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Post by Ponee Sat Sep 26, 2020 8:32 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay Link   Intel Begins:  56:35

Hello Everybody - Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday September 22nd and you’re listening to The Big Call - Thanks for tuning in everyone – I’m excited to get this call going and we will have a good call tonight –

As far as the intel goes this is really an interesting time for us because we have information no from 3 different sources pointing to something going down between now and tomorrow – We’ve got 2 sources in Hong Kong that are different – unrelated sources that are coming back with a very very close – and something should be happening with a release for the change over from the USD to the USN – digitally as a world tradeable currency – it could happen overnight –

It may happen before the forex updates between 2:00 and 2:30 am – Eastern – and with that change all the currency that we use dollar going from a fiat dollar to a gold backed / asset backed dollar – which is the USN – or USTN - going back to that – is what we are looking for – and that should occur and then almost immediately we can look forward to the groups that are based out west being funded in their account and should also give them access to funds probably within 24 hours of that happening –

It might be even more instant than that – but it’s a good thing right now we are sort of looking for that change over to take place – that is something we are looking for tonight – or overnight

If that occurs what will it do for tier 4B? I think it puts us to where we should be notified within 24-48 hours –so we’ll see how that shakes out – it’s hard to say – the timing sometimes when you’re coming up on a weekend you don’t know whether it will go for us on a Fri/Sat – or whether it puts Monday into play – Right now we have to just go one day at a time – that is really the way we have to look at this –

We are on an hour by hour basis – for the release to take place – it’s really what we are looking at – so that is quite possible – Beyond that – we get the impression that I am saying we are very very close – but…….

Let’s talk just a second about the NESARA Universal Basic Income – remember we had the $1200 check – I think we just got one didn’t we – or the direct deposit into your account – or some of you received a debit card through the mail – that was loaded with the funds for you and your family – those three ways –

My understanding over the last couple of days is – and this came from 2 different sources – was that the Universal Basic Income might follow the same pattern that they are going to do in Germany – which is - we had it that we were going to get the $1200 - $1500 per month and it seems that what I’m hearing is the amount may have settled at $1400 per month - every month – for 3 years – Universal Basic Income –

Now – that is what I have heard a few days ago and I heard it again today – so we look forward to that – that is going to be gas money for us – it’s not that big of a deal – but – it’s nice to know that it’s out there - when does it start? Good question – we’re coming up on the end of the fiscal year for the government – I don’t know –

I would assume that our new Restored Republic Government maybe on the same fiscal year – which actually starts October 1st so we could be in a situation where that starts – the UBI which is similar to the stimulus – not quite the same – but similar – could start after the first of Oct

Now – the interesting thing is in a way it is an incentive to work – in some parts of the country what that would pay per month with 2 adults that is $2800 - without kids – so can you live on that? Yeah – in some parts of the country you can - if you are on Social Security – yeah - but is it really what is going to incentivize someone to go back to work or continue to work? So that is the real question – So let’s see how that goes –

With the projects that we are going to be doing – we are going to be hiring and creating jobs for a lot of people – of course those jobs would pay well - we know that – but we also have to be aware that the work force that’s out there - hopefully is well trained – may or may not be as available as we think – with a Universal Basic Income like that – so we are going to have to see how that works –

I don’t believe there is whole lot else to share – we are very very close – we are looking for this to pop – we thought it was going to go between last Tuesday and today – it hasn’t gone yet tonight and tonight is almost over – but will it go through??

If we get something tonight or overnight that indicates the change over from USD to USN – we are looking for it – so maybe that will occur – and maybe the adjustment will be made on the Forex – and maybe we can get this thing started –

I will say this – anecdotally we have a lot of information about some smaller groups of VIP or private groups that have gone and exchanged over the last 2 weeks – that are receiving some liquidity - not all of it – but they’re getting access to funds – either same day or the next – with a percentage – somewhere in the 1 – 1 ½ % of their total and you know if you are a Zim holder that turns into real money –and they’re getting that –

Obviously we are all sitting here waiting for our turn – these would be groups considered Whales or maybe VIP’s or private that are between tier 3 and tier 4 starting - We are staying patient for our turn which is coming very very soon -

There was not much to report on tonight because we are that close -


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