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MarkZ: "I am told the article we need is to be voted on is this Saturday" 10/15/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I am told the article we need is to be voted on is this Saturday" 10/15/20

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MarkZ: "I am told the article we need is to be voted on is this Saturday" 10/15/20 Empty MarkZ: "I am told the article we need is to be voted on is this Saturday" 10/15/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Oct 15, 2020 10:34 pm

MZ: Still no money movement as of today. I was told the article they need with the whitepapers is to be voted on and passed this Saturday.

( https://www.dinardaily.net/t95837-member-of-parliamentary-finance-the-white-paper-does-not-require-a-vote-by-parliament )

Q: What are the white papers?

MZ: They are the economic reforms/monetary reforms in Iraq. Part of them passed on Tuesday….other articles have passed throughout the week. I am told the article we need is to be voted on is this Saturday. I was told clearly from people on the ground over there that there is not a rate yet and are looking for that in the Saturday vote.

Member:  Are the paymasters still in place ....or have they given up ? Asking for a friend

MZ: Some that had left the last couple weeks are busy returning. I couple I know will be arriving Sat. Morning here in the states. Most of the attorneys and POAs that I have contact with are expecting liquidity Monday or Tuesday.

Q: Have the Indian nations been paid?

MZ: No, not yet.

WhiteWolf1940:  The Southern Cherokee Nation and the Red Fire People have Not been Paid

Member:  Good Morning Markz. I heard paymaster in canada sign NDA. we are moving closer by the minute but still think next week is the time for 4B.

MZ: Mr. C is still looking for a post-election event …I am seeing a lot of disclosure so feeling good that we well may see it in October. Nobody really knows the exact date. I believe we have an excellent chance of seeing it after this weekend.

Q: Do you think they have started paying the Tier 4b group yet?

MZ: Not yet according to all of my banking contacts….

MZ: Buckle up guys….we are seeing the disclosure….we are seeing the roll-out. We are seeing clear steps they are doing. We were seeing what we were told to expect at the end- disclosure.

Member:  guessing 20th OCT...there are posts on parlor declaring IRAQ went yesterday- the whole Saturday white papers phoney info to keep cabal away

MZ: This disclosure coming out this week is amazing….a contact of mine who works with a think tank for the DNC…..they say their game plan for the next couple weeks is to hide Joe and hope they have a big enough lead to hang on…..that is their strategy. .

LIVING ROOM ‘INVESTIGATION’ Senate TO Probe Hunter Biden Emails https://hannity.com/media-room/under-...

Member:  saw a video where Rudy Guliani stated that they found thousands of pictures on Hunter Biden's laptops that will be coming out in the next 4 days that are horrible and illegal

Biden camp hits back at Hunter Biden email report suggesting then-VP met with Burisma exec https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-camp-hits-back-at-hunter-biden-email-report-suggesting-then-vp-met-with-burisma-exec

Member:  It would be nice to see some of these people arrested instead of dragging it out for ever, make no sense way it's taking so long!

Member:  go to public arrest records in California?? Put in the search tab... Nancy Pelosi Adam Schiff Dianne Feinstein Gavin Newsom Maxine Waters. They have all gone to court on arrests and have pending trials

MZ:  https://youtu.be/o4O-ymHeWkk Glenn Beck

Member:  **Breaking News!!!** two members of Karmala's crew test positive, travel plans cancelled for now

Member:  Kamala Harris halts travel after 2 involved in campaign test positive for coronavirus

Member:  EVERYONE should stock on food, T-paper and all other essentials because right after the election all HELL is going to break loose no matter who wins

JJ: I asked my wife where she wanted to go for our anniversary. "Somewhere I haven't been in a long time!" she said. So I suggested the kitchen.

MZ: I am taking precautions and having a month or two worth of provisions on hand….just in case there is unrest…..to stay safe at home. .

Member:  Plus have emergency supplies for your pets and prescriptions…….

SAM OLIVER The futures market is in the red this morning as of 7:30am CST. This usually indicates a slow start...around half of the job force has returned to work...vaccine is near.

MZ: Here is another bombshell that you guys found and sent me……more proof that the world is moving to parity and an asset backed system. . This article is huge and it comes from NBC news of all places. Cuba prepares for profound transformation of its monetary system. They are revamping their system…In October. 1 to 1 parity with the US dollar!!!!!

MZ:  https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/cuba-prepares-profound-transformation-its-monetary-system-urges-calm-n1243173

Member:  Trump to sign peace treaty CUBA- of course Cuba will no longer be communist- will be GESARA instead

MZ: We also know the Bahamas told us similar news….new banking system .implemented by Oct. 20th

MZ: We are watching it all roll out…take comfort in that. 99% of people in this world want a reset….they want equality and freedom everywhere in the world. We need to break the backs of the central banks. We want the power back into the people’s hands.

Member:  senate has demanded Facebook & Twitter to testify under oath next week on censorship. there is already lawduits USA vs all social media & tech on books in California.

Q: So will JFK jr. prove he is alive on Oct 17th as per the rumors? Will this be the October Surprise???

Member:  October surprise? I think DJT has lots of October surprises coming...

Member:  JFK jr. did show up. He was the man on top of George Washington's Head on July 4th!

Member:  When JFKjr shows up in person , then I will believe it..

MZ:  https://twitter.com/boostmyfuel/statu... flags oval office hints on nesara/Gesara…..

MZ: https://youtu.be/qDxuBtCuyB8 Mark Cuban

MZ: https://youtu.be/o4O-ymHeWkk

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