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BRUCE´S BIG CALL HIGHLIGHTS for Sept 30 --  we do know that certain groups – certain people with SKR’s have been paid out –  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

BRUCE´S BIG CALL HIGHLIGHTS for Sept 30 -- we do know that certain groups – certain people with SKR’s have been paid out –

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BRUCE´S BIG CALL HIGHLIGHTS for Sept 30 --  we do know that certain groups – certain people with SKR’s have been paid out –  Empty BRUCE´S BIG CALL HIGHLIGHTS for Sept 30 -- we do know that certain groups – certain people with SKR’s have been paid out –

Post by Ponee Wed Sep 30, 2020 9:16 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK    Intel Begins:  17:25

Hello Everybody - Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday September 29th and you’re listening to The Big Call - Thanks for tuning in everyone – We’re going to do a short call tonight – probably only about a half hour or so – I want everybody to be able to watch the debate if you are interested in that –

Let’s take a few minutes now to do a little bit of intel – What I want to say is I did not have a lot to say on last Thursday because we thought we were really that close – we thought we could go anytime this week Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday was the general feel – its’ looking very good still - obviously Tuesday is about over

We are looking at the possibility – maybe from some sources - get notification on Wednesday – but the very real possibility of going and starting on Thursday – which is October 1st - The reason ------- is because it is the start of the new fiscal year for the country and even as we switch over from United States of America Inc - which we are out of now – and into America with the Restored Republic - that’s really what we have - going back to that – so I’m looking forward to that

Now – here’s the thing – it is a new start and if we start with a new currency which is the USN –it may not start for us – digitally it should start for us on the 1st - in terms of having currency in your pocket – money in your pocket – like cash money – that could come a little bit later – the bills have been printed – new USTN’s have been printed – as far as we know they are in the vaults in the banks or redemption centers already – at least 100’s 50’s and 20’s are there – from what we understand –

Over the weekend there were deliveries of new coins - remember how there has been a coin shortage? I spoke to that with the idea of they wanted to pull all of the old coins – quarters – half dollars – dimes - to pull the silver out of those so they could be re-minted as new coins with the proper amount of silver in each coin – ok that is what has happened –

The new coins were just delivered in some cases on Sunday - two days ago – into the banks – in rolls – many many rolls of half dollars - quarters and dimes – I don’t think they are doing anything with nickels and pennies – I would not be surprised if pennies went away at some point anyway –

They do have the rolls ready to go with the proper amount of silver in each one – and the new 100’s 50’s and 20’s ready to go - we know of new ATM machines for example that were delivered and set up and reinstalled even yesterday but have not been activated –

I don’t know why they have not been activated – but in some cases they could be waiting for the USTN’s to be put in those and then turned on – I don’t KNOW that – it’s only a guess - Only a guess – maybe that’s the case – otherwise why would they not just put USD’s back in the new ATM’s? – They can read both – so why didn’t they fill them with USD’s? I don’t know – just was something I thought interesting –

As far as timing – we do know that certain groups – certain people with SKR’s have been paid out – with what I’m calling “spending” money – or “pocket” money - but nobody’s been paid that I know of in really big money ---- yet – No one has received the “mother-lode” and I think that there are people – small groups – that I know of personally that will be possibly getting access to real money – more of the “mother-lode” tomorrow and some people will probably wait –

We have a shot of getting the notifications tomorrow according to some sources – realistically – I think we should set our sights for Thursday Oct 1st – as a new start to the new fiscal year – new currency possibly in terms of the digital –

However – let’s go to this – overnight tonight we believe since the Iraqi Dinar – they’ve been talked about over in Iraq on television - all over TV the last couple of days – that the Dinar would change its value Wednesday –

We are looking for that to occur Wednesday morning Iraqi time – right after first morning prayer – which is pretty early – it’s like sunrise – ok – so I think we’re looking at the possibility of things updating on Forex tonight with the USTN or USN – Forex – and our Iraqi Dinar – as well IQD / IQN whatever they’re calling it – that should update overnight tonight in the 2:00 – 4:00 am region – Eastern Daylight time –

Plus we do know that in Iraq – in a 20 mile zone – between the Iranian border and Iraq – in that zone – in North Kurdistan – we know that there were about 2800 people arrested in a day’s period of time by sunset yesterday - Taken in custody – and that cleared the way I believe for traffic to be proper between Iran and Iraq on the Norther Border

and then also we’ve heard that Kurdistan is saying that they’re open for business – Internationally – that’s significant – I’m sure that is important and it’s just saying they’re getting ready and obvious they want US investment in Iraq – they really want the US investment – other countries as well but I’m sure you’re going to hear about conferences that Iraq holds with open to a lot of countries to invest in their country – I really believe that’s coming

So there’s some really good signs that are pointing toward this going – now tomorrow as far as the change rate – nobody really knows – only very few people know what the rate is on the new Iraqi Dinar but we have a rough idea – I think based on what Dr Shabibi said when he was here back in 2012 – if you remember that particular meeting he said that the Dinar was capable of sustaining at XX dollars and you remember what that was –

I think we could be there or higher here for this country – so – really that’s the bulk of the intel - I think what we want to say is like Sue and Bob said – having wisdom – we have some very good things happening out there that I just told you about – rates are going to be fine – don’t be concerned about that –

One other thing – when you do get the 800 number and you call to set your appointment – you will be tracked to a certain extent nu NSA and so on – so what you should NOT say when you give the number out to a friend or something if you call them on the phone – just don’t mention anything other than the phone number itself – in other words do not bring up anything relative to the location of the redemption center – or even use the term “redemption center” – do not say anything other than giving them the number –

Everybody have a great night Thank you for listening -


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