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COFFEE WITH MARKZ  - Transcript  for Sept 22 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript for Sept 22

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ  - Transcript  for Sept 22 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript for Sept 22

Post by Ponee Tue Sep 22, 2020 8:46 pm

Member:  It's a good day to RV!

MZ: well the world seems to be positioning for exactly what we want.   There has never been a time in recorded history where fiat currency did not implode and force a reset. In the words of Voltaire: “ Fiat value always returns to its intrinsic value-zero.”

MZ: We had a nothing burger of news overnight. But I am still hearing exceptionally positive things from my Iraqi contacts. My metals people are still looking for a worldwide adoption of a new asset/gold standard on Oct. 1st. A whole lot has to happen by then. My metals contacts are positioning and trying to fill orders this month before the reset or what we consider to be a new monetary standard or asset backed dollars on Oct. 1st. 

MZ: I do feel good about where we are at…I’m not scared. They have a set schedule and we are watching it play out. 

MZ: Perhaps they are holding us back on purpose …maybe they don’t want to telegraph to the whole world that this is it. If we get to go in…there would be no more hiding of it. 

MZ: As far as paymasters and private ministry groups….tier 3…I cannot find anything that has moved or happened yet. Until somebody has spendable cash it has not happened yet. 

MZ: So for the most part overnight was a nothing burger…but there is a whole lot happening right now in the real world news. 

Member:  I want my nothing burger with bacon & cheese...make that a double nothing burger!

Member:  A fat lady has to sing at some point.....
Member:  The new system will be a transition. The reason no firm RV dates to confuse cabal.

Member:  Our government is only funded through Sept 30th. 

MZ: Well everybody is still in place….nobody’s received any dollars. In Asia, the middle east and Europe. The chatter from the West Coast is we are waiting for an event….they do not know what the event is. I assume the reset and the RV. There is very positive stuff from the middle eastern contacts .

Member:  : The new CBI governor and the Prime Minister are both telling the citizens a rate change is coming at 1:1 and telling them now the small category notes are in the banks ready for the announcement.

Member:  I know someone that is waiting on a large amount of $$$ for projects. Her paymaster was filling out paperwork a few days ago but have no more news .

Member:  Isaac posted this yesterday evening:::::: Hello… tomorrow I will be in the afternoon with confirmations or more delays …so see you tomorrow.

Member:  A retired General says this week and that the completed audit of Zimbabwe assets exceeded several Quadrillion dollars so no problem on the RV 

Member:  This week is special. Ghislaine Maxwells appeal will be heard today, to try and block her 2016 deposition which includes 1009s of elite names. POTUS to nominate a new SCJ by this weekend. Eyes on!

Member:  This week expect to see release of Hillary's emails that were located on Weiner's laptop....along with the flight logs from Epstein [i.e., more criminal politician disclosures].

Member:  Good friends nephew just got back from Gitmo as a Marine, He said it amazing the amount of construction.

Member:  If congress does not pass the stimulus bill recommended by the problem solvers group today many incumbents will be booted out on Nov 3rd.

Member:  Let's be honest here.... Congress DOES NOT care about the citizens ability to live... if so, they would stop THEIR paychecks, too

Member:  so the running count on the executive order to confiscate funds from human trafficking in the US Treasury has in his account just from that EO close to 3 trillion dollars a confiscated money

Member:  RT reports massive money laundering from world banks today

Member:  The Global banks sting has caused the stock markets to crash, gold/silver prices to dip and 100 Deutschebanks to close. RV is coming soon!

Member:  Secret documents show how North Korea launders money through U.S. banks

Member:  sign on the B of A branch yesterday in Huntington Beach California: Due to unforeseen circumstances we will be closed for two weeks.

Member:  "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."- Henry Ford

MZ: in China, even though there is a second lockdown because of Covid 19, and flooding…. it is finally leaking out about the bank runs….Banks are imploding in China which means this implosion will hit Europe next and that means we get a reset…..There is a lot of pressure on right now to see this happen. To force the reset before the system totally implodes. 

Member:  According to Ron Giles no RV until the QFS is totally functional worldwide.

MZ: That would absolutely make sense. When you look at payouts and the RV….They have held up settlements and all of those things until we have had the QFS. What good would exchanging be with the current tap and ping system where the bank could take your dollars?  What good would it be to roll all this out for humanity if it could just be stolen from us all?   

Member:  I believe there will be NO spendable cash until T4B starts exchanging / redemption... regardless of other Tiers... IMHO... just simple common sense

Member:  here's something for you all since GhisLane Maxwell has been arrested over a million children have been rescued coincidence I think not

Member:  I don't know if you people know this but Natalie Holloway the young woman that was supposedly killed in Aruba was the young lady that Trump in the alliance saved couple months ago dropping truth bombs

Member:  I had heard that it might be the Holloway girl—I hope so!

Member:  I Remember when General Milly was doing a press conference with Trump and they talked about a girl who was rescued…..I was really hoping it was Natalie!

Member: All these reports about Hollywood getting arrested…..i want to believe it but there is no proof anywhere…..

Member:   I wish I had verification of the reported arrests and executions. Are we sure this is factual, and how do we know for sure

Member:  It will all come out in the public after the election I think…….to many people would freak out if it happened before…imo

Member: yes- many still asleep…..I have a friend in CA that thinks all’s well there.


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