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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes (Should Be BIG Lie Notes) 9/17/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes (Should Be BIG Lie Notes) 9/17/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes (Should Be BIG Lie Notes) 9/17/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes (Should Be BIG Lie Notes) 9/17/20

Post by RamblerNash Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:02 am

Hello Everybody - Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday September 17th and you’re listening to The Big Call - Thanks for tuning in everyone – We hope to have a very good call for you tonight -

Well – Let’s see – it’s Thursday night – Tuesday we did have some pretty good information and we got more yesterday of course - and we got a little bit today – that kinda gets us to the point where we’re moving forward but it seems like molasses – we’re moving slowly but we are moving forward –

The boxes of bonds – primarily the Zim – other assets are being hypothecated –being cleared in the Zim platform - not only in the US – NY - Miami – Dallas – Reno but also in London – Zurich – and also Singapore – so that was  7 locations around the world that is taking place - and that is important – that is happening with those platforms and groups – that’s happening so that they can establish the rate for the Zim – but it’s in the process now and we’re not too far away – from where we should be –

(Hypothecation is the practice where (usually through a letter of hypothecation) a debtor pledges collateral to secure a debt or as a condition precedent to the debt, or a third party pledges collateral for the debtor.)

We are also looking to get notification on the USN – being a tradeable reality – digitally – that will be – I believe a fairly simple thing when the USD accounts are transferred to USN - cause it is a digital thing we’re talking about happening – within the QF System – There is obviously a protocol for that – and we’re just about to the point where we could have that transition take place – It has to do with collateral accounts being in the position to pay out in that USN currency –

We talked about clean up on Isle 3 on Tuesday night – that did take place again Wednesday – and this was in about a 15 hour period – with a little over 2100 pickups – if you will – that was globally - something that needed to be done – my understanding is that aspect of it – the arrests are done –

And then we’ve got another group of course that is still in process – a much smaller number but are key individuals that need to be cleaned up – if you will – should take place by Saturday or Sunday – So it’s moving forward –

We know that the redemption center staff are on a part time basis going in for about 3 hrs a day – today – tomorrow – Saturday – possibly Monday 10:30 – 1:30 – now if something pops while they are there - they will add reinforcements and we will be good to go - Everything will be moving forward – and that’s what we want –

So there is sort of that activity going on at redemption centers and we also have the possibility of when is it going to be our turn?  From what I have heard yesterday and today – we ae sort of in the window from anytime now to Tuesday morning – and it could pop anytime within that except Sunday – probably not – because the redemption center staff is off on Sunday - but don’t write off the fact that it’s Thursday night – we are not necessarily deferred to next Tuesday – Something could pop for us anytime between now and Tuesday morning – we think – that’s what we have –

Now one treasury source said that we should be in the banks / redemption centers – by Monday – actually they said before Monday – well – ok – I’ll receive that – that would point to Friday and Saturday – that is ONE Treasury source – doesn’t mean it’s absolute - we have major banks telling us that the possibility is there to go between now and Tuesday – and we know that Tuesday morning the staff is going to be available from 9 am – until sometime at night pretty much straight through to the end of the month – so they are going to be prepared –

I am just going to say it this way – if we were to start Tuesday – not saying we will – could be before then - who knows - but IF we were to start Tuesday – that would only give us 9 days including Tuesday to exchange and redeem Zim by the end of the month - Which is their goal –

Their goal is to get tier 4B in and out by the end of this month so John Q Public can start on the 1st of October - So that gives us a pretty tight little window - Can we do it in 9 days?  Oh yeah – sure – do they want the Zim in 4-5 days? Sure they do - probably 90 % will be in easy by that time – and they do not want us coming back with second appointments in that time frame either – because they need to keep the redemption center available for people doing original exchanges and redemption of Zim - and they want access to wealth managers to be there during that time - where they’re not dealing with other issues

So we are going to be trying to get in and get out – we know certain people in tier 3 that have gone in and have been paid a small percentage of their exchange and are going to get another small percentage of their totals on Tuesday –

We understand Landa China Global is to get access to funds tomorrow to begin going and doing their projects – if that comes through for them – they have been waiting a very long time to get access to funds – and we know that we are moving forward into the adjudicated  and groups but we still need for the Cores to be paid – in which I believe in order for them to be paid we need to have the USN currency or US Treasury Notes – gold backed currency  there to transact for the Core – that is part of their contract – that is my understanding that it would be done in gold backed currency –

So – everything is coming together and just about ready to move in the direction of what we wanted it in – I believe the core is somewhat separate from tier 4A – has something going before tier 4A and tier 4B go together – but we could get surprised with some activity as early as overnight tonight to  through this weekend

I think we are looking very good for these activities to come forward for us and take us exactly where we need to be – last time I talked about the NDA a little bit – we talked about the exemption that you would have with primary contacts in an addendum - hopefully you’ve got that written and printed out – ready to present in your presentation –

We are looking for the Dinar to come up as an international rate on the screens Sunday morning 9AM Iraq time – that is going to end up being Saturday night about 1 am on the east coast and you can use your time zone accordingly – That is going to be good –  that is big -

Beyond that – it is a matter of them moving through - you know the cleanup has got to be done far enough along where they are comfortable with our going – and you also know that the financial system – the QFS – they’ve got it all  done and the countries that were hesitate to come in now have come in  to the new system - we know the SWIFT is on its last legs and is there primarily right now to catch the bad guys which is working

So this transition that we’re about to come into is going to be a major paradigm shift for the country – for us – and really for the people that we influence globally – that we are able to touch with our blessing – I’m very excited about it More excited than I’ve ever been and I think we are just about there –

Now will it take all the way to Tuesday?  Maybe – could – but the same time we do have that possibility of going like the one treasury source said - be in the banks before Monday –

So let’s keep that positive spirit working with us and keep the faith for this strong and then do the most that you can do to be prepared - I know I’m going to hear more – what I’m hearing now is good - it seems a lot of people we talk to are coming together with similar information that seems to be confirming - and that’s what we want.

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