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COFFEE WITH MARKZ  - Transcript and Video  -- Sept 16 2020  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Sept 16 2020

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ  - Transcript and Video  -- Sept 16 2020  Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Sept 16 2020

Post by Ponee Wed Sep 16, 2020 8:05 pm

Member:  Good Morning all.. Multiple sources say Tier 4B will start by this Friday. Hope you are already to change the World

Member:  Another day of disappointment. I thought yesterday 9/15 was to be our day!! DAMN!!!

MZ: No dollars have moved. Most of my bond people have been told to look for early next week instead of this week now….I am trying to find out what is going on. I am trying to find out what is happening with the timing. This started last night when bond people started getting different timelines. So they say they have been pushed to early next week or late this weekend instead of mid week this week as they had been told. 

MZ: At the same time I have government sources who still say we are looking at this week …the news is all over this week and not making a lot of sense. 

MZ: Hopefully by this evening or by tomorrow morning I will have a better idea what is really going on. 

MZ: So for better or for worse- that is the news. 

Member:  no one can get paid until 4B is done... all at the same time

Q: I bet the paymasters are pissed off ?

MZ: They are all still very positive and everyone is still in place. Keep in mind this could be a ruse…a sleight of hand……Remember Kuwait on the day when it revalued- that very same morning a big piece came out in the news that they could not logistically revalue any time soon. That it would be a year or two……then  the last time when China revalued significantly….. 3 days before….they put out articles all over that they would not do it….then they did…..so this absolutely can be a “sleight of hand” and we are going to see it. It may be great news hidden by smoke.  

MZ: Stay grounded and look at the fundamentals….There are a crap ton of rumors out there. I am a firm believer that most of the rumors on the boards right now are being fed to them purposely to keep us guessing . They would like so much disinformation that no one trusts anybody and people give up and get rid of their currency……they would like everybody to dump it and run away……..Don’t do it. The top 1% would love us to keep fighting, give up and not be prosperous. 

Q: Have the American Indians been paid?

MZ: No they have not. 

ISAAC Hello just finish talking to buyers, bankers, and hsbc They told me next week Tuesday or Wednesday for sure will start , so keep the faith

ISAAC My 2 private operations I will check tomorrow if I got the money , I will be back tomorrow .

Member: Looks like they found a new way to kick the can

Member:  I thought the timing was set

MZ: I don’t think they are kicking the can….Most of my top connected sources have said that they have agreed to a set schedule….we are just guessing at that schedule. We do not know and there is a reason for that. They have compartmentalized this thing….they have to for security reasons..…..I don’t think the can has been kicked…just our news is flawed 

MZ: It looks like they have pounded out an agreement with more stimulus dollars. This may be why we havn’t seen things happen yet this week…..

MZ: Meet Kevin – a youtuber….i think he has done a pretty good job on where its at and how its expected to work  …this should get you up to speed on the second round of stimulus   https://youtu.be/t7MF8lN-Jzs

Member:  I would rather have the RV instead of another stimulus!! it is my own money they a are 'giving' me!!

Q: Some sources say only .47 cents for the dong….

MZ: Different sources….banking sources all have different thoughts…..…even at that rate it sure beats a lottery ticket for what we bought it for. 

Member:  I've heard from a source that says 2.00 on the dong....right in line with Mark

Member:  Judy Note: Multiple sources expected the Shotgun Release of Tier 4B notification and full liquidity to all tiers at any time from now until Fri. 18 Sept,

Member:  That Safe Link Website would also be given to Bruce, MarkZ, Fleming, Dinar Recaps, TNT, Dinar Chronicles and a few other Intel providers for publication on their websites.

Member:  Trump's 8 Weeks ended yesterday!!

Member:  When Trump wins bar is going after the elite that’s when it’s going to hit the fan

Member:  Tomorrow is September 17th, Constitution Day! It is also White House Siege!!

Member:  my guess is tomorrow the 17th! 17 is code for President, 17th letter of alphabet is Q and 14 days from 17th is Oct 1st!

Member:  Trap was set, many arrests of those bankers etc. Timing is everything!

Member: I hear Block chain is different then QFS. 2 diffrent systems

Member:  Can you hack the QFS?

Member:  QFS use Blockchain for all transactions.

Member:  parts of the qfs ran under different names each name was one part of the qfs think compartments

QFS is a platform, Blockchain is the programming technology. I was part of the earlier supercomputing programs at Intel/IBM so Can help you understand the technology. It IS hackable, just difficult

Mod:  Movie Quantum Financial System (QFS) https://youtu.be/iE_qBX-PnRk

MZ: I heard that “Anonymous” plans on outing “Q”……that may be more than a little interesting. 


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