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Post by Ponee Thu Sep 24, 2020 9:01 pm

Member: Are we there yet?

MZ: I am still hearing positive things. There is still the possiblility of a vote in Iraq on the budget…maybe a temporary rate or interim budget until the real one comes out….. late in their evening which for us is at any moment now. I hear this will be our sign that everything has been triggered. 

MZ: There is a lot of really positive chatter out of the middle east right now. 

MZ: On the banking side in Asia, Europe and even the US …they are still sitiing on “go” with no release yet. I cannot find any dollars that have moved and nothing in teir 3 has moved yet either….so of course nothing is moving in tier 4a.  

MZ: We are in a strange lull…..i think it’s the lull before the storm. 

Member: I did hear that Iraq came of some type of black list 

MZ: They are making great strides…..they have positioned themselves well…..world peace has positioned itself well……we really are getting into that perfect launch period. 

Member: When Iraq starts- the world follows behind…..Nothing happens until Iraq RVs….

MZ: It is a key and critical part of this Global Currency Reset. Made so by Bush Jr. of course it was scripted beforehand and he was just the actor performing the role…….they will all go at the same time and that is why we watch the Dinar. The Dinar has been waiting for the reset to be ready….so it’s one of the easiest things to watch. 

Member:  Economic meltdown! RV now, or big trouble ahead!

Member:  Trump said we will have a wonderful Christmas.

Member:  6000 new technologies are coming out that they held back from us

Member:  Judy Note: The Shotgun Start was still scheduled for this week. We have been told to watch for it over the next now-24 hours. On Wed. evening 23 Sept.

Member:  On Wed. evening 23 Sept. Fleming’s source said, “We should watch for the end of the banking day in a certain western city and be interested in the Thurs. 24 Sept. Morning Update.”

MZ: You can see lots of rumors on the boards…..but some of it is so scripted I don’t buy any of it….

Member: We are all still waiting on a second stimulus check. 

MZ: There seems to be a lot of confusion about who is responsible for our pain and suffering right now…..many people forget the whole process on how things work…..link to school house rock…..That we do not have a second stimulus bill is all Congress’s fault!!! Put the blame where the blame is due!!!

MZ: Schoolhouse Rock: America - I'm Just a Bill Music Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFroMQlKiag

Member: The ones really responsible are the cabal Satanists.!!

MZ: Well they have a hold on congress obviously. Both sides are guilty in this…it’s not just one side. 

Member:  Also the QFS has to be up and running before we RV

Member:  All waiting for the QFS to be activated, than everyone get paid.

Member: I don’t think it will happen until there are arrests. 

MZ: IMO we are seeing that now with all this disclosure. 

Member:  Hunter Biden involved with human trafficking!! latest on the news!

Member:  The PAIN caused by Politicians working for Corporation, all should be removed. Time for a Iceland Type Revolution. We need to take this country back from the corrupt politicians,lawyers and bankers..

Member: My guess is Biden will suddenly get “Covid” and Kamala will be the candidate.

MZ: That is probably a good guess. 

Member:  if you go to California public arrest records and put in the search bar Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters and Dianne Feinstein and Gavin Newsom and Adam Schiff they will all come up as being arrested.

Member:  Pres. Trump signed another EO saving our children, particularly babies aborted to full term MUST be saved medically. Thank you for saving our angels, POTUS, may God continually bless and protect us!

MZ:   https://youtu.be/CJURG-4Y8Wo   Australian Sky News.  Biden is just not “there” 

Member:  no matter what happens make sure you have food ,water & something for heat black outs in the winter could be something that Deepstate would do

Member:  Greg Hunter & Guest sending warning that everyone should be stocking up on can goods if you want to be prepared. Just look at the shelves in your local stores. BUY CAN GOODS while you can.


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