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MarkZ: "We are still hearing very positive things out of Iraq" 9/28/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "We are still hearing very positive things out of Iraq" 9/28/20

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MarkZ: "We are still hearing very positive things out of Iraq" 9/28/20 Empty MarkZ: "We are still hearing very positive things out of Iraq" 9/28/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:08 am

Member:  Good morning Mark, an excellent week for a RV. Golden Opportunity, don't you think??

Member:  If Trump wants this RV to affect the economy before the election day …he needs to get the RV out the door now.

MZ:  We are still hearing very positive things out of Iraq. We saw no movement over the weekend in Asia and Europe. The middle east is very positive that we will soon get a new rate this week . To early today for news out of the west coast.

MZ: Things still appear to be sitting on the precipice.

MZ: Very quiet from my government side about the October 1st thing.

MZ: Brent Johnson is going to join us today at the end of the call with a list from one of his sources of phrases that are not allowed……terms you cannot use at your exchange or violate your NDA after the exchange. …..Redemption, Exchange , Global Currency Reset (GCR), Revaluation (RV) ,Currency exchange rates , Quantum Financial System (QFS) .   Do not use these terms after you exchange and sign an NDA

MZ: He is being told they will be looking through our data to see if we violate the NDA…We do not want to violate any terms of the NDA .   Do not use these terms on phone or computer.

Member:  Anybody still think they want us to have this money!? Looking for every way possible to steal it from us

Member:  best exchange rate site……shows new 10 dinar bill

MZ: Things are heating up

Member:  The government of Iraq said the reform package to include the rate change is set for 2021. That comes from the government but the way news comes out of Iraq these days we do not know for sure how much of it is controlled by Iran.

Member:  Iraq TV has been broadcasting theCBI governor announcing the launch of paper reforms for the currency of Iraq coming to a bank sector soon.

Member:  ISAAC Did not report over the weekend. 9/25 Just to inform that everything has move for Tuesday to Thursday being that day a very important one. Also should finish all before Election Day.

A guest from Australia joined stream…..I was unable to understand him…volumn was to low……..

Member:  For those who missed it….The craziness going on in Australia …they only have a limited number of states…the states are huge but he cannot take his hay from one side of his farm to the sheep on another part of his farm without quaranteeing it for 14 days. This is just nuts.

Member:  Some smaller banks were not able to process payments and deposits on Friday. Said it would be up and running on Monday. working on it over weekend. QFS switch?

Member:  I think the small banks here switched to the QFS system...no deposits or loan payments could be recorded on Friday and they said they were working through the weekend. Said Monday will be working.

Member:  The RV goes thru the QFS, no hacking or thievery from the banks. Will be an entirely new system, banks will have a different function going forward.

Member:  All funds are to be put in the Quantum Financial System in accounts you will set up as you redeem and exchange. Those are the conditions the Alliance has set up to allow people to do their revaluation

Member:  QFS Movie by- lambwins THANX!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLGiH...

Member:  Dont forget to sign your NDAs with “”All Rights Reserved or Without Prejudice: UCC 1-308. It’s Performance or acceptance under reservation of rights. A party who, with explicit reservation of rights…..that’s what my Washington lawyer told me to put on in every bank document I signed during the redemption.

Q: If banks are becoming obsolete- why do we need to sign NDA’s?

MZ: I assume is for our protection? To keep everybody from telling people about our great wealth and exposing us to risk….thats my thought. They also don’t want to admit they have been hiding a reset forever. .

Member: the rich and Cabals have Hi-Jacked the voting process

Q: Still hoping we get to vote on a new Quantum voting system….Charles Ward called it a QVS and it uses the same unhackable technology as the QFS.  Allegedly

MZ: That’s the rumors we keep hearing…..also that we may see a very early October surprise from the Trump campaign….I hope this is it. .

MZ: Most states do not have the infrastructure in place for mail in voting…..so much could go wrong.

Member:  The Ballots being returned to States cannot be accurately counted. Many things are already going very wrong!

MZ:  https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/wisconsin-authorities-investigate-absentee-ballots-found-ditch-fbi-probes-discarded-pro

Member:  BREAKING: LIVE MISSILE Capable Of Bringing Down AIR FORCE ONE Found At American Airport!  https://threepercenternation.com/2020/09/13/breaking-live-missile-capable-of-bringing-down-air-force-one-found-at-american-airport-2-2-2/

Member: I think that news is from last month

Member:  It is past time for antifi terrorists to be stopped by whatever means is necessary - once and for all! All this damage and fires - just horrible.

MZ: It will sure be interesting to watch the disclosure side this week….more and more is coming out about , bank corruption, bribes ect……

Member:  14th Amendment, military martial law, Trump steps down from the "Corporation", then back under the Constitution.

Member:  troops blowing up the DUMB produced 2 back-to-back earthquakes, 3.0 and 3.6 magnitudes, near Palm Springs Friday morning 9/25

Member:  It is rumored the shotgun release sequence of events Mon 9/28, Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

Member: Chicago had another violent weekend 57 shot…some were children…..3 fatalities…

Member: Dayton Ohio is shut down…some streets shut down….for military excercises that are happening in a handful of cities across the country….

MZ: Think about this…live training in American cities for military action….??? What do you read from that? Are they expecting large scale riots and protesting???? I find it troubling.

Member:  A few articles out this weekend about the CENTRAL bank digital currency

MZ: The Bahamas bank was talking about their adoption of the new digital standards this weekend. They are looking at October 20th for them to adopt those.

MZ: Does that mean we are going to start Oct. 1st and we watch it roll out?  Does it mean it will all be in place on Oct. 1st?    We are at the end and we need something to happen.

MZ:  https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/the-bahamas-reveal-details-october-date-of-landmark-central-bank-digital-currency-debut

MZ:  New Dollar Backed by Gold Coming This October 2020?  https://gsiexchange.com/is-a-new-dollar-backed-by-gold-at-10000-per-ounce-coming-by-october-1st-2020/

Q: Do you believe Gesara will eliminate debts between countries? 

MZ: Absolutely….That is a big part of it and we are told this is Tier 2 before they move to tier 3. I am told to be looking for that as a clear sign as to where we are.

Q: What’s up with Chinese Railroad bonds being sold on ebay?

MZ: I heard there were a lot of counterfeit bonds being sold from China and put on ebay…..be very cautious.  I would need proof they were legit before I would buy any of them.

Brent Johnson joins stream toward the end of it today…please listen to the replay for all the details..

MZ: Don’t panic…but if there are certain terms they do not want us to use…..don’t use them

MZ: Terms to avoid…..Redemption, Exchange, Global Currency Reset (GCR), Revaluation, (RV), Currency exchange rates, Quantum Financial System (QFS)

Brent Johnson:  I consider this good news because the fact that this information has come out means we are incredibly close to our common objective. .

From a source that is extremely high up….at the very top of the pyramid. I consider this information to be 100% credible. It was given to me very seriously.

I was told that once you have made initial contact….what that means is  say notifications have gone out….emails or 800 numbers…whatever it is….if you call the 800 number that is considered to be “your initial contact”. Not at your appointment yet.

The word I was told is Once you make “Initial Contact” whether it’s from email or 800 number……that you will be monitored by the NSA….

Your phones, computers… all electronics …certain words and phrases will be off limits……if they hear these phrases you may be barred from exchanging and redeeming…..it is as simple as that .

You will not be allowed to speak about : Redemption, Exchange, Global Currency Reset (GCR), Revaluation, (RV), Currency exchange rates, Quantum Financial System (QFS)

They will have massive computer systems checking for this wording…..They will pick up on key words ….if they hear the following : Redemption, Exchange, Global Currency Reset (GCR), Revaluation, (RV), Currency exchange rates, Quantum Financial System (QFS)

I was told that people like Mark and myself who do live calls….will we get in trouble if we are asked about these terms and I was told “No…not if we don’t engage with them. “ We will have to say we cannot talk about this …period. If someone asks you a question about any of those terms….cut if off and do not talk about it…..at all…..

Do not mess with this….it is not worth the risk.

When we get to the appointment we obviously can discuss these things…get all our questions answered…..and at that point you will sign the NDA.

Be sure to ask questions at our apt about the NDA..whether we can talk to others who signed NDA’s, Whether we can talk to our wealth managers, private bankers, attorneys about this or do they need to sign an NDA.? At our exchange appointments be sure to ask these questions and I am sure they will tell you in detail what we can and cannot do. 

The biggest concern you will have is from the time you make initial contact (via email or 800 number)  from the time you make the appointment to the appointment …..do not talk about any of those terms.

Redemption, Exchange, Global Currency Reset (GCR), Revaluation, (RV), Currency exchange rates, Quantum Financial System (QFS)

MZ: I am told this will be made very clear to us when we make our appointments…do not mention these terms anywhere there is a smart device…no Alexa, no smart phones anywhere around you….in your car….use common sense….. assume you are being listened to everywhere…

Brent Johnson:  I have not made contact yet so I can talk about this…tonight is the last call I probably will be able to talk about this…..this is good news which means we are very, very close….

I think this exchange will be easier than people thing right now to get through because they plan on getting through it fast.

MZ: They will need to get us in and out quickly

Brent Johnson: The latest intel I have is we are a “Hair” away from the release of tier 2, and when that happens….everything else will happen. Within a couple of days notifications will go to tier 3 and 4a, and then possibly a week after that notifications go out to us at 4b. 

MZ: I hear similar and waiting to see evidence on tier 2 so I can get excited. .

Brent Johnson: What we hear is late last week from high up is tier 2 is 100% complete and 95% released,,,and something happened I cannot tell here in an open forum ….that caused a glitch in the release……I should know more later today…but we are a “hair” away. …

MZ: Brents call will be tonight at 9pm est

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MarkZ: "We are still hearing very positive things out of Iraq" 9/28/20 Empty Re: MarkZ: "We are still hearing very positive things out of Iraq" 9/28/20

Post by Ponee Wed Sep 30, 2020 8:57 pm



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