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Do Democrats Really Believe Biden Is Winning? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Do Democrats Really Believe Biden Is Winning?

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Do Democrats Really Believe Biden Is Winning? Empty Do Democrats Really Believe Biden Is Winning?

Post by kenlej Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:25 pm

Once it was the "big lie."  Now it is many little lies — riots are peaceful; he is she is they; Biden is not doddering; Trump will steal 2020.  Told often enough and given enough time, little lies become truth.

Today we live in the "age of lies" told to steal an election in November and control a populace who refuses to do as they are told.  All Americans should stop at least once before Election Day and take a hard look at the Democrat candidate, "King of Aphasia" Joe Biden.  When they do, they will understand what the left is planning.

Ignore his 47 years in elected office without accomplishment, save for the 1994 Crime Bill, which he has since disavowed.  Ignore that, as Robert Gates, former defense secretary under Obama, said, he has been wrong on every foreign policy issue facing the United States in the last 40 years.  Dismiss the serial corruption of his family as they traded on his political office to become wealthy.  Ignore the gaffes and the serial plagiarism.  Ignore his long association with politicians associated with the Ku Klux Klan.  Ignore his penchant for the unwanted touching of women and children and his creepy fondness for the smell of their hair.

Concentrate on the man and who he is today.  Look at the comparison of the Joe Biden who debated Paul Ryan in 2012 with the Biden of today, hoping to trade his basement for the White House cellar.  His mumbling and the many times he seems lost even when reading prepared answers off a teleprompter to prearranged questions from reporters pre-picked by his staff should force even the casual observer to admit he has lost much more than a step.

]His mental decline from even just a few years ago is pronounced.  He did, after all, undergo not one, but two brain surgeries in his life.  The blank stares and when he loses his train of thought halfway through sentences along with the bouts of anger and his spontaneous streams of logorrheic gibberish show he is losing the battle to maintain his mental acuity.

What serious voter would pick this man for the most important job on Earth?  Who sincerely believes that a man who is losing his faculties should be put in a position where he might control the fate of humanity?

No, in a normal world, the media would have already dispensed with moldering Joe.  Yet today, the left controls the Democratic Party, corporate media, social media, Big Tech, and the bureaucracy — and Biden is their candidate.  A candidate like Joe, who in a fair and free election would lose by a landslide regardless, of his opponent, combined with the fact that they genuinely believe they deserve the reins of power and thus Trump is illegitimate, makes their coming coup not only predictable, but also inevitable.

The Democrat-media claque have soiled themselves with the soul-staining perfidy of their onanistic pursuit of total and everlasting control of everything in a "fundamentally transformed" United States of America.  Constructing a nationwide virtual echo chamber, they have convinced themselves that the "tired old man they elected [their] king" is not only worthy of the presidency, but also actually in the lead in the two-way race for America's executive office.

They seek to create a belief in people that Biden is not only winning, but way ahead because when Trump wins by a landslide on the evening of November 3, they will be justified in deploying their 1,000-lawyer legal team to prevent his win through lawfare while party hacks work in the days and weeks following Election Day to create or find enough ballots to steal Trump's victory.

All this while, Antifa and Black Lives Matter soldiers take to the streets as the "voice of the people" in "organic" riots as they strive to impose the "will of the people" to overthrow a duly re-elected Trump.

Those on the left have convinced themselves that if not for Trump, we would be living in a nation they would diligently be making perfect.  Yet Trump is incidental.  Leftists have been walking down this path for a long time, and the Obama presidency was the ego boost they needed to progress from theory to action, allowing them to believe that any victory not won by the left must be outright theft and therefore should justifiably be fought and reversed.
They need people to think Biden was robbed.  They must convince voters that Trump stole the election.  It is the same strategy they used with Hillary but failed.  With the benefit of hindsight and almost four years of planning, they have marshaled their forces and are determined to succeed this time.

There is no more honest polling. Biden will always be winning, no matter how bad he is really losing.  There are no more unbiased media figures.  Talking heads between now and November will constantly explain to people just how much of a guaranteed bet Biden is to win the presidency.  When he loses, they will call for, and help organize, the "rebellion."  Google will skew search results, and Twitter, always willing to censor conservatives, will suspend Trump's account because that is how he bypasses the left and talks directly to Americans.  Facebook will follow suit.  Trump must not be allowed to speak to the people, lest he speak the truth.

Democrats are all in on stealing this election.  For them to succeed, they need to make people believe that Trump, when he wins, has stolen it first.

Americans do not have to allow this.  People need to organize and confront the Democrat-Antifa-BLM tough guys trying to suppress Republican voters at the polls and give Trump a resounding victory.  He must win the majority vote and the Electoral College by margins that make the election impossible for the left to steal and give the president a mandate to confront the rioters who will surely surge to violence and destruction to depose the president in the aftermath.
America is the greatest, most successful nation ever to have existed.  It is a republic, and only Americans can do what needs to be done to keep it.

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