meanings and use differ according to the person’s political and ideological tendencies.

The war on terror in our current time has become a war of existence and the most dangerous and most important in wars the like of which the world has not witnessed throughout human history. The joint Iraqi armed forces with all their factions and components with other volunteer popular forces with all their names have done well and rare courage in human history and is a model of loyalty and concern for geography. Homeland and humanity, far from doubts and hesitation, and a great evidence of capabilities in choosing a stage that is not matched by thought and ideology in all of the world.

The takfiris, and still with the remnants of the Baath, ISIS and political cover, wanted to spread destructive ideas, injustice, tyranny, murder and seizure of minds to stop the march of civilization that is characterized by it and to inflict the history of our dear country with mosaic of languages, religions and nationalities that distinguish it from many countries that have settled at the heart of their geography and history But they were confronted with a great secret and a solid will that is our strength and our unity that the Iraqis gathered to confront all the irregular ideas that attacked its civilization and its history and which malicious hands worked on, who wanted to tamper with the land and people and brought the power of darkness to our country and plagued it with the plight of terror.
That is why you see that those hands today are trying to diminish once again the unit of hospitality and its components and its great victory that the world witnessed and turn back the clock with external support and agents from within in order to return the ugly faces to the political process, which had an effective role in supporting terrorist groups through demonstrations and tents of shame And Al-Shanar, instead of standing with their brothers in defeating these gangs and escaping to neighboring countries in the shadow of dark nights at vice tables, they return again with the support of domestic agents to sit at the tables of shame to conspire against our people.

Certainly, some of the traitors are still mastering their treachery and rejecting the new Iraq, and they are indifferent to their political death, and they live with their scandals and with more contempt and aversion even from the sympathy of the street to which they belong in particular and our people in general to them after they have become a source of distaste for them because they have revealed their goals which are mainly focused on attempts to install They are leaders of the majority of our dear Sunni community in Iraq, but not out of love for them, but for personal interests only in light of an honorable and bright stage in the history of our people as they wage the fiercest battle on behalf of the world for the sake of dignity, stability, and happy living across sect, sect and nationalism strengthened With dazzling victories and with pride for all the heroics of brave men as it seeks to provide the best conditions after progress and victory over terrorist gangs and to deliver a clear message to all political forces in the world to overcome many problems and consolidate the internal relationship with a shared responsibility and spirit in building Iraq on the basis of the spirit of citizenship and the country's steps.

The free independent who serves humanity and faith in Iraq, which is diverse in religion, doctrine and nationalism, with a vision open to the other in this sensitive stage, which many politicians missed in the past stage and their distancing from rationalization, in disregard of some and ignorance of others.

The duty requires work to support the armed security forces united to defend the dignity and pride represented by the army, the police, the popular crowd and the tribal peshmerga of all sects and nationalities, and to keep them away from political bets, victories and what they represent of the human value of pure purity and purity, represented in pride, stubbornness, sacrifice and sacrifice that do not Breach the principle ..

And it does not contradict the supreme goal that it set out to reach, it stops in its difficult course, the weak and the owner of the short breath and the small eagerness and the despicable goals that the owner quickly falls in front of the first obstacle ... or the smallest plateau .. either by intimidation sometimes ... or by intimidation at other times. Our people do not feel respectable for them after their betrayals, which exceeded all limits.
They must also realize that our people live in a state of turmoil against them as criminals who have sold their consciences and linked their fate through the shame of their conferences with the Baath criminals and fugitives from justice.

The benevolent forces must protect these victories and their men from those hands that want to distort their image or offend them by politicizing them or stigmatizing them as sectarian or other matters far from the members of these forces, they did not sacrifice for the sake of gains, for the good of jihad, jihad of the soul, because the liberation of every inch of This good land and its honorable people is costing the Iraqi people dozens of martyrs, the wounded, the handicapped, and more material losses, 

including housing homes, workplaces, infrastructures, churches, mosques, and other places of worship, and out of a self-sacrificing citizenry with great responsibility in defending values ​​and in providing aid out of moral duty And the religious is to everyone in need, and we are now in the final stages of declaring victory in the battle. Politicians have to transcend the names and rise to the highest levels of citizenship to preserve the homeland and the permanence of its progress and preserve its history, civilization and sanctities that God has blessed with it, and the need for the cooperation of its people to achieve a state in which dignity, equal citizenship and justiceSocial solidarity and union are strength, resilience, and the ability to push back aggression, and to establish a civil state in which everyone participates, far from militarism, worthy of the characteristics of coexistence, which are the genes of society, to rise in the high summits of national unity, our civil treasure and put an intensity of violence and the ferocity of terrorism to shout stop the killing. We build, and a message of love, peace and determination to be life makers

Notably, a while ago, the shocking ISIS trumpets, funded and supported by the Al Saud, began a wide media campaign targeting the Iraqi security forces with their various formations, sacrifices, sincerity and steadfastness, especially the holy popular crowd, accusing it of all bad accusations and throwing all crimes, corruption and brutality of the Wahhabi and Saddamist security forces on the Iraqi security forces, especially the Popular Mobilization Al-Maqdis is the one who abandoned the people of Mosul, Salah al-Din and Anbar, and he is the one who demolished their homes, replaced them by human groups from Chechnya, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and changed their inhabitants. To justify their occupation of the Sunni areas and the slaughter of its sons and its annexation to Iran, and they were the ones who arrested and massacred hundreds of thousands of people from the western regions and who called them the absentees and forcibly missing.

Although they know with certainty that those who are called the absentees and the missing are the Wahhabi and Saddam ISIS ISIS, and they have contributed to the slaughter of Iraqis, families, and the rape of Iraqi women, and in the destruction of Iraq, yes, there are innocents who were arrested and slaughtered by the Wahhabi and Saddam terrorist groups. This fact is well known to all, and in the forefront is the political motives.

And when the free Iraqis came to the supervision to fulfill the fatwa of the rational authority, the authority of Imam al-Sistani, they established the holy popular crowd, and everyone rallied around our various security forces, so they became a force majeure that was able to stop the march of Wahhabi and Saddam dogs and then chase them until they liberated the land, honor and sanctities and were able to make victories that the people of expertise and competence called victories The mythical miracle and the victories of the Holy Popular Mobilization Forces were victories for all the peoples that were afflicted with this epidemic called the Wahhabi terrorism that was transmitted to us from the destruction of the Sauds by their dogs, Al Qaeda, ISIS and other dark terrorist organizations
If we ask these costly and cheap ISIS shock horns, how many dogs of Al Saud, the Wahhabi ISIS militants, who invaded Iraq and managed to occupy more than a third of the area of ​​Iraq, and how many people received these dogs and welcomed them and opened their doors to their homes and their women's flocks from the elements of the yards of shame, dirty spots of stink, tribal bulls and councils There is no doubt that the number of those who received the dogs of the Al Saud ISIS Wahhabi during their invasion of Iraq was a huge number, not less than a million people and perhaps more than this number, and this group, that is, the group that received ISIS Wahhabism was more brutal and more cruel and dark even They acted before the arrival of any Wahhabi ISIS dog, for example, they are the ones who slaughtered more than two thousand young Iraqis who have no fault except that they love Iraq in the crime of Speicher that heinous crime that no monster has done in the history of brutality and in many areas in Sinjar and Afar, where they slaughtered men, captured women and raped them In front of their relativesMore than five thousand Yazidi women, the fate of many of them strange is unknown. They captured more than 600 Shiite girls from the city of Tal Afar, then raped them, and after rape burned them in front of their families.
In addition to the car bombs, explosive belts and explosive devices that claim the lives of hundreds of Iraqis without distinguishing between a child, a woman, an old man and a young man, it started from the first day of the liberation of Iraq on 4/9/2003 and is still continuing.

All these heinous and brutal crimes that are unparalleled and unmatched in all history. We see political motives and their cheap, humble trumpets funded and supported by the Saud family, and at the forefront of these trumpets (the Tigris and the East) did not mention this nor did it ever mention it, but rather trying to ignore it and even deny its occurrence. The government blames and accuses the Iraqi army of all kinds, especially the holy popular crowd, which was and still is a strong back of the brave Iraqi army, for example, it claims that the government was the one that slaughtered students at Speicher base because it was the one that sent these soldiers to the Spyker base, and this reminds us of the response of the corrupt hypocrite Muawiyah when he slaughtered Ammar bin Yasser, about whom the noble Messenger Ammar said, was killed by the offensive group, so he said that the one who killed him was Imam Ali because he was the one who brought him out for war, and that filth is from that filth.

From this, we can say that the majority of those who have been bombarded by the trumpets of political ISIS, at the forefront of the Tigris, the East and many others, who have presented themselves in the markets of immorality, prostitution and vice, are members of terrorist and Saddam organizations who have contributed to the slaughter of Iraqis, families, rapes of Iraqi women, plundering their money and exploding their cultural and humanitarian symbols or They were killed by our security forces, in the forefront, the Holy Popular Mobilization Forces, during the liberation and purification operations.

If we look into the matter, it will become clear to us that the supervisors of these trumpets and those responsible for them have knowledge and knowledge of those who call them the absentees and the missing because many of them are their relatives and they have great relations and connections with them and by virtue of this relationship and this link, they can guide the families of the victims of the Saddam Wahhabi ISIS to their burial place at least.

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