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AFter Stealing $ 128 Billion ... Barzani's Party Demands Baghdad To Pay Debts For Its Adventures DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

AFter Stealing $ 128 Billion ... Barzani's Party Demands Baghdad To Pay Debts For Its Adventures

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AFter Stealing $ 128 Billion ... Barzani's Party Demands Baghdad To Pay Debts For Its Adventures Empty AFter Stealing $ 128 Billion ... Barzani's Party Demands Baghdad To Pay Debts For Its Adventures

Post by GirlBye Sun Oct 11, 2020 4:34 pm

Farhood, The Territory For Iraqi Money, Does Not End

AFter Stealing $ 128 Billion ... Barzani's Party Demands Baghdad To Pay Debts For Its Adventures Photo_2020-10-11_17-50-16
The Iraqi Observer / Mushtaq Al-Hasnawi ...

Every now and then the Kurdish leaders remind their Iraqi counterparts that Kurdistan is the most beautiful and includes huge investment operations. This incident is always repeated when talking about smuggling oil in the north by the Barzani family, but the fact of the matter is that what happened in Kurdistan is because of its exploitation of political conflicts in Baghdad, please On giving it the description of the "egg of the bars" that favors the political bloc that wins the prime minister's seat under the notorious Crocker document, as well as the weakness of the governments that have caused woes to the people of Iraq because of the unlimited concessions made to the northern cities, the region owes Baghdad $ 128 billion as a result of not delivering its oil, In addition to the revenues of the crossings and airports, but what was recently raised by the Kurdistan Democratic Party aroused ridicule for everyone, as they are demanding Baghdad, and in particular the Al-Kazemi government, to pay Kurdistan’s $ 28 billion debt, which came due to the non-payment of oil companies ’dues by Barzani’s government.

The Al-Fateh Alliance held the central government responsible for not controlling revenues in the region, stressing the need to implement the law and not granting the region revenues and budgets at the same time, and the government must resolve the financial file with the region in order to overcome the financial crisis, by recovering the funds owed by the region and which are estimated At $ 128 billion.

The Parliamentary Legal Committee also considered sending any amount to the Kurdistan region without obtaining the approval of the House of Representatives or enacting the federal budget law as a “legal violation,” warning Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi against “distributing” Iraqi funds as “donations” to the region.

Specialists have confirmed that no two disagree that Al-Kazemi is similar to those who preceded him in making concessions to the region in order to ensure their support for his party, which is to be formed soon to run in the next elections, as he sends money under the pretext of the salaries of the region’s employees, but in fact he is the first to know that it goes into the pockets of the corrupt in Kurdistan. For months, Baghdad sent a trillion and forty million dinars without legal basis, taking advantage of the slumber of parliament and the silence of the heads of the blocs who need the support of the Kurds in forming any new government, and the Iraqi provinces that suffer from a lack of allocations for their reconstruction are victim.

The specialist in economic affairs, Jasim Al-Taie, in contact with the (Iraqi Observer) believes that the Kurdish ministers practiced unpardonable financial crimes, but the political consensus is behind the silence on them, and today Al-Kazemi is proceeding at the same pace as his predecessors in sending money to Kurdistan without legal basis, and it is strange that the three presidencies are complicit with him. As for the heads of the blocs, they are keen to satisfy the Erbil government, and it is strange that a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) comes out to us to hold Baghdad the regional government's crimes that violate the law and demand it to pay its $ 28 billion debt.

Al-Taie added: The region’s imports of $ 24 billion all go to the pockets of the corrupt to buy palaces in Europe and America, while the Kurdish people are suffering from the hardship of living, and it was better for the elected parliament to summon Al-Kazemi for the money that he sent and would send, but it seems that the Presidency of Parliament is complicit with him.

For his part, the specialist in economic affairs, Jasim Al-Aqili, confirmed in contact with the (Iraqi Observer): that the region’s failure to comply with reducing its oil production has negatively affected Iraq's share and imports, as well as the border outlets that still affect the national product, and the recent agreement of Al-Kazemi with the region did not address Because of Iraq's oil quota and the need to reduce smuggling operations in the region, but rather an agreement of political courtesies at the expense of the suffering of Iraqis.

In addition, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Idris Shaaban, held the central government in Baghdad responsible for the Kurdistan region’s $ 28 billion debt, and Shaaban said that the Baghdad government should bear part of these debts.

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