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VIDEO: Peace In The Middle East? (A MUST WATCH)

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VIDEO: Peace In The Middle East? (A MUST WATCH) Empty VIDEO: Peace In The Middle East? (A MUST WATCH)

Post by GirlBye on Sun Sep 27, 2020 1:30 pm

The Israel Arab problems, are one of the major ones of the 20th and 21st centuries. Till now 5 Major wars occurred resulting in life loss of more than 200000 people. But recently the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain signed a historic agreement with Israel called The Abraham Accords. Now the question is.

To begin, Historically both Jews, and Arab Muslims lay their claims on the land of Israel from centuries. But things got worse when Jews fled to Israel, because of horrifying atrocities in Europe. And this triggered a political problems in the early 20th century. As Jews wanted to establish Israel their national homeland. The Arabs resisted, seeing the land as rightfully theirs. Although United Nations intervened and planned to give each group a part of the land, but this too failed.
After all Israel and the surrounding Arab nations had several conflicts over the territory. Decades have passed, but no proper solution came up. And sue to this constant conflict, most Arab countries do not recognize Israel as a country.
But now it looks like, things are changing. The Abraham accord could be the beginning of peace in the region. As the UAE and Bahrain are not the first countries to recognize Israel. Egypt in 1977 was the first Arab country to recognize Israel, and signed a peace deal with them.
So what is this Abraham Accord and what benefits it will bring in this region?
In the Abraham Accords declaration, there are three main documents. The Declaration of Peace, Cooperation, Constructive Diplomatic, and Friendly Relation with Israel. Although this accord does not give the detailed information. But it is expected in the coming weeks the delegations from Israel, and the UAE will meet to sign bilateral deals.
After this, we can see significant cooperation in the sector like tourism, technology, energy, cybersecurity, and other areas of mutual benefit. This cooperation will support the UAE’s economic development agenda, and also its ongoing journey to diversify its economy from the dependence on oil ,to one of the most advanced economies. The Israeli Ministry of Economy estimates that the normalization of ties between Israel and the UAE could lead to $500 million in bilateral trade, and investment.

What is the significance of this Accord in the Middle East region?
From a political point of view, the timing of the deal suggests that its primary purpose was to deliver a political victory for the current US President in his upcoming November election. Plus this would make the Israeli prime minister more politically strong.
But from a strategic point of view, this deal is actually to counter Iran. The main threat to the countries like Saudi Arabia, and UAE perceive today is Iran and their regional proxy wars, along with extremist Islamist movements. These countries know the Iranian power projection, and they want to prevent the rise of another horror like the Islamic State in the future. Also, the UAE and Saudi Arabia no longer perceive Israel as a serious threat to them. As this the deal will not only solidify and formalize the anti-Iranian coalition in the region, but could also give UAE the ability to buy a greater quantity of arms from the US.
As you know the US is slowly pulling out its forces from the Middle East region, whether it is Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria. And new players like China is entering in this region through stronger ties with Iran.
So creating Allies with Israel could significantly improve UAE's, and Bahrain's influence in this region. one more advantage is, the Israeli technology, and military hardware is most advanced in the Middle East.
Yet Opening relations with Israel will certainly have an impact. It may lead to other Arab countries to recognize Israel. Also expanding economic ties between two of the richest countries in the Middle East will surely benefit both the economies. On the other hand, it may also further escalate tensions in the Persian Gulf, and could encourage Iran to resume its pursuit to secure itself.
Meanwhile, the Palestinians could face some pressure to accept this deal, as the most powerful Arab states make clear that they no longer care, and the two-state solution still looks questionable. Despite, new peace agreements, the Middle East remains as strategically complex and dangerous as it was before. Although it is too early to predict what that will be the impacts, and only time will tell the output of this deal.

0:00 Introduction
0:40 History
1:44 Abraham Accords
2:44 Reasons
4:05 Impacts
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