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Member of Parliamentary Finance: More than 6 million and 150 thousand employees and retirees in Iraq DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Member of Parliamentary Finance: More than 6 million and 150 thousand employees and retirees in Iraq

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Member of Parliamentary Finance: More than 6 million and 150 thousand employees and retirees in Iraq Empty Member of Parliamentary Finance: More than 6 million and 150 thousand employees and retirees in Iraq

Post by RamblerNash Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:15 pm

Member of Parliamentary Finance: More than 6 million and 150 thousand employees and retirees in Iraq 2757xx2106
Time: 10/12/2020 21:17:31
{Baghdad: Al Furat News} A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Hama Rashid, confirmed today, Monday, that more than 6 million and 150 thousand employees and retirees are in Iraq.

He said in an interview with the "Al-Daleel" program broadcast by the Al-Furat satellite channel, "Those present at the hosting session were scheduled for a time allowing for the presence of most of the deputies, and the minister presented the issue with a detailed explanation and touched on the pandemic and the drop in oil prices, which affected appointments and the creation of job grades, which led To increase unemployment. "

And that "Corona led to unemployment, and in principle there is a kind of disguised unemployment, and Iraq has a very large job surplus," the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs touched on the obstacles to appointments and the increase in opportunities for youth work and the obstacles that stand in the way of appointments.

He continued, "When a number of employees were referred to retirement, 216 thousand were referred to" forced retirement "and the age was reduced to 60, and this prejudice their right, and the number was supposed to drop to two million and 700, and there is an alternative to the retired and the creation of substitutes for them.

The number of employees in the 2020 budget that has not been approved is 3 million, 250 and 600 thousand from self-financing companies and more than 7 million retirees, including one million from social care, "indicating that" if families are counted as individuals, more than 30 million people in Iraq will receive salaries, and this Affects the movement of salaries. "

The government mainly relies on borrowing. In the month of June, 15 trillion dinars were borrowed, and this is an internal loan. There is no country that gives Iraq a low-interest loan and sovereign loans cannot be obtained, and the private sector only gives loans on high interest.

The law stressed that the deficit cannot be exceeded more than the Financial Management Law, which is 81 trillion financial deficit for the current year, the current deficit law to cover new loans, and this indicates that there are 41 trillion deficits and does not cover all of this from the cash reserves from the central bank, "stressing that" and if " If this path continues without treatment, Iraq is on the brink of economic collapse. "

The government must resort to austerity and reduce unnecessary expenditures, and that there are wasteful state institutions and over-expenditures, and it is not possible to rely on loans only, and that the sovereign budget amounts to 43 trillions. In addition to the consulates not in need, which amount to more than 100 consulates. "

He continued, "It is necessary to monitor the contracts concluded in the purchase of weapons and to review the licensing rounds, and that successive governments have failed to secure the Iraqi economy, and more than a trillion billion dollars entered Iraq from 2005 to 2017, there is money smuggling and the flight of Iraq's capital."

He stressed that "Ahmed Chalabi documents are present in the Finance Committee and have been submitted to the judiciary and integrity, and the negligent has not been held accountable. Ministers and general directors have been dismissed, who have been referred to integrity, and the concerned authorities must be asked about the arrival of the issues."

In the Iraqi case, foreign workers are present, the rights of foreign workers are reserved, the internal employment of young people is not reserved, and the parliament has issued laws to implement and that the executive bodies and the government to implement the work in accordance with the legal laws.

"Every official who does not implement the instructions and laws enacted by the House of Representatives must be dismissed."

We must address the possibility of Iraq appointing all graduates, and from the economic point of view Iraq cannot provide salaries for existing employees, so how about the new appointments, governments have not been interested in revitalizing the private sector, which is considered to be the only solution.

Iraq can add new jobs and the only solution is to revitalize the private and public sector and legislate laws, related to partnership with the private sector and self-financing companies, most of which are losers and must be converted. There is an opportunity to find work and the government must find a new exit for the private sector and this issue can be completed.

He stressed, "There are those who receive more than two salaries, but we need evidence and scrutiny. The problem is that the Ministries of Finance and Planning do not have a correct database on the number of employees in the countries, and the numbers in the Ministry of Finance differ from those in the various ministries for the number of their employees."

He continued, "Parliamentary Finance is following up the issue, and we have added a paragraph in previous budgets, and there is a financial number for both to avoid multiple salaries."

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