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FLEMING UPDATE, 16 SEPT -- Tier 4B notifications may come out any time from now until Thurs. evening 17 Sept. DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

FLEMING UPDATE, 16 SEPT -- Tier 4B notifications may come out any time from now until Thurs. evening 17 Sept.

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FLEMING UPDATE, 16 SEPT -- Tier 4B notifications may come out any time from now until Thurs. evening 17 Sept. Empty FLEMING UPDATE, 16 SEPT -- Tier 4B notifications may come out any time from now until Thurs. evening 17 Sept.

Post by Ponee Wed Sep 16, 2020 8:13 pm

Wed. 16 Sept. 6:44 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

 Payouts were continuing Tues. 15 Sept. overnight into Wed. 16 Sept. of adjudicated accounts, SKR holders, etc, after which the Admiral would initiate the Tier 3-4a Core Groups pay out. Next would be we in Tier 4B who would receive notification, still planned for this week.

 Tues. 15 Sept. 7:05 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

1. Multiple sources expected to start the Shotgun Release process on Tues. 15 Sept, though full liquidity release to all tiers and Tier 4B notifications may come out any time from now until Thurs. evening 17 Sept.

2. The legitimate 800# Safe Link Website would be in notification emails sent to currency and Zim holders and would also be given to Bruce, MarkZ, Fleming, Dinar Recaps, TNT, Dinar Chronicles and a few other Intel providers.

3. Recent rumors “not to trust TNT, MarkZ, Fleming for the numbers were entirely erroneous and inaccurate guesses and speculation not demonstrated by any objective evidence proving the claims.

4. Watch who you listen to out there in Dinarland and ask for God-given discernment, as there was much misinfo by well-meaning but mistaken “Intel providers,“ and there was still Cabal produced disinfo being put out to confuse and dishearten currency holders.

5. On Mon. 14 Sept. certain currency and bond holders in Zurich, Reno and other banking centers were invited to go into the bank starting Mon. 14 Sept. to receive 1-2% advances on their account funds (money of account). This was a prelude to the beginning of the Shotgun Release which led to our Tier 4B start this week.

6. These advances were allowed to keep people in their respective banking centers till the Shotgun Release started this week.

7. “I have heard customers in a certain bank have been called in to transact [exchange/ redeem/ process] currency on Mon. 14 Sept. Not sure about liquidity.”

8. Bond and currency holders were being told by bankers that they expected to start exchanges / redemptions and payouts on Tues. 15 Sept.

9. Liquidity was supposed to be released fully to all tier accounts when Tier 4B notifications started at a particular time in the schedule this week. The schedule may only be adjusted minimally at this point, if it was necessary to fix any issues, but it was being pushed out now as Trump mandated to DoD security teams and the other RV teams last Thurs. 10 Sept.

10. He said he was not allowed to describe whatever he knew about the actual timing of the Shotgun Release & Tier 4B notifications going out, which he said could come any time over the next 24-72 hours (from Mon. 14 Sept), but he could share that the beginning of the release process leading to the Shotgun Release coordinated with the Tier 4B notifications, was being started as expected by bankers, govt sources, bond holders, currency holders, group leaders and many others on Tues. 15 Sept.

11. The claim that “you get a certain set amount for each currency” in the exchange / redemption and that the rates would not be negotiable was misinformation.

12. One could ask for the higher Contract Rates on each currency, including Dinar, Dong and ZIM.

13. They were “hearing that the VND was showing on (Mexico and Canada verified) bank screens at $0.34 right now. Our guy said that was the International Rate, not the In-country Rates for USA exchanges / redemptions and certainly not the higher Contract Rates which each currency holder could and should ask for to make sure they were getting the best rate available in their exchange / redemption appointment.

14. Government Contacts were saying that this week and over the next two weeks would be the beginning of significant disclosures and revelations of criminal cases against Brennan, Comey, and other Obama-gate officials who illegally spied on the President Trump & his campaign, accepted bribes from foreign powers to do so, obstructed justice by altering & destroying evidence [e.g., Mueller & his team wiping their govt cell phones of incriminating text messages], and thereby committed treason (google “QAnon.pub,” see the last three days of posts and google “Praying Medic https://threader.app/thread/1305203856754708480 3, 4, 7”).

15. Q gave us a two-week window in which to watch for events related to Spygate. The dates ran from Mon. 14 Sept. through Fri. 25 Sept.

16. These disclosure soft-leak-events were deliberately coordinated with the RV release of exchanges / redemptions over the next two and a half weeks.

17. A thread written by @prayingmedic: This is my Q thread for Sept. 13, 2020 My Theme: The Future of Our Republic Is at Stake https://t.co/LeEzYfhg3T

18. The 5G towers in the US were used to emit the very dangerous 5G microwave frequencies. The Deep State intended to use them to increase Covid-19 symptoms to sicken and kill off the general population. In order to overturn what the Deep State intended by misusing 5G against people, the 5G towers have now been converted as of the past months by Spec Ops inserting magnets into them neutralizing the dangerous frequencies and making the 5G harmless now for new phones that will be on 5G networks.

19. Australia and New Zealand would be the first countries outside of America to implement the magnets to neutralize the harmful effects of 5G in those countries.

20. Harmful 5G would soon be ended around the globe in every country post-RV by the Alliance, Trump and the White Hats in each country.

21. Keep all in prayer, get your project presentation dusted off and practice it because it was expected that you would be going through it with exchange bankers this week.


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