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bluwolf evening chat

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bluwolf evening chat Empty bluwolf evening chat

Post by soulwarriorone on Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:30 am

bluwolf Post 10/22 evening

« on: Today at 10:07:42 PM »

(*)BLUWOLF 10/22/11 TIME 7:30PM CST                     [bluwolf] good evening
[bluwolf] how are we this find night
[bluwolf] well frankly there is nothing else to say for the moment,for all is done
[bluwolf] remember that this is a silent one just like I have said
[bluwolf] and we must wait till all the show of announcements are over
[bluwolf] then we shall see the real light in this picture
[mangiabuona2] bluwolf do you think there will be a sucker rate at first then it will go up?
[bluwolf] no just the real rate
[glryan10] bluwolf so do you think we will see this rv before Thanksgving day
[bluwolf] gl now who is thinking about November
[bluwolf] gl it is done and it will appearas a thief in the night
[msjeta1] bluwolf did you see where the leader of Saudi Arabia died today
[bluwolf] ms in New york
[msjeta1] glryan10 they didn't officially say but he had been treated for cancer I think
all ME countries will fall with this domino effect,all Europe will go
into protest,US will follow,things will go wrong before all is revive
[msjeta1] bluwolf how much time do you think we will have before the bottom falls out?
[glryan10] bluwolf I am worrlied with all this stuff going on world wide the RV may never have an opportunity to happen?bluwolf evening chat Huh?
[bluwolf] gl the world is cleansing itself from the greedy,nothing will stop the rv

[bluwolf] listen up
[bluwolf] all is done
[bluwolf] all countries are accounted for
[bluwolf] announcements will be made
[bluwolf] after which anything will occur in the good way
[bluwolf] just let the bus stop
[bluwolf] and you will see your blessing ok
[bluwolf] rates will be the ones locked in,no 1 on 1 stuff ok
[bluwolf] there will not be any double dipping
[bluwolf] period
[bluwolf] imo this week should be a wonderful one for all involved ok so hang in there
[bluwolf] remember IMO
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bluwolf evening chat Empty Re: bluwolf evening chat

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:00 am

Go rv!!!


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